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By Tom Hall | Jan 04, 2019
Amateur Shooting Dog Winners. Front (l-r): Roger McPherson with Suemac’s Roll Tide and Bill Britt with Clayhill Bones. Standing: Judges Lawton Huggins  and Pam Constantine, and Bill Adams.

Camden, S. C. — The annual Sandlapper Field Trial Club’s fall field trial kicked off the Association of South Carolina Field Trial Clubs’ (ASCFTC) season in full gear on its traditional second weekend of November opening date at the  Mid-Carolina Club’s grounds outside Camden, S. C.

The big news of this report is the near record number of dogs that were entered  — 94! That number really got the attention of longtime Sandlapper members who could not recall such a bountiful entry to begin the field trial season.

The veteran sportsmen in our field trial community agreed it has been a long time, decades, since we had such a great turnout. We are grateful for the entries and those who traveled with their dogs to be with us and enjoy the hospitality and competition of our fall trial.

The ASCFTC, led by President Tim Ruff and Secretary Julie Kimbrell, have focused on growth over the past five years and small steps certainly do add up. Entries had dwindled over the past two decades until things seemed to turn around with good faith efforts and a true sense of urgency about the survival of our beloved sport in South Carolina.

The emphasis on quality judges, excellent hot meals, improved grounds, and outreach to neighboring states to coordinate trials and prevent scheduling conflicts is paying off.

The trial we enjoyed so much starts with a group of dedicated members of the Sandlapper trial community that has been relevant and fostered competitive trials for over forty years. Today the team has the same standard-bearers whose dedication to their sport and club is the best example of how to conduct a quality field trial efficiently, in a teameffort that spreads out the work between the right number of people.

Bill Britt, Dr. Billy McCathern, Gilbert Webber and Tim Ruff always pull it off. Thank you, gentlemen, for your dedication and example. You set a high standard and we are grateful.

However, with the number of dogs entered, the marshalling took on a whole new level of urgency to complete the trial by Sunday. It was “Dogs on the line!” all weekend!

Thank you also to Dennis Lemoine, president of Mid-Carolina, for being there four straight days, hosting the Sandlapper Club at Mid-Carolina. His efforts and dedication deserve commendation. His pride in Mid-Carolina shines through and his leadership has also helped the entire ASCFTC to create momentum and interest in our events.

As a result of the vigorous off-season efforts at Mid-Carolina, the grounds are in excellent shape. The summer included weekend burning, replanting food plots and chainsaw work all over the course to open up different visuals as well as more bird cover.

Bird planting duties were covered by new club member Lance Ellis who was diligent all weekend and worked tirelessly for three days with no break and a positive attitude.

The food was hot and delicious all weekend and that’s a major piece of the game that gets high priority when field trialing in South Carolina. A hot meal cooked by our official field trial chef, Mr. Phil Brown, is always appreciated and looked forward to while burning miles in the saddle. This weekend we were treated to baked chicken, Brunswick stew, fried chicken, ham, mac and cheese, green beans, and more, with dessert at every meal. This effort to make a hot meal for all attendees always leaves a lasting memory and a full belly that keeps you warm for the afternoon braces. That especially makes a difference on a cold day in the saddle. Thank you, Phil. Your efforts make a big difference in the enjoyment of our trials.

Thanks also to Purina for their support and generous donation of dog food to all of our winners.


The trial began with the Open Shooting Dog on Friday on the looping 30-minute course beginning at the traditional breakaway. The weather was nearly perfect for a fall weekend outdoors in the Carolinas. Sunny with occasional clouds and cool weather all weekend spoiled the large crowd on hand. Forty dogs were entered, 25 pointers, 13 setters and two Vizslas. The setters stood out on the opening day. Judges were Roger McPherson of Chesterfield, S. C., and Lawton Huggins of Walterboro, S. C.

Matt Basilone handled pointer female Ravenwood Gemstone to first place in the crowded field. Congratulations to owner Joe Cincotta. Gemstone stood out from the crowd with her all around performance that featured multiple bird contacts, excellent handling, rock steady on point and after flush, and stayed out front and rolled though the landscape with class the entire brace. Second  was Hoos English Ivy, setter female also handled by Matt Basilone and owned by David Creagan. Third was awarded to Caladen’s Davinci, setter male with South Carolina roots, handled by Jerry Raynor and owned by Auddie Brown.

