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American Brittany Club Derby Invitational Classic

By Jan Kilpatrick | Jan 04, 2021
The Winners. From left to right: Kent Patterson, Tom Tracy with Been There, Judge Richard Beaver, Dr. Bob Rankin, Judge Dave Capstick, Amy Hopper with Frosty Meadows Ramblin’ Man, Scott Johnson, Nathan Hopper, Raus Tracy with CVK’s Jungle Land, and Steve Chang.

Twelve young contenders from around the country were invited to compete in the 5th running of the American Brittany Club Derby Invitational held Friday, December 4, 2020 at the Blue Mountain J. Perry Mikles WDA, Booneville, Ark.

Congratulations to all the dogs, their owners and handlers who earned the right to participate this year.

Judges this year were Richard Beaver of Wichita Falls, Tex., and Dave Capstick of Jonesburg, Mo. We thank for their time and thoughtful consideration of each of these fine young hopefuls.

Thanks also goes out to Purina for their continued support and for the Pro Plan dog food awarded to the winners and placers.

The weather was mild throughout the running but the courses were extremely muddy, making navigation precarious for dogs, horses, riders and the dog wagon driver.


Named winner was Been There, “Tip,” handled by Tom Tracy for owners Dr. Robert Rankin, Oklahoma and Tom and Linda Milam, Texas. Tip is a white and orange male by Rusty Ridge Where U Been and K Nine’s On the Loose.

Second was Frosty Meadows Ramblin’ Man ‘Bo’, Handler/Owner Amy Hopper & Nathan Hopper, Mo. Bo, white/orange male out of Frosty Meadows Sundance Cassanova and Lamonts Cotton Candy

[Of special note, it was learned Bo was awarded the Obedience High in Trial Award at the National Specialty Show in Fort Smith just a week prior to his being named runner-up at this 2020 ABC Derby Invitational. Bo was handled by his owner Amy Hopper in both of these events. Kudos to Amy and Nathan Hopper for their development of and dedication to this versatile Brittany.]

Third was CVK’s Jungle Land, "Clarence", handled byTom Tracy,  and owned by Raus Tracy, Nebraska and Bo Ackerman, Georgia. Clarence is a white/orange male by FC Maxwell’s Prickly Pete ex Dakota Sage


First brace: Urban American Legend, handler Steve Chang, owner Alan Morrison, with Sweet Whizki, handler Bob Burchett, owner Phil Witter.

"Sugar "pointed at 10 handling the flush and shot with acceptable Derby manners. Sugar appeared to lose her focus and began exhibiting an erratic application so handler picked her up at 25. Legend began his run as a bird-finding machine, posting three nice finds at 13, 23 and 30. He handled these birds with stylish points and almost broke Derby manners. After this point, Legend began a series of short stops, pointing into likely objectives along the road just a short distance from the double gates. This incident produced unproductives at 34 and 40. Handler finally got him to leave this area but he continued this sticky behavior down the road so handler picked him up at 50.

Decision was made to breakaway brace No. 2 at the double gates. CVK’s Jungle Land ("Clarence"/Tom Tracy, owners Raus Tracy and Bo Ackerman) and Perro Pajaro  ("Uno"/Scott Johnson, owner Justin Hagedorn) were away at 9:00. The twosome made big fast casts towards the river’s edge when both suddenly veered back toward the double gates. After a lot of loud whistling and hard scouting, both came back in, with Clarence shooting towards the river's edge and Uno staying in the treeline on the right side of the course. Clarence made it to the horse bridge in short order, crossed over and began working course No. 2 in a fast efficient manner. Uno disappeared before the bridge; handler moved on across calling loudly while the scout intensified his search. At 20 Clarence pointed briefly then put up a good size covey which he chased but regained the front when he heard the shot and his handler’s whistle. It was reported that Uno found his way to course No. 2 and had a find at 20 while trying to catch the front. Clarence had another covey at 23, pointing briefly and exhibiting acceptable Derby manners on the flush and shot. Clarence then had a near broke find at 35 standing staunchly, allowing handler to move in front of him to flush and fire. At this same time Uno was picked up; his compass was not functioning in a forward direction. Clarence pointed for the last time at 45 in a thick overgrown motte, self-released several times but couldn’t find any birds so handler whistled him forward and he finished his hour still hunting hard. For his efforts he was awarded a well-earned third place.

