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Questions and Answers about eEditions:

Q: How can I access eEditions of The American Field?
A: The magazine is available in eEdition format, accessed via the American Field Sporting Dog Association website. Issues can be accessed by clicking on the "eEditions" entry in the navigation bar near the top, or through the announcements that are displayed in the center and right-hand columns, of the site's homepage.
Q: When are eEdition issues available?
A: New versions are posted to the site on Tuesdays each week, prior to the publication date of the printed issues. After each week's edition is posted online, there will be 24/7 access if you have an iMembership Plus subscription, which also will give you mailed issues (optional) plus access to archived eEditions and the capability to post content online on the American Field Sporting Dog Association website.
Q: Will the eEdition look like the printed copy?
A: Yes. It will include all stories, photos, announcements, advertisements and notices in the same format as printed. An enhanced feature of the eEdition over the printed version is the inclusion of virtually all photos in color (the exception being certain historical photos from pre-color-photography times). In all other respects it will be identical in appearance to the printed issues.
Q: What is the difference between the eEdition and the website?
A: The eEdition looks like the printed issues and includes every story, photo, announcement and ad packaged in the familiar and traditional magazine style. The website includes stories from the print edition and announcements for field trials that have been selected by their sponsor organizations, plus field trial community conversation and comments from members that are not included in print. The website is not in the same format nor on the same time schedule as the print and eEditions. An iMembership "Plus" includes access for subscribers to both eEditions and the website, renewable annually.
Q: Can I gain access to an eEdition without becoming an iMember Plus?
A: Yes, any reader may access single copies as eEditions for the per-issue price of $4.95 (special pricing may apply to featured issues).

Your iMembership Plus gains access for you to all eEditions on an annual basis, plus the community conversation that Members enjoy, and a mailed paper magazine paper subscription, if you wish to receive it.

The eEdition feature offers the ease of clicking on a copy of the newspaper at your computer or mobile electronic device, and flipping through the pages at your leisure. Without carrying any paper, you may take The American Field with you everywhere you go, and access it any time you like, on your computer, laptop, mobile phone, or any other internet-enabled device.

We hope that the eEdition feature will be a valuable addition to this online site, and that the electronic issues will prove to be convenient and useful for all members of the field trial community. We welcome your feedback.