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Hobart Ames Memorial All-Age

By Dr. Rick Carlisle | Jan 14, 2020

Grand Junction, Tenn. — The 2020 edition of the Hobart Ames Memorial trials began Monday, January 13, at Ames Plantation, Grand Junction, Tenn.

The All-Age Stake has drawn 34 contenders, and the Open Derby (with one-hour heats) has eleven.

Scott Johnson of Winfield, Kan., and Chris Rider of Smithfield, Pa., are judging both stakes. Jim Atchison is reporting.

Bird population looks good and has been consistent through all three trials so far this season.


Brace/Name of Dog/Breed/Sex Handler/Owner


1. Lester’s Jazzman, PM; Randy Anderson; Dan Hensley. With

Hendrix’s Touch Up, PM; Steve Hurdle/B. Hendrix; Guy & Burke Hendrix.


2. Miller’s Hot Rod, PM; Randy Anderson; Raines Jordan. With

Mercer Mill Grand, PM; Billy Wayne Morton; Remy Trafelet.


3. Distant Thunder, PM; Randy Anderson; Tom Nygard. With

Swift Justice, PM; Steve Hurdle; Brad Kennedy.


4. Boxwood Vortex, PM; Michael Shears; Michael Shears. With

S F Stetson, PM; Larry Huffman; Larry Smith.


5. Allie, ESF; Greg Poole; Greg Poole. With

S F Fullcolor, PF; Steve Hurdle; Jack Montgomery & Traci Hammond.


6. Valiant, PM; Randy Anderson; Jay McKenzie. With

Coldwater Spectre, PM; Weldon Bennett; Gary W. McKibben.


7. Touch’s Spaceman, PM; Randy Anderson; Matt Griffith. With

Las Animas Fancy, PF; Larry Huffman; Dale Bush.


8. Touch’s Fire Away, PM; Randy Anderson; Dr. Greg Adams. With

Woodville’s Yukon Cornelius, ESM; Ike Todd; Carl Owens.


9. Whippoorwill Forever Wild, PM; Matt Cochran; Ric Peterson. With

Nosam’s Sweet Water, PM; Larry Huffman; Mason Ashburn.


10. Terry’s Third Chance, PM; Randy Anderson; Chris Cornman. With

Misty Morn Masked  Man, PM; Joey McAlexander; Joey McAlexander.


11. Hendrix’s Copperline, PM; Steve Hurdle/B. Hendrix; Guy & Burke Hendrix. With

Touch’s Breakaway Fred, PM; Ike Todd; Eddie Sholar & Ted Dennard.


12. Touch’s Blackout, PM; Randy Anderson; Ric Peterson. With

Whippoorwill Ripcord, PM; Larry Huffman; Dr. Terry Terlep, Kyle Krause, Terrell Palmer, Dan McDonald.


13. Miller’s Justifiable, PM; Randy Anderson; Jay McKenzie. With

Game Bo, PM; Weldon Bennett; Dr. Fred Corder.


14. Whippoorwill Wild Assault, PM; Larry Huffman; Jim & Stephanie Bickers. With

Stardust Chaz, ESM; Steve Hurdle; Bob Craig.


15. Miller’s Select Call, PM; Randy Anderson; Don Stroble. With

Coldwater Odyssey, PM; Weldon Bennett; Andrew & Debra Agnew.


16. Coldwater Thunder, PF; Steve Hurdle; Rachel Blackwell & Doug Arthur. With

Whippoorwill Mayhem, PM; Larry Huffman; Ric Peterson.


17. Ransom’s Jack Flash, PM; Steve Hurdle; Rachel Blackwell & Doug Arthur. With

Whippoorwill Vette, PM; Larry Huffman; Earl Connolly.




1. Superstition’s Jake, PM; B. Spencer/Ric Peterson. With

Touch’s Breakaway Fred, PM; Ike Todd; Eddie Sholar & Ted Dennard.


2. Wild Credence, PM; Matt Cochran; Kevin Guess & Dray Williams. With

Miller’s Direct Dial, PM; Randy Anderson; Matt Griffith.


3. Double Rebel Jeff; PM; Randy Anderson; Bill Raymond. With

Knight Moon, PM; Ike Todd; Scott Griffin.


4. Miller’s Speedy Bullet; PM; Randy Anderson; Dan Hensley. With

Big N Wild, PM; Matt Cochran; Phil Witter.


5. Dickson’s Rolling Stone, PM;  Randy Anderson; Kevin Dickson. With

Touch’s Joy Ride, PM; Ike Todd; Keith Wright.


6. Touch’s Dancing Nancies; PF; Ike Todd; Keith Wright, as a bye.

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