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Cedar Creek Talon Wins Open Stake Crown; Waycross Named Amateur Champion

National Red Setter Championships

By Bonnie Hidalgo | Dec 03, 2018
Open All-Age Championship Winners. From left front: Dennis Hidalgo with Cedar Creek Talon and Mark Smith with Waycross. Standing: Tom Norton, Ed Liermann, Lou Qualtiere, judge; Jim Morehouse, Roger Boser, Terry Trzcinski, Fred Smith, judge, and Don Beauchamp.

Grovespring, Mo. — Cedar Creek Talon turned in a strong forward race with four stylish finds to capture the 2018 title of National Red Setter All-Age Champion. Talon was capably handled by his owner, Ed Liermann of Palmyra, Wis.

Waycross was named runner-up with a big race and two nice finds. This male is owned and handled by Dr. Roger Boser of Seven Valleys, Pa.

In the National Amateur Red Setter All-Age Championship, Waycross put down a great race with four pieces of flawless bird work to win that title for Dr. Roger Boser. Kindle was named runner-up with a forward race and three nice finds. She is owned by Bonnie and Dennis Hidalgo of Brighton, Colo., and was handled by Dennis.

The companion Red Setter Open Derby winner was Come Back Billy Boy, a male owned and handled by Joe Edwards of Rose Hill, N. C. Hatcreek Lady Red took second for owner-handler Dwight Ingram of Goldsboro, N. C. Gratitude, a male, was third for Dr. Roger Boser.

Additionally, the National Red Setter Club held an Open Puppy, Open Walking Shooting Dog and Open Walking Derby.

The trial was held November 7-10 at the Sportsmen’s Association Field Trial grounds at Grovespring, Mo. The grounds were nothing short of incredible this year. They were groomed to perfection and there were birds galore! Each of the three one-hour courses has a smooth flow, allowing dogs to show to their best advantage. Every course had several huge coveys; most dogs had multiple finds.

The drawing was held at the Grovespring clubhouse on the eve of the trial, Tuesday, November 6, conducted by Dennis Hidalgo, assisted by Bonnie. Dinner was served before the drawing and a congenial atmosphere prevailed.

The entry in the Open and Amateur Championships increased from last year to sixteen in each. There was an over-all increase of twenty entries  in the 2018 program, compared to the fall 2017.

Purina has been a faithful and generous sponsor of this field trial and of the National Red Setter Club in general. Purina representative Terry Trzcinski was on hand for much of the event. He is always a pleasure to be with. Terry provided Purina gear bags for our judges, which were well received.

Members of the Red Setter Club thank Purina for their financial and product support. The Purina-sponsored dinner was held Thursday evening at the clubhouse in conjunction with our annual awards presentation and silent auction. The winners and participants happily received the dog food donated by Purina. Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance is the most popular food among bird dog enthusiasts; it fuels more champions than any other dog food. It gives performance dogs that boost they need to stay on top of their game. Thank you so much Purina for your support!

SportDog was a big supporter of this event. They provided training collars for the winner of each Championship which was very much appreciated by the winners and by the National Red Setter Club. Additionally, SportDog provided two training collars for our fundraiser. SportDog’s well-respected representative Jim Morehouse was on hand for much of the trial. He came with product demos and  answered many questions on the use of SportDog collars. It is always a pleasure to have Jim in attendance. Thank you SportDog and Jim for your unwavering support!

A silent auction was held during the Purina banquet as a fund-raiser for this trial. The major items included two SportDog training collars kindly gifted by SportDog and a beautiful quilt created by club member Wendy Schaefer. A table runner and hot pad crafted by Wendy were also popular. The sale of these and other donated items allows the NRSFTC to put on better field trials. The fall trial co-chairs greatly appreciate these donations and we thank everyone for their bids.

Before the closing of the silent auction, the Dog of the Year Awards for the 2017-2018 season were awarded. The Puppy of the Year was Dwight Ingram’s Hat Creek Lady Red. The Derby of the Year was Come Back Trump for Joe Edwards. The season’s “Duke Award” for the high point shooting dog was Roses Are Red. Little More Shine was runner-up; both dogs are owned by Tim and Kris Hammons of Berea, Ky. The Hammons were unable to attend.

