American Field

Looking Forward

Dec 06, 2017


November’s  gone

Christmas is just ahead

January looms not long beyond


So my excitement builds

For come January’s second week

I’ll be at Chinquapin for my annual retreat

To heaven on earth


Where wiregrass grows on ridges of sand

And quail whistle at dawn from all around

And a bird dog can search wide and yet be seen

Way off yonder


Where a handler’s gut tightens before Let ’em go

And his scout rides the flank sharp eyed and alert

And the judges follow at a steady pace

And me the reporter rides atop Cowboy’s truck


Where a handler’s or a scout’s cap

Is sure to be soon lifted

Signaling a point

We ride to for the big show


There stands a dog

High and tight

Nose and tail lifted

Awaiting the flight


And from my perch

Up on the bench

I watch the handler shuffle

To make the quail fly


Will they fly?

Will they run?

Can the dog pin them

On relocation?


These questions repeated

Every few minutes

Over the week

A show for our senses and memory banks


The Florida Championship

One of the best

My favorite over the rest

Why you ask?


Because of the birds

Because of the grounds

Because there’s no mud

And the weather is fine


Because every entry

Gets a fair chance

And a place-Loncala

To practice and learn


But for me there is more

It’s the atmosphere

The attitude of the host

The one and only Mr. Ted


Tom Word

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Posted by: Steve Standley | Dec 08, 2017 16:08

Excellent description Tom! I feel your anticipation. Enjoy every minute of your time at The Florida Championship!!

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