The Open Derby winner was Chief Red Cloud, pointer male handled by Jerry Raynor and owned by Whitley Stephenson. Chief handled excellent throughout the brace, did not need a scout, had multiple evenly spaced finds and even had two limb finds that were memorable and deserved special attention. Second also went to Jerry Raynor handling pointer male Erin’s Battle Cry. Third was Lincoln County Shilo, pointer male owned and handled by Gary Whitworth. Thanks for traveling from North Carolina, Jerry and Gary. Your placements in the competitive Open Derby were well earned.

Camden, S. C., November 11 — One Course

Judges: Lawton Huggins and Roger McPherson

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 25 Pointers, 13 Setters and 2 Vizslas

1st—RAVENWOOD GEMSTONE, 1660563, pointer female, by Erin’s Stone Cutter—Touch’s Blackbelt. Joe Cincotta, owner; Matt Basilone, handler.

2d—HOOS ENGLISH IVY, 1665630, setter female, by Grouse Woods Skeeter—Riley’s Last Call. David Creagan, owner; Matt Basilone, handler.

3d—CALADEN’S DAVINCI, 1625062, setter male, by Merritt’s Blaze—Merritt’s Pearl. Auddie Brown, owner; Jerry Raynor, handler.

OPEN DERBY — 16 Entries

1st—CHIEF RED CLOUD, 1678916, pointer male, by Wiggins War Trace—Wiggins Snow Princess. Whitley Stephenson, owner; Jerry Raynor, handler.

2d—ERIN’S BATTLE CRY, 1675085, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Three Stripe’s Jewel. Dennis & Hope Beauford, owners; Jerry Raynor, handler.

3d—LINCOLN COUNTY SHILO, 1674969, pointer male, by Stoney Run’s Buddy—Miller’s Fancy Lady. Gary Whitworth, owner and handler.


The Amateur Shooting Dog and Derby were judged by Lawton Huggins along with Pam Constantine.

The Amateur Shooting Dog kicked off on a beautiful field trial Saturday with 22 dogs entered, including 21 pointers and one setter. The coveted Sandlapper Amateur Shooting Dog trophy was deservedly returned to the Sandlapper Club with the home team combination of Tim Ruff handling Bill Britt’s pointer male Clayhill Bones, the winning white dog from Blythewood. Congratulations Tim and Bill. Bones handled so well that no real scout was needed. With multiple bird contacts the polished pointer stood out and showed its class and acumen throughout the brace. Second was Suemac’s Roll Tide, pointer male for owner-handler Roger McPherson. Placed third was Marques Dark Knight, pointer male owned and handled by Dr. Roger Duerksen.

The Amateur Derby had seven pointers and one setter entered and was dominated by the Kimbrell family from Fort Mill, S. C. Beating out his dad George, Jack Kimbrell handled Speed Dial’s Limited Edition, pointer male, to the win. This Derby showed like a shooting dog and that made it hard to beat on this day. Great job handling and a consistent performance with multiple bird contacts and the control you don’t normally see in a fall Derby. Second was George Kimbrell handling pointer male Joe. Al Ford’s pointer male Rock and Rebel Reb, handled by Bill Adams, placed third.

We are thankful for the judges and appreciate their travel, great humor, and long efforts in the saddle watching our dogs. That concludes the report for the Sandlapper fall trial. Come visit us in South Carolina and see what makes our trials so special.

Judges: Pam Constantine and Lawton Huggins

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 21 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—CLAYHILL BONES, 1647930, pointer male, by Clayhill Bopper—L F Party Girl. William J. Britt, owner; Tim Ruff, handler.

2d—SUEMAC’S ROLL TIDE, 1650269, pointer male, by Beaver Meadow Benjamin—Richfield Stella. Roger & Susie McPherson, owners; Roger McPherson, handler.

3d—MARQUES DARK KNIGHT, 1628023, pointer male, by Porter Meadow Elroy—Decoy Lakes Amy. Roger Duerksen, owner and handler.

AMATEUR DERBY — 7 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—SPEED DIAL’S LIMITED EDITION, 1682048, pointer male, by Miller’s Speed Dial—Jackson’s Silver Arrow. Jack Kimbrell, owner and handler.

2d—JOE, unreg., pointer male, breeding not given. George Kimbrell, owner and handler.

3d—ROCK AND REBEL REB, 1675373, pointer male, by Alvin—Pamlico. A. L. Ford, owner; Bill Adams, handler.

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