Judges for the Championships and Open Derby were Louis Qualtiere of Marshfield, Mo., and Fred Smith of Mountain View, Mo. These two know-ledgeable bird dog men watched all entries closely and kept a consistent pace.

Lou had just completed the trip from his Canadian home to his winter home in Missouri and we appreciate his wife Jeanette Heise for taking care of the settling in process which allowed Lou to judge our trial.

Fred Smith stepped in just a couple weeks before the trial to replace advertised judge Keith Wright who stepped down over a family health issue.

Club members Ed Liermann and Bonnie Hidalgo judged the Open Puppy so that Fred and Lou wouldn’t have to hold over another night to cover it.

The walking stakes were judged as advertised by Bob and Valerie Burchett of nearby Conway, Mo. It was a bitter cold morning and we appreciate their good nature.

Milt Schaefer was the head bird planter; he planted birds in the dark each morning with the help of Dennis Hidalgo. For the afternoon braces, Milt followed the morning gallery in his ATV to drop birds where finds occurred so as to call the coveys back to the area. This system has been proven to work well on these grounds and Milt did a great job. Ed Liermann graciously stepped in as bird planter for the walking stakes on Saturday morning.

Manning the dog wagon each day was Don Beauchamp who was accompanied at times by Tom Norton, Garth Sellen, Dave Lasley, Dave Walske, Terry Trzcinski, Jim Morehouse and Milt Schaefer.

Dennis Hidalgo conducted the drawing, marshalled and was head chef. Bonnie Hidalgo handled the paperwork, prepared lunches and assisted with other meals served at the clubhouse each day.

Club treasurer Linda Beauchamp kept track of the finances, provided some delicious desserts and ran errands. Mary Boser, Sue Norton, Linda Beauchamp, Renee Harryman and Wendy Schaefer assisted with kitchen clean-up.

Terry Feitz and Mark Harryman were available to help with the odds and ends that crop up at a trial.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Mark Smith cooked a delicious “cowboy stew” for the entire crowd on Wednesday night. It was so good that people came back for more until the enormous pot was empty. Thank you, Mark, for being so willing to help and especially for being an awesome cook. Mark’s wife Becky sent a big batch of homemade cookies for the dog wagon; they went quickly as did the assorted homemade cookies that Dennis Hidalgo baked. No one went hungry at this trial.

Jim Baker stopped for an evening to visit and to contribute to the success of this trial with a generous financial donation. We appreciate your help, Jim, and hope that you can return next year with your dogs.

The entire group seemed to truly enjoy each other’s company; dog and horse stories were abundant. On Friday night everyone went out to Michele’s Café on Route 5 for a delicious meal with the choice of catfish or pork chops. There were 25 in attendance and all had a good time. Michele formerly cooked at the Grovespring clubhouse; it was great to be able to get a taste of her cooking again.

National Championship Winners

Cedar Creek Talon earned this title with a terrific performance. He has a prior runner-up title and has had multiple placements in the AKC Irish Setter Nationals over the years. He is trained and handled by his owner, Ed Liermann.

Talon is descended from Joe Edwards’ Come Back Kennel lines. He was sired by Come Back High Tider out of Come Back Dandi. Talon will turn seven years  of age in January.

Cedar Creek Talon notched his first find at 14 in Clymer’s pasture. He exhibited excellent style and manners. His second find was at 18 in horse corral alley, all in good order. He was strong and forward through the clubhouse loop and on past the barns. At 45 in the alley he scored his third find, again high and tight. His final find was across the road near the double gates at 55. Talon finished his hour with a strong, forward move.

Waycross ran a strong, forward and attractive race to win runner-up honors. He scored his first find in the cross row of Davis bottom. He maintained high stature through flush and shot. Waycross ran his edges well and was far forward through the island field. Below horse killer hill at 41 he carded another perfect find. He finished nicely forward in little vine.