J B’s Cajun Hot Pepper ("Spice"/Tom Tracy, owners Jennifer and Chezney Pollman) and ANJ’s Georgia Hellion (Bob Burchett) took off together at a good clip but stayed in touch with their handlers. They pointed simultaneously but in separate areas of a long treeline at 15. Spice put some birds up, handler fired and moved her out of the area. Georgia kept searching but never made bird contact, was moved on to rejoin the front. Spice pointed again at 35 but no birds were found. Both dogs pointed a small covey at 45 and after flushing and chasing both got back to the front finishing their hour showing signs of weariness.

Jagoub’s Whodatsay When I Say Whodat (Handler/owners Tom and Debra Jagielski) with TNT’s Handsome Harry (Bob Burchett; owners Tommy and Linda Thomas). Whodat pointed at 5 but no birds were found so he was moved on. Both dogs pointed the same birds at 35 and chased before the flush and shot. After shots were fired and all was in order, the dogs were moved on down the road. At 50 Harry was picked up for not pleasing his handler. Whodat finished his hour slower than he started but still hunting hard.

Frosty Meadows Ramblin’ Man ("Bo"/handler-owners Amy and Nathan Hopper) with Been There ("Tip"/Tom Tracy; owners Dr. Bob Rankin, Tom and Linda Milam). These two speed demons caught everyone’s attention with an exploding independent breakaway. Bo took off into the horseshoe and it took awhile for the scout to round him up. Meanwhile Tip made a long cast down the right treeline when he locked up at 15, pointing staunchly before flushing the birds. Handler called him back to the front and he was off like a rocket. About this time scout had Bo back on course and to the front and he immediately started finding birds. Bo was making all the right moves down both sides of the course and was rewarded with covey finds at 20, 30 and 35 which he pointed staunchly and handled with acceptable Derby manners. Meanwhile Tip was covering the course in and out of the woods hunting hard. He scored another find at 43 when he pointed a flighty single at the base of a tall pine tree; it flew straight up the tree trunk and landed on an overhanging branch. Tip locked up even tighter with his head slightly inclined and handler moved in, gave the tree a little bump and off flew the bird with Tip turning to mark but remaining in place until handler took him by the collar and moved him forward. Tip continued working the course in winning form and finished his hour to the front stronger than when he started. The last 20 minutes of Bo’s race took a lot of loud handling to keep him straight and forward on course. Bo had his fourth find at time and handler expressed relief that his hour was up. For their efforts Tip earned first, Bo, runner-up.

Brace  No. 6: Dogwood’s Fireball ("Whiski"/Bob Burchett; owner Todd Parmenter) with Rusty Ridge Busting Loose ("Buster"/Handler/owners Claude and Jan Kilpatrick). Whiski had a long absence after the breakaway and rejoined at 20 when he stopped to point a bird which he handled with acceptable manners. Whiski was brought to the front for a few minutes but he was last seen making a huge cast towards course No. 1 and never returned to judgment. Buster wasn’t running his usual bold race this day nonetheless he had a smooth, effortless way of moving across the course never letting up but his casts were short which kept him way too handy to be considered in spite of four nice bird finds at 4, 8, 20 and 45.

With the 2020 ABC Derby Invitational completed we head towards camp to hear the placements.

Booneville, Ark., December 4

Judges: Richard Beaver and Dave Capstick


[One-Hour Heats] — 12 Brittanys

1st—BEEN THERE, 1692589, male, by Rusty Ridge Where U Been—K Nine’s On the Loose. Dr. Robert Rankin, Tom L. & Linda F. Milam, owners; Tom Tracy, Jr., handler.

2d—FROSTY MEADOW’S RAMBLIN MAN, 1691905, male, by Frosty Meadows Sundance Cassanova—Lamont’s  Cotton Candy. Amy & Nathan Hopper, owners; Amy Hopper, handler.

3d—C V K’S JUNGLE LAND, unreg., male, by Maxwell’s Prickly Pete—Dakota Sage. Raus Tracy & Bo Ackerman, owners; Tom Tracy, Jr., handler.

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