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NGSPA Hawkeye Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Brent Hoehns | Jun 15, 2017
NGSPA Hawkeye Shooting Dog Championship Winners. From left: Rich Barber with Jax’s Tornado Allie, Judge Jarrett Bell, Judge Randy Caldwell and Phil Mathiowetz with The Kansas Wind.

Columbia, Ia. — The 2017 running of the NGSPA Hawkeye Open Shooting Dog Championship was sponsored by the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Central Iowa and run April 17-18 over the Hoehns-Langstraat farm near Columbia, Ia.

Southern Iowa has been dry for most of the spring with little snow over the winter. That changed with six inches of rain the week before the running and another two inches during the event.

The course is typical southern Iowa rolling hills country with open river bottoms, wooded draws, many CRP acres on sidehills with hilltops mostly bean stubble at this time of year. The river bottoms were decidedly wet with hard riding for the horses and hard running for the dogs.

Twenty-four entries vied for this year’s title and were watched over closely by two knowledgeable dog men. This year’s judges included Randy Caldwell of La Porte City, Ia., a well respected vizsla trainer who has developed and campaigned his Pepperjack Kennel dogs.

We were also fortunate to procure the services of Jarrett Bell, founder of Big Gun Kennels of Troy, Mo., who has had national success with his line of vizslas. Both men like powerful running, hard going, stylish dogs and their selections verified this.


Named champion was Jax’s Tornado Allie, seven-year-old solid liver headed, moderate ticked female owned by Adam Burch of Smithville, Mo., and handled by Illinois professional Rich Barber. Allie had four exquisite, well spaced finds. She is picturesque standing and maintained her intensity throughout flush and shot. She’s fluid on the ground and seemed to show up at the right places, pointing birds. Barber said he’s been running her for about the last three years and has had good success with the dog. While he’s put a lot of the polish and ground race on this successful female, he’s quick to give credit to her owner Adam Burch who broke Allie and was instrumental in her early development.

Named runner up was The Kansas Wind (Mariah), handled by Phil Mathiowetz. Mariah is a four-year-old female marked similarly to the winner. Mathiowetz is responsible for the development and training of Mariah for owner Ken Sanderson of Olathe, Kan. Mariah ran in near 80° heat with a fast, forward, stylish three find race including an incredibly dug in, well handled find at time.

Weather plays a role in any stake and this was no different. Morning lows were around 50° warming to 78° by mid-afternoon. Comfortable for handlers and gallery, a bit warm for hard running dogs. The wind was ever present blowing mostly 10-15 mph out of the southwest.

The Running

Uodibar’s Nacho Brown (Barber)  and Snowy River’s Cuttin Country (Dozer/ Verdoorn). Dozer scored first at 4 with a nice early find. Dozer had finds at 10 and 14 on the second bottom and below Foltz’s with clean work on each find. Nacho had an unfortunate bird encounter and was picked up at 12. Dozer went on a bird-finding spree with another find at 19 before suffering an unproductive at 25. He then went on to score at 32, with two nice relocations scoring at 39 and 52. A final stand at 58 produced only a pile of feathers. Dozer ran a fast pace, finishing the entire hour.

Flapjack’s Twisted Sister (Nova/ Hann) as a bye. Nova scored early and often with clean finds at 5 and 12 on the first two bottoms before scoring a nice find on a wild hen pheasant at 22, all in order. Nova struck again at 25 below the third water bucket. At 34 Nova showed her good manners with a solid stop to flush, hurried to the front and then scored on the Derby breakaway grove a single quail at 42. At 46 Nova found a single quail in the middle of an open field flushed from the prior brace. A second stop to flush at 50 completed the bird work. Nova required minimal scouting, was to the front throughout the hour and still had gas in the tank at time.

Brace No. 3 paired this year’s winner Jax’s Tornado Allie (Barber) with L S V’s Hammer Down (Jorgensen). Both dogs broke away with good speed. Allie scored first at 10 with a nice find on the second bottom. Allie showed impressive style with head and tail skyward. At 17 Hammer and Allie had a nice divided find before the third water bucket.