Waycross has been a consistent performer, amassing  nearly twenty wins of record. He was sired by Justified and is out of the many time champion Redstone. He was bred and is owned  and trained by Dr. Roger Boser.

The Running

Cedar Creek Gem (Liermann) and Come Back Magic (Edwards). At 8 Magic pointed in a feed strip where it was discovered that Gem was already pointing. No birds were seen, and the dogs were taken on. Minutes later Gem went up the ridge and was not recovered under judgment. Magic pointed with high style in Davis Bottom at 28, exhibiting good manners through flush and shot. Below horse killer hill at 40 Magic pointed again but this time jumped in on the flush to end the brace.

Hey Lincoln Watch That Tail (Smith) and Firefly’s Power Play (Hidalgo) were released onto apple tree hill. Power Play was lost in the little vine loop and was returned to the front just as the retrieval unit was taken. Lincoln scored a find at 22 with all in good order. He pointed again at 28 but it was unproductive. At the cross row in sycamore he pointed stylishly at 38; birds were flushed for the mannerly dog. On an edge just past the twin barns Lincoln styled up for his third find at 56. His birds were well located; he was motionless throughout.

Cedar Creek Talon (Liermann) and Come Back Trump (Edwards) started their hour at the bull pasture. Talon won the Championship and his hour was described above. Trump failed to back at 18 in horse corral valley.

Waycross (Boser) and Firefly’s Beeline (Hidalgo) were first out on Wednesday afternoon. Waycross, the eventual runner-up, was noted. Beeline was fast and wide, looking good on the edges but her handle was lacking.

Keechi of the Snows (Norton) and Dawson’s High Chaparral (Hidalgo) went fast away up the little vine loop. Keechi was lost. Luke was rough handling and suffered a few brief absences. He pointed a covey before the twin barns with good manners.

Kindle (Hidalgo) and Rendition (Boser) turned loose at the barns. At 4 they scored a divided find with all in order on a covey. Released from that they immediately found themselves in another covey. Rendition stopped to flush with perfection, but Kindle did not. Rendition scored a second find at 8, showing lots of style that remained unchanged through flush and shot. He ran a forward race with plenty of range and strength but unproductives occurred at 20 and 38 to end his bid.

Windfall (Boser) and Come Back Lady Soul (Edwards) ran very appealing races. They were consistently forward and handled kindly. Windfall pointed at 8 by the rocky creek crossing, his style and comportment excellent. Lady scored a nice find at 16, buried up in the cover along the ditch. She showed extreme style. At 29 Windfall pointed in the cross row of Davis. Relocation was needed; he did it expertly and birds were flushed over the mannerly dog. His stand at 41 was barren. On top of apple tree hill Lady pointed on the left line at 52. Windfall backed politely. They finished the hour forward.

Very little was seen of Kylie’s Rising Star (Harryman) and Caddo of the Snows (Norton).

Grovespring, Mo., November 7

Judges: Lou Qualtiere and Fred Smith


[One-Hour Heats] — 16 Irish Setters

Winner—CEDAR CREEK TALON, 1651780, male, by Come Back Hightider—Come Back Dandi. Ed Liermann, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—WAYCROSS, 1653133, male, by Justified—Redstone. Dr. Roger W. Boser, owner and handler.

Open Derby

Come Back Billy Boy, owned and handled by Joe Edwards, easily won this stake with a big race. He had a find at the pond in the bull pasture at 18 and a second find in Clymer’s at 24. Billy displayed high style on his game.

Hatcreek Lady Red was second for owner-handler Dwight Ingram. She scored a pretty find in sycamore bottom and ran an attractive forward race.

Gratitude, owned and handled by Dr. Roger Boser, ran a very nice race and scored two polished finds in the clubhouse loop to take third. Gratitude and Lady Red are littermates.


1st—COME BACK BILLY BOY, 1673121, male, by Come Back Cutter—Come Back Bee Gee. Joe Edwards, owner and handler.

2d—HATCREEK LADY RED, 1676024, female, by Come Back Cutter—Come Back Doodle. Dwight Ingram, owner and handler.

