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By Ernie Saniga | Jul 06, 2017
Amateur Shooting Dog Winners. Front (l-r): Roger Boser with Rendition, Ernie Saniga with Jubullee and Roger Dvorak with Nottingham’s Storm Warning. Standing: Mike Tracy, and Edwin Shupp and Chris Catanzarite, the judges.

Glenville, Pa. — Sixty-one dogs were run over two cold and rainy days the first week of May at the George Tracy training grounds in Glenville, Pa. The four stakes were an unofficial youth stake with participants as young as two, and three recognized Amateur stakes with participants as old as 87.

The older man was Sal Morelli, who entered three Derbies and two shooting dogs. He said he got off his horse “about thirteen times” to flush birds. He had to get back on the horse that many times, too, of course. He placed his puppy-age Derby in one stake but scratched his champion from the Amateur Shooting Dog because she was drawn late and, not surprisingly, he claimed he was “too tired and wanted to go home.” He might have been tired from the dogs or it might have been the two nights of “partying” at the dinners and get-together Mary Tracy hosted at the house she shares with her husband George.

The first night everyone had dinner hosted by the club, drinks provided by the Tracys, a public drawing after that and then back to the party.

The second night everyone had dinner provided by the Tracys and another long night. Mary made lunch both days which was funded by the club.

This trial is managed by Karen Saniga who also doubles as scout for this reporter as well as other participants. She has help running the trial with bird planter and staff manager George Tracy. His staff is comprised of his son Mike, daughter Jeanette, Cole Henry, Dillon Shaffer and great nephews, grandsons, and others too numerous to recall. All of them seem to be working all the time, saddling and taking care of twenty horses for judges and those who need a horse, catching birds, roading dogs in after the amateurs pick them up, marking groundhog holes and other tasks too numerous to mention. Everyone owes the Tracy clan and staff thanks for all their help and for the use of their grounds.

Greg Blair of Purina supported this trial with many items for the youth trial. We thank him and Purina.

Our judges were: Amateur Restricted Derby — Bart Hastings from Delaware and Marty Zukovich; Amateur Shooting Dog — Chris Catanzarite and experienced AKC judge Ed Shupp; Amateur Derby — Merv Eisenhart and Darron Boyer. The latter judges are all from Pennsylvania. Their decisions were applauded and we thank them for their efforts.

Everyone had fun at this renewal even though it was so cold and wet. There were about thirty riders and three or four Polaris rangers and like vehicles in most braces. People came from upper New York to Alabama and many points in between.

Buffet luncheons were served each day by Mary Tracy in a small building near the large barn. At the end of the running late Sunday afternoon the sun came out and from under this building came five baby groundhogs to feed on the fresh grass even though many people were there; they were very hungry after missing their meals the past two days because of all of the people being around.

The winner of the Amateur Restricted Derby was Double M’s Deliverance, pointer male owned by Cliff Mesnard and handled by Alex Smith. “Joe” had six finished finds in a good forward race. Second went to High Drive Tex, pointer male owned by Allen Linder and handled by Jim Thomas to a fine race with five finished finds. Another pointer male got third. That was Sal Morelli’s puppy age Cheyenne Jack which had three finds and a nice race.

Rendition won the 32-dog Amateur Shooting Dog. He is Roger Boser’s red setter male that had seven evenly spaced finds with nary a bobble and an always forward ground race. Jubullee, pointer female, was second for this reporter. She had a turn to mark on the first find, a back on her own, and seven precise finds to go with a strong race. Third was Roger Dvorak’s Nottingham’s Storm Warning which had a fast race with two finds and an unproductive.

The Amateur Derby winner was Chris Catanzarite’s pointer female Backcountry S H Sassy which had a strong classy race with four finds all pointed high and tight and handled with Derby manners. Steel City Diamond was second for Bob Reed. He had three stylish finds, one with finished manners, to go with a very nice race. Roger Boser’s Revenant was third with a good race and three upright finished finds.

Glenville, Pa., May 6 — One Course

Judges: Bart Hastings and Marty Zukovich

AMATEUR RESTRICTED DERBY — 11 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—DOUBLE M’S DELIVERANCE, 1660865, pointer male, by Chasehill Little Bud—Walnut Elhew Gypsie. Clifford Mesnard II, owner; Alex Smith, handler.

2d—HIGH DRIVE TEX, 1667627, pointer male, by Rocky River Waylon—Rocky River Sunflower. Allen R. Linder, owner; Jim Thomas, handler.

3d—CHEYENNE JACK, 1668503, pointer male, by Great River Joe—Blaze’s Isis. Sal Morelli, owner and handler.

Judges: Chris Catanzarite and Edwin Shupp

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 23 Pointers, 6 Setters and 3 Irish Setters

1st—RENDITION, 1627352, Irish setter male, by Touchstone—Solitaire. Roger W. Boser, owner and handler.

2d—JUBULLEE, 1662778, pointer female, by Bully Bragg—Summerhill Bella. Ernie & Karen Saniga, owners; Ernie Saniga, handler.

3d—NOTTINGHAM’S STORM WARNING, 1662154, pointer male, by Game Strut—High Valve Special. Roger Dvorak, owner and handler.

Judges: Darren Boyer and Mervin Eisenhart

AMATEUR DERBY — 3 Pointers, 1 Setter and 2 Irish Setters

1st—BACKCOUNTRY S H SASSY, 1666641, pointer female, by Erin’s War Creek—Moonlite Magic. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

2d—STEEL CITY DIAMOND, 1667127, pointer female, by Erin’s War Creek—Moonlite Magic. Bob & Karen Reed, owners; Bob Reed, handler.

3d—REVENANT, 1667739, Irish setter male, by Touchstone—Solitaire. Roger W. Boser, owner and handler.

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