Both dogs well behaved, good style by both. Both dogs were running hard and ranging nicely, Allie with a bit more aggressive race. At 26 before Longshot’s crossing Hammer was found standing for what appeared to be a stop to flush, showing nice manners for a young dog. From here both dogs were back to the front with Allie scoring with extreme style at 42 on the back of Wayne’s farm and again at 56 just north of his pond. Both finds showed incredible intensity with no let down after the shot or flush. An entertaining brace by both dogs. Hammer did a nice job and is only 15 months old. Allie was always up front, fast and had impeccable poise/style on her birds.

Cajun’s Burning Sensation (Hagan) came upon a bird in open bean stubble right off the breakaway and couldn’t withstand the temptation, picked up at 4. Dulac’s Princess Fiona (Barber) went to work on the levee with clean bird work at 12 and 14. Fiona then spread out and aggressively covered the course. As we were topping Dude’s CRP, Fiona could be seen making a huge move past Langstraat’s wetland. Before getting to the road, she scored at 30, pointing across a small creek, Barber showing birds on the other side. A nice piece of work. After crossing the road, Fiona opened up again, scoring in the northeast corner of Longshot’s breakaway region at 37. Fiona had the birds pointed on the other side of the fence, requiring a little fence climbing by Barber to complete the clean find. This little female had a nice run with an aggressive forward race and was quite stylish on point.

No. 5 paired last year’s runner-up Badlands Grizzly Bear (Bryant) and Windwalker’s Sexie Sadie (Mathiowetz). Both dogs took off quickly with Bear a bit more aggressive of the two early. Sadie scored first with a nice find at 10 on the levee. Birds were well located and nice style and manners were shown. This was repeated with a second find at 18 below Foltz’s. Sadie hustled to the front to meet up with Bear at the crossing onto Langstraat’s wetland bottom. Both dogs were found pointing on the south edge of the course near Carruther’s Creek, neither dog looking certain. No bird was produced for a double unproductive. Both dogs opened up for the next several minutes. Bear pointed on the north edge of Longshot’s for an unproductive at 45. Members of the gallery noted a bird leaving the area. Sadie encountered the situation and had a beautiful long distance back. Despite an enthusiastic handling effort, Bryant felt Bear wasn’t getting it done today and picked up. The temperature was reaching near 80° this afternoon and Sadie continued to hustle, hitting all the birdy spots. A nice run in the heat for the three-year-old female.

Dammurhide’s Aint Misbehavin (Hank/Mathiowetz) and Outbak’s Free Grazier (Mike/Barber). This brace was shortened with Mike seen moving under a flying bird(s) at 10. Hank had an unproductive at 14. Mathiowetz wasn’t happy with Hank’s race in the heat and elected to pick up.

Outbak’s He’s For Me’s (Barber) race was cut short with a bird mishap at 4. Hi N’s Heel on Wheels (Lucy/Loftin) had a nice find at 8. She was in the cubby hole on the first bottom. D. J. Paltani was scouting the brace for Larry Loftin. We all have our gifts; D. J.’s is horses. After the call of point, Larry’s horse stalled on him. In fine scout fashion, D. J. offered his mount to Larry who dismounted, then in one of the most athletic moves I’ve seen in some time, D. J. brought his horse next to Larry’s equine and switched mounts. I don’t think he had a foot in a stirrup. He hovered for a couple seconds between the two horses before rolling into the new horse’s saddle. I wish I would have videotaped it as I’m still not sure exactly how he did it, but a super smooth transition! With his new mount, Larry got to Lucy in the cubby hole and flushed. All was in order. He then set off to the front and had a nice find again at 20 before the water bucket. Lucy had a nice shooting dog race but the heat was starting to have its effect and Larry picked her up at the half.

Brace No. 8 paired this year’s runner-up The Kansas Wind (Mariah/Mathiowetz) and Odyssey’s Perfect Traveler (Charlie/Hann). Both dogs broke away in the heat of the day and covered a lot of ground. Charlie scored at 11 with a nice find on the north edge of the third bottom. Charlie scored again before the third water bucket with a dug in find pointing on the edge of a deep ravine with two quail observed in the ditch by judges. Mariah scored at 28 with a find before the road crossing. Bird location with the heat and breeze wasn’t obvious, requiring relocation twice. Mathiowetz’s persistence paid off with a bird being found after a lengthy flushing attempt. Charlie was in the area and didn’t back, but was felt not to have seen the pointing dog by judges, so kept down. Charlie went on to another nice find at 36 near Longshot’s breakaway. Charlie showed nice manners with shifting scent and the bird was flushed behind him. Charlie had another nice find at 47 on the north edge of Wayne’s. Mariah, hustling forward in the heat, scored again with a nice find at 53 on treeline west of the pond. The race ended with John Hann finding Charlie on point at 57. Hann had difficulty flushing in extremely thick cover and walked around a fallen pine tree to find Mariah pointing the same bird. A divided find at time. Both dogs with nice races, advantage to Mariah on a hot afternoon.