3d—GRATITUDE, 1676458, female, by Come Back Cutter—Come Back Doodle. Dr. Roger W. Boser, owner and handler.

National Amateur Championship

Waycross was on his A game in this stake. He won the Amateur Championship for Roger Boser with a fast-paced forward race and excellent bird work.

Waycross turned loose at the double gates heading in on the last part of course No. 3. He worked the right edge to start before crossing to the left where he had a mannerly back at 6. Once across the creek the course turned south. Waycross was well forward and getting it done. He pointed beautifully along the left feed strip, his demeanor was excellent. Waycross notched a second find moments later on the right edge, nicely done at 18. Waycross carded his third find along the road edge, all in order at 24. Midway through Davis he notched his fourth find on a bird under a cedar tree. Again his manners were flawless and his style classy. Waycross finished his hour on apple tree hill, rimming its right edge.

Runner-up was Kindle, eight-year-old female belonging to Bonnie and Dennis Hidalgo. She has been handled by Dennis to two championship and six runner-up titles in her career. She was sired by Ch. Breakstone out of the producing female Applebee.

She broke away at the top of Don Fox hill, heading across apple tree. Kindle pointed birds in the gap at 7, all in order. She had a second find just past the little vine loop, birds again perfectly located; she was hightailed and intense. Kindle ran her edges with  purpose and was found standing on the left edge approaching the twin barns at 46, fifty yards downwind of where a covey had previously lifted. She was taken on. Kindle was absent at 51 but found pointing along the draw to the south. Her birds were flushed while she stood perfectly. She continued forward until the hour expired.


Windfall (Boser) and Firefly’s Beeline (Hidalgo) were forward in pattern. Bee showed well on the edges. She scored a find below double gates at 14, style and manners beyond reproach. Windfall honored her with excellent manners. Bee sped on to the front and connected with a second find at 25 before the road. Again, she was high and tight through flush and shot. Windfall was on point at 27 in Davis bottom when Bee came forward from her find. She failed to back and was up. Windfall was very mannerly despite Bee’s intrusion. At 32 he pointed midway through Davis; relocation was required and ended with an error on the part of the dog.

Firefly’s Power Play (Hidalgo) and Cedar Creek Gem (Liermann) released center field of Davis. Power Play showed at the end of the field at 3, while Gem was on point on the left edge. Gem was stylish on her game but showed movement on the shot. Power Play was running big, hard to keep tabs on and eventually lost. Gem was forward for the hour with a good handle. She scored a second find at 52, displaying excellent manners.

Rendition (Boser) and Come Back Trump (Edwards) headed up the hill out of sycamore bottom. Both dogs were making nice big moves. Ren connected with a stylish find in the gap at the blue house. At the bull pasture pond Trump was under birds at 26. Ren was found pointing just beyond that at 27. He was intent and stylish for flush and shot. Ren’s third find was in the clubhouse loop. His fourth find was just before the corner pond; he was high tailed and well behaved. His entire race was strong and forward. Ren pointed again at 55 near the last pond but the judges advised that they had seen him under birds just a moment before and he was picked up. Even the judges mentioned how sick they felt to have such a great performance come to a bad end.

Keechi of the Snows (Norton) and Come Back Highliner (Edwards) ran course No. 1 in the afternoon. Keechi was lost to the front where he was picked up out of judgment. Highliner ran a big race.

Come Back Lady Soul (Edwards) and Kindle (Hidalgo) began on apple tree hill. Kindle took the runner-up honors and her hour was related above. Lady was running a nice race but a find at 20 ended badly.

Come Back Magic (Edwards) and Dawson’s High Chaparral (Hidalgo) were released at the start of the bull pasture. Magic made some good moves through the bull pasture and Clymer’s. He was lost in the back corner of the clubhouse loop and not recovered in time. “Luke” ran a big, edge hugging race. His first find came at 5, all in order. His second find was in Clymer’s before the first gate. He notched a third find at the pond coming out of the loop. His fourth contact was a bird that flipped out in front of him while he was taking a drink; he took a couple steps before locking up on it. Luke’s fifth find was in the alley at 47. At 55 he pointed again but this time he had unacceptable manners and was hooked.

