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2021 Annual Meetings


By Piper Huffman, Secretary | Jul 21, 2021

Michigan City, Miss. — President Rick Stallings welcomed all Trustees to the 2021Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America annual meeting of 2021. He thanked everyone for taking the time to join the meeting via conference call. The attendees were advised that the meeting was being taped for the purpose of constructing the minutes.

President Stallings asked for the roll call. The following replied: Secretary Piper Huffman, President Rick Stallings, 1st Vice-President Frank LaNasa, 2nd Vice- President Tony King, and 3rd Vice-President Ric Peterson.

Trustees: Region 1: Eli Richardson, Region 2: Chris Catanzarite, Region 3: Gary Winall, John Ivester; Region 4: Ray Wheeler, Jim Pendergest; Region 5: Sean Derrig, Region 6: Dr. Fred Corder, Jonathan Burch, David Williams; Region 7: Ray Black, Dr. Buck Neil; Region 8: Gary Young, Brandon Johnson; Region 9, Harold Chadwick; Region 10: Todd Schaaf; Region 11: Jarry Walton; Region 13, Jeff Haggis; Region 14: Lou Qualtiere; Region 16: Larron Copeland; Region 17: Luke Topp, Don Beauchamp.

Trustees at Large Dr. Robert Rankin and Mark Johnson.

Minutes of the 2020 AFTCA annual meeting were presented by Secretary Piper Huffman. No corrections or changes were made following the reading. A motion was made to accept the minutes by Mark Johnson and seconded by Eli Richardson.

The meeting was made aware that Region 16 Trustee Mike Moses had joined the call.

Ric Peterson reported for the financial committee. Mr. Peterson stated the AFTCA received a clean opinion for our fiscal year ending June 30, 2020. Overall current assets are slightly down for 2020 but it is forecasted to be up slightly for 2021. He explained to get maximum return we need to be conservative. Mr. Peterson stated revenue is up for 2021. We came in above where we projected to be financially.

Overall, for the 20th Century Fund it is important to receive contributions, but we need to continue to give and distribute funds (grants) and show the field trial community the AFTCA's support. Harold Chadwick made a motion to accept the financial report; seconded by Mark Johnson. All were in favor.

Dr. Buck Neil presented the 20th Century Fund report. Dr. Neil apprised the group that the committee met via conference call and  approved grants to seventeen (17) member club totaling $17,700. The grants are as follows:

Cahaba Bend Field Trial Club $1,250.

Camp Robinson Field Trial Club $1,500.

Continental Field Trial Club $1,000.

Carroll County Field Trial Club $1,000.

Field Trial Sportsmen Association $1,750.

Georgia Field Trial Association $750.

Holler Point Field Trial Club $1,000.

Moran Field Trial Club $750.

North Carolina Field Trial Assn. $1,500.

Northern Virginia Brittany Club $1,000.

Ohio Valley Field Trial Circuit $750.

Oil Capital Association $1,000.

Pacific Coast Championship $1,000.

Rocky Creek Field Trial Club $250.

Russell County Field Trial Club $700.

Southern Illinois Bird Hunters $1,250.

Virginia Amateur Field Trial Club $1,250.

A motion was made by Eli Richardson to accept the 20th Century Fund report, seconded by Ray Black. All were in favor.

Frank LaNasa highlighted the insurance coverage for the AFTCA. He explained the policies have had no substantial changes. This year we did focus on our umbrella policy which would be in excess of our field trial liability insurance. We were able to increase our individual liability per occurrence. Eli Richardson made a motion to accept the Insurance report, seconded by Dr. Robert Bob Rankin. All in favor.

The Continental Breed Working Committee was presented by Tony King. He discussed various topics of the Continental Breed with his committee consisting of Mark Johnson, Dr. Rankin, Don Beachamp, and Todd Schaaf. Their agenda was presented and discussed. Todd Schaaf made a motion to allow the Brand Marketing Committee to finalize the operating agreement with North Star Graphics for subsequent final review and approval by the AFTCA executive Committee. Eli Richardson seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Requirements for raising entry fees or adding grounds fees were discussed. After some discussion it was determined there should be no grounds fees added to the entry fee. It was stated that all National Amateur entry fees should be raised due to expenses associated with prices going up hosting these championship President Stallings asked if there was a motion that it be acceptable to raise entry fees. Mark Johnson so moved and Ray Black seconded. All were in favor

Secretary Huffman explained the price of Bruce Fox plaques was increasing considerably. After a brief discussion, it was determined the sponsorship committee would look into the Bruce Fox plaques pricing and advise the board on the best direction in monetary efforts going forward.

With no further discussion the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, Inc. Open Meeting via conference call.

President Rick Stallings called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m.

David Williams entertained a motion to accept the reading of the 2020 minutes. Ric Peterson seconded the motion.

The various chairmen and Secretary Huffman gave their reports for the Financial, Insurance, Membership, Land Tax, Sponsorship, 20th Century Fund and Brand Marketing Committees.

President Rick Stallings recapped old business and new business of the Trustees meeting held June 24, 2021 at 1:00 p.m.

Nominating Committee Chairman Sean Derrig presented the following candidates for Trustee by region:

Region 2, Chris Catanzarite; Region 3, Gary Winall; Region 5, Tony King; Region 6, David Williams; Region 8, Brandon Johnson; Region 16, Larron Copeland; Region 19, Frank LaNasa; 3rd Vice-President, Larron Copeland; 2nd Vice-President Ric Peterson; 1st Vice-President, Tony King; and President, Frank LaNasa.

Eli Richardson made a motion to accept the Nominating Committee's recommendations for trustees and executive board. Seconded by Dr. Rankin.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 p.m.


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