First up on day No. 2 were Outbak’s Let It Ride (Barber) and Murphy’s Rock Star (Roxie/Mathiowetz). They scored a nice divided find on the second bottom at 9. Rider had an unfortunate incident with birds at 11 and was picked up. Roxie scored in the corner terrace at 12 and again at 21, both clean well broke finds. Unfortunately she was seen under birds at 31 on Wayne’s bottom and picked up.

Greyrock’s Mile Marker (Saint/Barber), a bye dog, scored right away at 5 off the breakaway. Moving forward Saint scored near the water bucket at 19 and again at 26 near Wayne’s crossing. Saint made a nice move to the road, scoring again at 35 near the breakaway on the Derby course. Saint then went on to score on a dug in find north of Wayne’s pond at 44 and a second find further north at 54. All with nice manners. Saint ran a solid forward race with a good finish.

Both Franchi’s Son Of A Gun (Heller) and Snowy River’s Full Strut (Verdoorn) were away strongly and were found standing at 7 on the first bottom on separate finds in heavy cover. After some maneuvering to get to the dogs through some standing water, both handlers flushed. Frank marked flight, Strut unmoved. Both dogs moved on to the front, with a bit of an extended absence both dogs requiring heavy scouting early. Strut was back to the front before the road crossing with a find at 36 near the Derby breakaway. Relocation was unsuccessful. Frank was gone for an extended period of time and Heller asked for the retrieval device at 38. Strut went on to have a nice find on the back of Wayne’s at 43 and scored again west of the pond at 48. Strut finished well. A bit of an erratic first half, but nice final 30 minutes.

Windwalker’s Prairiewind Sheila (Mathiowetz) scored at 10 with a nice find on the second bottom with She’s Miles Of Sass (Barber) picked up for failing to back. Mathiowetz felt Sheila wasn’t putting down the effort needed to move the winners and picked up at 12.

The final brace paired last year’s winner Riverside Farms No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Barber) and Stoney Hills Bustin Loose (Kali/Loftin). Kali scored right before entering the first bottom with a nice find on single quail at 5. Brooklyn is a stylish female that had a nice find at 9 but unfortunately turned and took a step at flush, ending her run. Kali got to the front and went on to score again at 19 near the second water bucket. All was in order. The temperature had warmed significantly and Loftin felt Kali didn’t have quite enough to challenge the dogs ahead of her and subsequently picked up. Larry Loftin jokingly noted that even though he did not finish his brace, at least he lasted longer than last year’s champion!

Any trial requires help from a lot of individuals to make things run smoothly. Landowners Wayne and Jo Langstraat and Dude and Rachel Hoehns’ generosity in allowing us to run over this fine venue is greatly appreciated.

Chairman Jeff Wallace’s efforts to keep the trial running smoothly were rewarded with a well run event. John Roslien helped with the dog wagon along with Keith Thompson. Keith unfortunately missed part of the event secondary to a disagreeable gallbladder.

Carolyn Wallace helped with meals and her help was always appreciated. We’d like to thank everyone who entered and hope you enjoyed running in the trial as much as we enjoyed putting it on.

As always, we want to thank our sponsors. Purina helped out tremendously with generous donations of Pro Plan to the winners. Gun Dog Supply donated gift cards which were raffled as well. All in all a fun event with several nice performances.

Columbia, Ia., April 14 — One Course

Judges: Jarrett Bell and Randy Caldwell


Winner—JAX’S TORNADO ALLIE, 1647103, female, by Chisholm Creeks Jax or Better—All That Jazz. Adam Burch, owner; Rich Barber, handler.

Runner-Up—THE KANSAS WIND, 1654165, female, by Slick’s Cuttin Wild—S M Queen High Flush. Ken Sanderson, owner; Phil Mathiowetz, handler.

German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Central Iowa

The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Central Iowa held its spring trial the weekend April 13-15 at Columbia, Ia., on private land owned by local farmers Wayne and Jo Langstraat and Dude and Rachel Hoehns.

