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Field Trial Report

Mid-Carolina Field Trial Club

By Roger McPherson | Jan 04, 2019
Open Shooting Winners. From left: Matt Basilone with Hoos English Ivy, Dave Creagan, Scott Griffin, Charles Morton with Miller’s On Call and Dr. Roger McPherson.

Camden, S. C. — Pointing Dog devotees from North and  South Carolina, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania assembled November 15 at the storied Mid-Carolina grounds in Camden, S. C.

Since 1960 the Mid-Carolina Field Trial Club has held horseback shooting dog events on these grounds uninterrupted. Two of our leading Mid-Carolina Club members were hand, Charles K. Young and Marion Yarborough. Our distinguished members greeted and succeeded in entertaining all with their tales of the history of the Mid-Carolina and South Carolina field trial clubs.

The start of the Open Shooting Dog was delayed due to heavy rains. Otherwise we enjoyed the weather, yarns, and excellent lunches provided by Mr. Cliff Brown and Allen Johnson. Additionally we were treated to a delicious fish fry with all the “fixins” on Thursday evening, thanks to Ben Stephens and Nate Pratt.

A special thanks to our sponsor Value Pak and Mr. Lewis Hicks who provided us with dog food for the amateur placements.

We drew 92 entries with 90 starters for the fall trial.

Although our recent wet weather made riding in the fields dicey, and conditions were demanding, all were treated to several excellent performances.

The club thanks judges Jadie Rayfield of Mount Pleasant, near Charleston, S. C., and Dennis LeMoine of Sharon, S. C., for overseeing the Open stakes. Serving for the Amateur Shooting Dog and Derby were Dennis LeMoine and Matt Basilone of Pittsgrove, N. J. Melissa Thomas and Cindy Pescod stepped in to judge the Amateur Puppy when Dennis was unable to continue. All the judges gave their undivided attention to each entry.

A trial cannot be successful without club members and others stepping up to provide the help necessary to keep everything going smoothly. Thank you to our bird planters Ken Fleming, Lance Ellis, Glen Tisdale and Brian McPherson. For their help in bringing wood for the fire and just overall help with the trial, the club thanks Melissa Thomas and Cindy Pescod.

A Mid-Carolina trial would not be complete without the help of long-time members Marion Yarborough and Charles Young. Thank you.

Mid-Carolina appreciates the attendance of the professional handlers; Calvin Curnutte, Charles Morton, Matt Basilone, Jerry Raynor, Steve Browder, and Trey Littlejohn. The entries of their fine string of dogs made the Open stakes extremely competitive.


Taking home the blue ribbon in the Open Shooting Dog was Hoos English Ivy, setter female handled by Matt Basilone for owner David Creagan of Swarthmore, Pa. Awarded second was Miller’s On Call, pointer male owned and handled by local amateur Scott  Griffin. Third was Panola’s Lady Jane, pointer female handled by Steve Browder for owner Harry Conner of Elgin, S. C., who was riding in the gallery to watch the performance.

Capturing the blue in the Open Derby was Smoke’N’Mirrors, pointer female handled by Matt Basilone for owners Richard Gillis and Stacey Goodie of Tabernacle, N. J. Earning second was Erin’s Battle Cry, pointer male handled by Jerry Raynor for owners Hope and Dennis Beauford of Troy, S. C. Taking third was Browntown Man, pointer male, also handled by Jerry Raynor for owner Auddie Brown of Lane, S. C.

Camden, S. C., November 15 — One Course

Judges: Dennis Lemoine and Jadie Rayfield

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 19 Pointers, 10 Setters, 1 German Shorthair,

1 Irish Setter and 1 Vizsla

1st—HOOS ENGLISH IVY, 1665630, setter female, by Grouse Woods Skeeter—Riley’s Last Call. David Creagan, owner; Matt Basilone, handler.

2d—MILLER’S ON CALL, 1674622, pointer male, by Miller’s Dialing In—Happy Jack’s Kate. Scott Griffin, owner and handler.

3d—PANOLA’S LADY JANE, 1643499, pointer female, by Pecan Grove A Men—Byrdman’s Half Moon Dott. W. H. Conner, owner; Steve Browder, handler.

OPEN DERBY — 12 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—SMOKE’N’MIRRORS, 1679185, pointer female, by Just Irresistible—A Whiskey Lullaby. Richard Gillis & Stacey Goodie, owners; Matt Basilone, handler.

2d—ERIN’S BATTLE CRY, 1675085, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Three Stripe’s Jewel. Dennis & Hope Beauford, owners; Jerry Raynor, handler.

3d—BROWNTOWN MAN, 1675213, pointer male, by Decoy Lakes Winning Harley—Decoy Lakes Lexie. Auddie Brown, owner; Jerry Raynor, handler.


Receiving the blue in the Amateur Shooting Dog was Limbsmoke Skeet Rock, setter male owned and handled by Lloyd Miller of Bensalem, Pa. Securing second was K H Vengeance, pointer  female handled by Scott Griffin for owners Charles and Ruth Morton of Camden, S. C. Third was Hoos English Ivy, setter female owned and handled by David Creagan.

Awarded the blue in the Amateur Derby was Tooslicktoslide, setter male owned and handled by Bobby Peeler of Denver, N. C. Second was Rock and Rebel Reb, pointer male handled by Bill Adams for owner Al Ford of Gastonia, N. C. Placing third was Bud’s Tiny Dancer, pointer male owned and handled by Bobby Peeler of Denver, N. C.

Amateur Puppy winner was Caladen’s Can’t See You, setter owned and handled by Carl Owens of Awendaw, S. C.

Judges: Dennis Lemoine and Matt Basilone

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 25 Pointers, 4 Setters, 4 Vizslas,

1 German Shorthair and 1 Irish Setter

1st—LIMBSMOKE SKEET ROCK, 1663261, setter male, by Grouse Woods Skeeter—Fort River Rockaloo. L. B. Miller, owner and handler.

2d—K H VENGEANCE, 1676927, pointer female, by Potter’s Powder Bull—Mantz’s Saving Grace. Charles & Ruth Morton, owners; Scott Griffin, handler.

3d—HOOS ENGLISH IVY, 1665630, setter female, by Grouse Woods Skeeter—Riley’s Last Call. David Creagan owner and handler.

AMATEUR DERBY — 6 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—TOOSLICKTOSLIDE, 1676258, setter male, by Class Act Elmo—Class Act Busy B. Bobby Peeler, owner and handler.

2d—ROCK AND REBEL REB, 1675373, pointer male, by Alvin—Pamlico. Alfred Ford, owner; Bill Adams, handler.

3d—BUD’S TINY DANCER, 1676204, pointer female, by Stoney Run’s Buddy—Miller’s Fancy Lady. Bobby Peeler, owner and handler.

Judges: Cindy Pescod and Melissa Thomas

AMATEUR PUPPY — 2 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—CALADEN’S CAN’T SEE YOU, 1681366, setter female, by A Tarheel Addiction—A Tarheel Miss Bo. Carl Owens, owner and handler.

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