Waycross (Boser) and Cedar Creek Talon (Liermann) turned loose at the double gates heading in on course No. 3. Waycross’ hour was previously described. Talon took the left edge, rounded a curve and was next seen well down the line on point at 6. Talon stood tall and was backed by his bracemate. Talon was well forward when he notched a second find at 18; he was high and tight on both ends. After the rocky crossing Talon took a right turn and Liermann rode to turn him. On the way to the front he went into the cover, vanished and was not found under judgment.

Caddo of the Snows (Norton) and Lincoln Watch That Tail (Smith/Hidalgo) were both scratched, one due to injury the other because his owner had to leave.

Judges: Lou Qualtiere and Fred Smith


[One-Hour Heats] —  16 Irish Setters

Winner—WAYCROSS, 1653133, male, by Justified—Redstone. Dr. Roger W. Boser, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—KINDLE, 1626218, female, by Breakstone—Applebee. Bonnie & Dennis Hidalgo, owners; Dennis Hidalgo, handler.


The Open Puppy winner was Hat Creek Lilly Maye, owned and handled by Dwight Ingram of Goldsboro, N. C. Lilly was fast and forward.

Hyatt Burchett, young son of Valerie and Bob Burchett, handled his Osage Fork Shebee to second place. Hyatt will turn three in February. He sat in the saddle in front of his Mom and sang “Atta dog” to Shebee. She hunted the cover well and responded nicely to her young handler.

Four of the five entries started in the stake which was judged by Ed Liermann and Bonnie Hidalgo. It ran on a beautifully clear Saturday morning that was extremely cold.

The winner of the Open Walking Shooting Dog  was Firefly’s Power Play,  male owned by 12-year-old Robbie Nesson and his grandma, Bonnie Hidalgo. “Puck” was handled by Tom Norton who stepped in for Dennis Hidalgo who was ill. Puck scored two very mannerly finds and ran a consistently forward race. The other dogs that appeared in the stake were either not clean on game or were lost. There were five entries but only four starters.

This stake followed the Open Puppy and was judged by Bob and Valerie Burchett of Conway, Mo.

In the Open Walking Derby, Come Back Billy Boy won for substitute handler Tom Norton who was on a roll this cold morning. Joe Edwards, who owns Billy, was unable to walk the course, so Tom took over. Billy showed nicely forward, running a big race but responding well to his handler.

Hatcreek Lady Red was second for Dwight Ingram with a pleasing forward race.

Bob and Valerie Burchett judged this four-dog stake. They came prepared for the cold; the club appreciates their help.

All in all, the National Red Setter Club fall trial was a success. We hope everyone of you with an interest in great red setters comes to join us next fall at this beautiful spot in Missouri!

Judges: Bonnie Hidalgo and Ed Liermann


1st—HATCREEK LILLY MAYE, 1681922, female, by Come Back Cutter—Come Back Doodle. Dwight Ingram, owner and handler.

2d—OSAGE FORK SHEBEE, 1681708, female, by Firefly’s Gamechanger—Firefly’s Red Button. Hyatt Burchett, owner and handler.

Judges: Lou Qualtiere and Fred Smith


[One-Hour Heats] — 16 Irish Setters

Winner—WAYCROSS, 1653133, male, by Justified—Redstone. Dr. Roger W. Boser, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—KINDLE, 1626218, female, by Breakstone—Applebee. Bonnie & Dennis Hidalgo, owners; Dennis Hidalgo, handler.

Judges: Bob Burchett and Valerie Burchett


1st—FIREFLY’S POWER PLAY, 1664073, male, by Flintstone—Firefly’s Hot Tip. Bonnie Hidalgo & Robbie Nesson, owners; Tom Norton, handler.


1st—COME BACK BILLY BOY, 1673121, male, by Come Back Cutter—Come Back Bee Gee. Joe Edwards, owner; Tom Norton, handler.

2d—HATCREEK LADY RED, 1676024, female, by Come Back Cutter—Come Back Doodle. Dwight Ingram, owner and handler.

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