Six inches of rain the week before the trial made conditions wet, especially on the bottom areas of the course. Several turkeys were seen strutting, especially when freshening the water on the course early.

The mild winter was good to the native pheasant, with several sightings of wild birds on the course (only two under judgment) and along the roadside. A few morel mushrooms were found. All offering  proof that spring is here!

We had an outstanding weekend with a total of 149 entries for all events. This required a lot of focus and attention to the dogs and we were blessed with knowledgeable, attentive judges. Chuck Parietti of Maryville, Mo., judged the Amateur Shooting Dog and the Amateur Derby. Justin Hess of Foley, Mo., judged the Amateur Shooting Dog. Dano Morf of Clear Lake, Ia., and Wayland Russell of Kansas City paired up to judge the Open Restricted Shooting Dog. The Amateur Puppy and Open Puppy were looked over by Cynthia Findley of Ventura, Ia., as was the Amateur Derby. Minnesota pro Tommy Hagan also helped fill in and assisted judging the Amateur Puppy as well.  Randy Caldwell of La Porte City, Ia., judged the Open Puppy as well as the Open Derby. Brent Hoehns of Knoxville, Ia., assisted judging the Open Derby. The largest stake of the weekend included 39 dogs in the Open Shooting Dog, judged by Dano Morf and Iowa native Laura Miller.

The big winner of the weekend was My Covert Operative which won the 38-dog Open Shooting Dog for pro handler Jon Hann, then turned around and won the Amateur Shooting Dog for owner Elsa Gallagher the next day.

B G K’s Blinged Up Rossi placed second in the Open Shooting Dog for owner/handlers Jarrett and Allison Bell, with third place going to Chase and Mark Verdoorn’s Drahthaar Snowy River’s Primetime Emmy. Rounding out the Amateur Shooting Dog were Rueben’s Midnight Mark for Paul Howard and R F K’s Liverhead Fast Katie for owner Wayland Russell.

The Open Restricted Shooting Dog was won by Snowy River’s Full Strut, handled by Chase Verdoorn.

Second was the Bells with Kick Em Up Bullet. Chase Verdoorn took third as well with Snowy River’s Cuttin Country.

A trial of this size is difficult to pull off without lots of help. Trial chairman Jeff Wallace worked several jobs from keeping the running order straight, to planting birds, to welcoming entrants, even directing parking. He was busy throughout the trial. Keith Thompson and John Roslien were in charge of the dog wagons and did an excellent job of having dogs at the line when needed and back to the handlers’ strings when done. They were assisted by the youngster Trenton Major whose highlight of the weekend may have been simply getting to drive the Polaris Ranger.

Kendal Brown helped with bird planting duties as well as a host of odd jobs around the camp. His wife Carol, Angie Thompson, and Carolyn Wallace all helped with meals at the camp. We had a judges’ dinner at the local fire station with catering from The Rib Shack in Knoxville served with the help of Kim Hoehns and Carolyn Wallace.

As always, we’d be remiss not to thank our sponsors. We thank Purina for their help and also thank Gun Dog Supply for gift certificates which were raffled.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended and look forward to seeing you all this fall.

Judges: Cynthia L. Findley and Tommy Hagan

AMATEUR PUPPY — 1 Irish Setter, 6 Vizlas and 3 German Shorthairs

1st—HOLCOMB’S AVA, unreg., German Shorthair female, by Badland’s Grizzly Bear—Ricky Ticky’s Mighty Roo Roo. Dr. John Holcomb, owner and handler.

2d—ROCK RIVER’S U CAN’T HANDLE IT, 1671158, German Shorthair male, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Tulli’s Excess. Richard Heller, owner and handler.

3d—SNOWY RIVER’S HONEST ABE, 1667437, Irish setter male, by Lincoln Watch That Tail—Franklin’s Better Half. Chase & Mark Verdoorn, owners.

Judges: Cynthia L. Findley and Randy Caldwell

OPEN PUPPY — 1 Irish Setter, 1 Brittany, 4 German Shorthairs and

8 Vizslas

1st—SNOWY RIVER’S HONEST ABE, 1667437, Irish setter male, by Lincoln Watch That Tail—Franklin’s Better Half. Chase & Mark Verdoorn, owners.

2d—ROCK RIVER’S U CAN’T HANDLE IT, 1671158, German Shorthair male, by Hi N’s Feed Jake—Tulli’s Excess. Richard Heller, owner and handler.

