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Sep 09, 2021

Chicago, Ill. — Using a cliche from the past, this may seem like a "broken record" — the repetition of a word or tune because the record can't advance to the next groove and continue.

Still awaiting some Election Committee ballots. The same message as last week. As was noted then, a firm guideline of the election process is that all ballots are to be returned, or near all, so that possibly the few unreceived ballots would not affect the eventual outcome  of Dogs and Persons elected to the Hall of Fame.

The custom the past several years has been the formal Hall of Fame induction ceremonies scheduled be held in February. No Hall of Fame elections were held in 2020 and no induction festivities were held in 2021. There is the firm hope that the Dogs and Persons honored by election this year, may be publicly and formally recognized on Februar, 12, 2022.

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