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Prairie State Brittany Championships

By Ed Janulis | Apr 05, 2019
Open All-Age Championship Winners. Front row, from left: Piney Run Jake with owner-handler Kent Patterson,  and  Ru Jem’s Last Penny with Dave Capstick. Standing behind are:  Ed Janulis, Jerry McGee, Tom Tracy,  and Judges Paul Katzel  and Jon Small (Judge).

Grovespring, Mo. — Prairie State Brittany Championship was hosted at the Sportsman Club located in secluded Grovespring, Mo. The association has made extensive improvements to the corral and parking area with new corrals, new dog kennels and extended RV trailer parking.

The Prairie State Championship is a longstanding fixture; it originated in the mind and hearts of dedicated field trailers from the LaSalle Brittany Club initiating as a Northern Illinois Championship. It initially was held at a number of northern and northwest Illinois locations before moving to the Hunt Club in Southern Illinois and currently at the Sportsman Club in Missouri.

We thank Purina for their continuing support of these Championships. Their continued support, year after year, allows the Prairie State Championship Association the resources to plan this event for years to come extending the tradition that already exist with this contest. It should be noted that Purina extensively supports the American Brittany Club on many different venues within the ABC organization.

Many people contributed their time and other effort to insure this Championship occurred without an issue. These included Jerry McGee, field trial chairman, Donna Janulis, field trial secretary and provider of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for the entire venue. Assisting Donna with the meals were Valerie Burchett, Chad Holman and Matt Healey.

The interesting part of this competition was just about every participant shared in some task that helped the event function smoothly. This included bird planting (Jerry McGee, Tim Self, Tom Thomas, Ed Janulis, Tom Tracy, Joe Williams), dog wagon driving (Bob Travis, Jerry McGee, Donna Janulis, Tim Self, Dave Capstick). Course marshals (Dave Capstick, Stan Williamson, Ed Janulis). Horse supplier (Dave Capstick, Tom Tracy, Bob Burchett, Tommy Thomas). Bob Burchett and Tom Thomas also supplied transportation of the Purina dog food graciously contributed by the Purina Pet Care. Others, not specifically named, pitched in as needed from distributing Purina food, barn clean up, de-icing the walkways and other tasks.

Prairie State supported the following Venues: Open All-Age, Amateur All-Age, Open Derby, and Open Shooting Dog. However, the Open Shooting Dog was cancelled due to an ice storm and continued residual ice and cold weather.

Open Derby

Open Derby (represented by the Bill Schreiber Memorial Trophy), was judged by Stan Williamson and Bob Travis.

The winner came from the first brace; W W’s Miss Wendy Peffercorn, owner Burton Wice and handled by Tom Tracy. She broke away strong and continued in a far reaching pattern throughout the 45 minutes to follow. She had contact with birds on more than one occasion, including a couple of wild quail coveys demonstrating her maturity to hunt the objectives effectively.

The runner-up was Ru Jem’s Dirty Dingus McGee, owner Jerry McGee and handled by Tom Tracy. McGee ran strong and hard during the 45-minute heat with energy to spare. He extended his range, often stretching to the end of the fields. He had two nice bird contacts, pointing both times. He showed maturity and independence during the entire brace.

Joe Williams, owner and handler of the third placed dog, Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Daniel handled maturely for Joe, ranging as necessary to hunt the objectives presented to him in search of game. He had the endurance to keep up a good pace through the 45 minutes. He handled kindly for Joe in an independent manner.

Grovespring, Mo., February 22

Judges: Bob Travis and Stan Williamson


Winner—W W’S MISS WENDY PEFFERCORN, 1676566, female, by Glade Run Irish—Driving Miss Daisy. Burton Wice, owner; Tommy Tracy, handler.

Runner-Up—RU JEM’S DIRTY DINGUS MCGEE, 1677037, male, by Sniksoh Spank’s Hank—M K’s My Lil Ammo. Jerry McGee, owner; Tommy Tracy, handler.

Amateur All-Age Championship

Justin Hess and Bob Thompson made themselves available to judge this stake; their judgments were well accepted. Many good dogs were entered in this stake and there were many good amateur handlers including one of the most distinguished and experienced Ray Trimble.

The winner was Piney Run Jake. He ran in the 3rd brace on the second course. He was handled by owner Kent Patterson. Jake had two finds, the first occurring near the brush line adjacent to the double barns, and the second before the bull pasture adjacent to the pond, all in order on both. In between these bird contacts, Jake handled well for Kent, extending his range and applying himself showing his maturity on how he attacks the terrain effectively hunting for game. His finish was as strong as his start.

The runner-up was J B W’s Levi the Lionheart handled by owner Joe Williams. He ran the first brace the first day and set a standard for the remainder of the competition. He ran hard and smart through the first course and gained momentum through the remaining terrain up and through Horse Killer Hill. Levi located birds six times during the hour, handling all finds with intensity and style, again “setting the standard”.

Judges: Justin Hess and Bob Thompson


[One-Hour Heats] — 20 Brittanys

Winner—PINEY RUN JAKE, 1659010, male, by Piney Run Art—Piney Run Gypsy. Kent D. Patterson, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—J B W’S LEVI THE LIONHEART, 1666510, male, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Sam’s Sandbank Rose. Joseph B. Williams, owner and handler.

Open All-Age Championship

We were honored to have two experienced gentlemen judging this event; Paul Katzel and Jon Small who were attentive and respectful. Their decisions were embraced.

The winner was Piney Run Jake. He was handled by owner Kent Patterson and ran in the sixth brace on Tuesday, but because of short braces preceding the time Jake ran, he ran on the second course. Jake and Kent came to Prairie State to compete and they accomplished their goal with this performance. Jake ran forward showing far to the front and handling in a pleasing manner throughout the hour. He located game in two strategic locations and handled the flushing in a positive manner. Jake completed the hour ending far to the front in Sycamore Valley.

Runner-up was Ru Jem’s Last Penny. She is owned by Jerry McGee and was handled by Tom Tracy. Penny likes the Sportsman Club courses having won this event last year.

Penny ran in the first brace in the afternoon, on the first course. She started off strong extending through the open long fields towards the double gates. She scored two finds, the first occurring on the second cross treeline past the double gates. Here a small covey of quail was flushed; Penny maintained her manners and posture and all was well. The second find occurred along the right treeline in the field approaching horse killer hill. A single quail emerged at Tom’s urging with the dog holding fast. Penny finished the hour to the front across the plateau and sycamore valley.

Judges: Paul katzel and Jon Small


[One-Hour Heats] — 33 Brittanys

Winner—PINEY RUN JAKE, 1659010, male, by Piney Run Art—Piney Run Gypsy. Kent D. Patterson, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—RU JEM’S LAST PENNY, 1621183, female, by Trademark’s A T M—Red Bud Zipper. Jerry & Ruth McGee, owners; Tommy Tracy, handler.

Open Shooting Dog Championship

The judges for this event were two well known gentlemen Gailen Cooper and Joe Williams. However, due to an ice storm and continuing residual ice on the ground this competition was forced to be cancelled for this year.

We appreciated all the people who travelled to the Sportsman Club to participate in this event but, unfortunately we cannot control the weather.

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