3d—TEQUILA SHADOW, unreg., Brittany male, by Hoochie Coochie Man—Tequila Twister. J. A. Hellquist, owner; Tom Hagan IV, handler.

Judges: Charles Parietti and Cynthia L. Findley

AMATEUR DERBY — 4 Brittanys, 7 German Shorthairs and 6 Vizslas

1st—OAK HILL’S RED MOON RISING, 1671009, Brittany male, by Oak Hill’s Moon Dog E—Oak Hill’s Moment Of Madness. Andrew & Deborah Lewandowski, owners; Andrew Lewandowski, handler.

2d—B G K’S SUPERNOVA, 1664969, Vizsla female, by Kick Em Up Bullet—Kick Em Up Kimber. J. D. & Allison Bell, owners; J. D. Bell, handler.

3d—SPREADIN LIKE WILD FIRE, 1669323, Vizsla female, by Boot Scootin Boogie—Huntin With A Lil Swagger. Justin Hess, owner.

Judges: Randy Caldwell and Brent Hoehns

OPEN DERBY — 1 Pointer, 2 Gordon Setters, 4 Brittanys,

10 German Shorthairs, 1 German Drahthaar and 7 Vizslas

1st—B G K’S WHITE LIGHTENING, 1664970, Vizsla female, by Boot Scootin Boogie—Huntin With A Lil Swagger. J. D. & Allison Bell, owners.

2d—B G K’S SUPERNOVA, 1664969, Vizsla female, by Kick Em Up Bullet—Kick Em Up Kimber. J. D. & Allison Bell, owners; J. D. Bell, handler.

3d—OAK HILL’S RED MOON RISING, 1671009, Brittany male, by Oak Hill’s Moon Dog E—Oak Hill’s Moment Of Madness. Andrew & Deborah Lewandowski, owners; Tom Hagan IV, handler.

Judges: Charles Parietti and Justin Hess

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 1 Pointer, 13 German Shorthairs,

1 German Drahthaar, 3 Vizslas and 1 Weimaraner

1st—MY COVERT OPERATIVE, 1654064, pointer male, by Four Rivers Commander—Tri M Lyndy. Elsa Gallagher, owner and handler.

2d—RUEBEN’S MIDNIGHT MARK, 1662738, Vizsla male, by Billy Rueben—Shiloh Midnight Run. Paul & Jill Howard, owners; Paul Howard, handler.

3d—R F K’S LIVERHEAD FAST KATIE, 1651271, German Shorthair female, by H’s Hedge Rise Ignited—Liverhead’s Dashing Dottie. Wayland Russell, owner and handler.

Judges: Laura Miller and Dano Morf

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 1 Pointer, 27 German Shorthairs,

1 German Drahthaar, 9 Vizslas and 1 Weimaraner

1st—MY COVERT OPERATIVE, 1654064, pointer male, by Four Rivers Commander—Tri M Lyndy. Elsa Gallagher, owner; Jon Hann, handler.

2d—B G K’S BLINGED UP ROSSI, 1659351, Vizsla female, by J B’s Pistol—Bling Bling. J. D. & Allison Bell, owners.

3d—SNOWY RIVER’S PRIMETIME EMMY, unreg., German Drahthaar female, by Brillows Big Wild Western—Snowy River’s Tnt Timber Tick. Mark Verdoorn, owner; Chase & Mark Verdoorn, handlers.

Judges: Dano Morf and Wayland Russell

OPEN RESTRICTED SHOOTING DOG — 1 Setter, 17 German Shorthairs, 6 Vizslas and 1 Weimaraner

1st—SNOWY RIVER’S FULL STRUT, 1646738, German Shorthair male, by Snowy River’s Cuttin The Edge—Snowy River’s S S Supersport. M. A. Verdoorn, owner; Chase & Mark Verdoorn, handlers.

2d—KICK EM UP BULLET, 1607333, Vizsla male, by Sam I Am—Kick Em Up Code Red. Jarrett Bell, owner; Jarrett & Allison Bell, handlers.

3d—SNOWY RIVER’S CUTTIN COUNTRY, 1646737, German Shorthair male, by Snowy River’s Cuttin The Edge—Snowy River’s S S Supersport. Chase Verdoorn, owner; Chase & Mark Verdoorn, handlers.

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