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A Final Farewell — Deceased Persons and Dogs from 2018

In Memoriam

Dec 28, 2018

Another year is about to pass, but before it does, it is fitting indeed that we fondly remember those who died in 2018, all contributors to the field trial pastime and recognizing that the sport is better because of their involvement and participation —  Persons by their steadfast support of the game and dogs whose performances were enjoyed by their owners, handlers and those who watched them compete.

It is with warm remembrance that we say Ave atque Vale — Hail and Farewell —  and Thank You.


Adcock, Odie; Died: 3-28-18

Armbrust, Jean; Died: 1-30-18

Batke, Ray A.; Died: 3-31-18

Bloom, Dr. Dan; Died: 11-18-17

Campoli, John J.; Died: 9-28-18

Champion, Dr. Jerry B.; Died: 8-1-18

Conicelli, Dominic L.; Died: 10-20-18

Crouse, Jim; Died: 8-9-18

Dale, David L.; Died: 10-3-18

Daugherty, John (Buz); Died: 8-12-18

Driggers, Donald S.; Died: 9-12-18

Epp, Freddie L.; Died: 11-2-18

Furcolow, Dr. Michael L.; Died: 3-14-18

Gibbons, Bill; Died: August, 2018

Haag, Dr. Stan; Died: 12-13-17

Hannaway, Richard; Died: 6-6-18

Hays, Charles (Charlie); Died: 10-12-18

Hollingsworth, Deborah; Died: 2-18-18

Lamb, Bob; Died: 4-18-18

Marshall, Dave; Died: 5-1-18

McClanahan, Michael K.; Died: 2-20-18

Mikles, J. Perry; Died: 12-4-17

Mitchell, C. M. (Boots); Died: 3-12-18

Norris, James; Died: 9-2-18

Purvis, Dr. John Taylor; Died: 10-16-18

Ramseur, Doug; Died: 1-25-18

Reams, Norborne Nicholas (Nick) Sr.; Died: 3-4-18

Schimpf, Patrick; 10-15-17

St. John, Greg; Died: 7-9-18

Staton, Rosco; Died: 7-12-18

Stephens, Michael William; Died: 7-15-18

Stopka, John F. Jr.; Died: 2-1-18

Taylor, Marilyn J. (Mrs. David); Died: 11-11-18

Walker, Jeffrey Neal; Died: 12-19-17

Walters, Shirley (Mrs. Bud); Died: 12-5-17

Williams, Jess (Steve Hurdle’s son-in law); Died: 8-18-18

Winterhelt, Sigbot (Bodo); Died: 5-30-18

Wyatt, Richard L.; Died: 9-25-18


Aiken, Irish Setter

Covey Rise’s Offlee Amazin, Pointer male

Greypointe Gloriosa, Pointer female

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