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By Jay McKenzie | Jul 16, 2021

Eureka, Kan — Bird dogs were a way of life for me long before field trialing came into my life.

Then Valiant come onto the scene. He was of the correct temperament, intelligent, bold and characteristically affectionate dog suited even for family life.

Champion Valiant, “Mack,” was versatile winning trials on quail, pheasant, chickens, sharptails from Canada to deep South  and everywhere in between.

“Mack” had a natural ability to adjust his range to the type of course he was running. I watched him adjust three or four times during the brace of the selected course of the trial held. Valiant did this naturally as the course changed. It was always a consistent eye-opening performance by a brilliant performer.

I am requesting your consideration toward electing Champion Valiant to the Field Trial Hall of Fame. Champion Valiant was handled his entire career by Randy Anderson and owned by me, and a worthy candidate.

He truly was an outstanding competitor and sire that shone very brightly until his unfortunate death took his life at a very early age. During Valliant’s short life, passing on at the age of seven, he was truly a super star, accomplishing so much in only four years of major stakes competition. More importantly he is proving himself as an outstanding sire whose limited offspring are now contributing most positively to improvement of the breed.

It is truly a sad day when such a great champion says goodbye. Champion Valiant meets or exceeds all facets to be elected to the Field Trial Hall of Fame set forth. I urge you to consider his talents and his record as the 2021 prime candidate as being qualified to be inducted into the Field Trial Hall of Fame.



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