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Grand National Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship

By Joe Cammisa, Secretary | Dec 28, 2018

The highly popular and competitive Grouse and Woodcock Invitational Championship is scheduled for April 10-12 at the Gladwin field trial grounds near Meredith, Mich. Drawing will be held Tuesday evening, April 9.

The longstanding Beaverton Grouse Dog Club will host the 2019 running.

Members of the judicial panel and reporter and other particulars pertinent to the running will be announced at a later date.

Appended are the dogs that have earned points toward an invitation to the 2019 renewal. If there are omissions or corrections, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Name of Dog/Breed & Sex/Pts./Owner/Handler

Ponderosa Mac, ESM; Steve Snyder, owner. (Automatic).

Chasehill Little Thudd, PM; Tim Kisieleski, owner. (Automatic).

Blast Zone, ESM; 2,538 pts., Thor Kain, owner.

Grouse Trails Pride, PF; 1,008 pts., John McKellop.

Hershner’s Grouse Gunner, ESM; 928 pts., Scott Hershner, owner.

Highbank’s Back’n’Black, PM; 902 pts., Bill Nelson, owner.

Shady Hills Whiskey Bonfire, ESM; 896 pts., Shady Hills Kennel, owner.

Blast Off, ESM; 848 pts., Justin Evans, owner.

Titanium’s Jacksin, PM; 734 pts., Doug Bauman, owner.

Higby Rilo, PF; 711 pts., Judith Hamilton, owner.

Rebellious Fearless Fred, ESM; 696 pts., Mike Luebke, owner.

Bud of Piney Woods, PM; 684 pts., Richard Warters, owner.

Nobody’s Shadow, ESM; 672 pts., Bob Wheelock, owner.

Long Gone Mersadies, ESF; 640 pts., Lloyd Murray, owner.

Dun Rovens Drifter, ESM; 636 pts., Rich Hollister, owner.

Spring Brook Maximus, PM; 572 pts., Russell Ogilvie, owner.

All On, PF; 504 pts., Thor Kain, owner.

Wild Apple Calvados, PF; 496 pts., Craig Doherty, owner.

Double Deuce Dexter, PM; 480 pts., Doug McMillen, owner.

Titanium Hammer, PM; 480 pts., Doug Bauman, owner.

Stoke’s Willie B, SM; 432 pts., Tony Bly, owner.

Sunrise Star, ESM; 384 pts., Dr. George Najor, owner.

Cairds Lefty, PM; 372 pts., Travis J. Riggs, owner.

Straight Forward, ESF; 370 pts., Richard Brenneman & Bob Watts, owners.

Henry of Ferguson, ESM; 320 pts., Thomas Eberle, owner.

Centerfold Bette, ESF; 270 pts., Dr. Harold Holmes, owner.

Hartland Maisy Mae, ESF; 240 pts., Tim Kauffman, owner.

Lake Effect Tilly, ESF; 180 pts., Tori & Tim Kaufman, owners.

La Sombra, PM; 160 pts., Carlos Escalante, owner.

Baxter’s Apache John, ESM; 140 pts. Brent Peters.

Waymaker Super Sam, ESM; 138 pts., Robert Kluger, owner.

Magic Mist Sydni, ESF; 111 pts., Joe Dahl, owner.

Mooselook Mac, SM; 110 pts., John McNulty, owner.

Flycast Rollie Fingers, ESM; 90 pts., Dr. Robert Haraden, owner.

Glenrae’s Mr. Finnigan, ESM, 85 pts., Ann Naus, owner.

Ruff Grouse Lilly, ESF; 66 pts., Paul Christopher, owner.

Grouse Trails Cracker Jack, PM; 54 pts., John McKellop, owner.

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