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Scottish Glory Has Died

By David Grubb | Jan 03, 2019
Scottish Glory

Lake Orion, Mich. — Owner Larry Esterline called to say that his great champion Scottish Glory had passed away at ten and a half years of age.

While attending the Michigan Shooting Dog Championship almost ten years ago, Bruce Minard told me of a pup he had that was running way too big for the grouse woods, and was pointing a lot of birds.

One weekend I drove to his place in Beulah, Mich., and saw “Whit” perform, I immediately purchased him.

Whit was a precocious pup with all the class in the world, and he did point a lot of birds. His style was exquisite. He was a little short as a young dog, but got bigger and bolder as he grew.

I won some puppy and Derby stakes with him and Larry Esterline of Clarkston, Mich., purchased him in May, 2011. He had many great performances, only to get lost late in the heat.

I remember well in the Canadian Open Shooting Dog Championship he was laying down a tremendous race with ample bird work, but half way through crossed a gravel road and disappeared. I rode to the top of the hill and saw my scout, and good friend, turning Whit almost a mile down in the valley, and Mike Tracy had the top dog in the stake at the time. An honest job by a great guy. Whit later (2012) got runner-up in that same event, his extreme range keeping him out of the top spot.

Whit continued with great performances, only to have something happen. One year in the Florida Championship my good friend Lefty Henry rode over a mile to call point for a great find. Whit then pointed again but the birds left, but only a half-dozen, so I gambled there would be some more. Not so and he got an unproductive, then another find, and then found him just before pick up. This would determine his qualifying for the callback. However, as I approached him a black snake slithered down a hole and no one saw it but I, so he did not qualify.

Yet, Whit’s “moment in time” came in the International Pheasant Championship when he started off with a find over one measured mile away. He added four more perfect finds, all far to the front, and finished powerfully we;; ahead. Larry was as tense as possible and kept saying, “Did you think that dog beat him?” My constant answer was, “Larry he has won it. Nothing will bet that performance.” Larry was ecstatic when they named Whit  the 2013 champion.

Due to the great boldness and free spirit that Whit possessed, Larry had some misgivings about Whit and me, but he was always 100% in Whit’s corner. Whit was surely a true all-age dog almost to a fault.


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