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Members Memorial Trial
By Don Wood | Nov 23, 2021
Open All-Age Winners. From left to right: Don Wood  with Funseeker's Coppertop, Judges Vince Feltner and Mike Tiberii; Petie Brown with Myakka Maxed Out, and Beth Brown.

Punta Gorda, Fla. — We held our first trial of the 2021-2022 season near the end of October. As is frequently the case, it was warm, but at least it was overcast and not too bad for the dogs. With a small entry we were able to take a long break Saturday noon to give the best conditions for the dogs.

The bird population this year has been great some days and other days the birds have been very hard to come by. The birds are there. Many days during training a single group of trainers would move 10-12 coveys of birds in a day. The next day, full of anticipation, they could not find a single bird. This is what happened at the trial when many birds were moved during the All-Age and Derby only to have our shooting dogs unable to smell a feather.

At this early trial we often use club members to judge, and that was the case this year. Mike Tiberii judged the All-Age with Vince Feltner; Mike also judged the Derby, this time with Petie Brown. Paul Daniel and Justin Muzynski handed the judicial duties in the Shooting Dog Stake. All of the decisions were well received. Thank you judges for spending those long hours in the saddle.

We have rotating trophies for many of our winners. At the Members Memorial we have an impressive trophy in memory or our friend Debbie Hollingsworth. This trophy was donated by Robert Franks. Robert and Debbie became friendly when Debbie purchased two puppies from Robert. Even today Robert makes the trip from Arkansas at least once a year to treat his adopted family to a catfish dinner.


The Open All-Age Stake started the events at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning. The first brace went without birds but in the second brace both dogs had too many birds, both having a shortened brace. My dog,  Funseeker's Tex’s Coppertop, had a successful piece of work in the next brace which garnered him first place while his bracemate, Myakka Maxed Out, had a strong race getting second.

In the Derby,  the Muzynskis continue to dominate. Holopaw's Speed Shift took the honors while Paul May got his first placement with a littermate,  Manatee Sam. Third was Funseeker's Double Trouble, owned and handled by Don Wood.

The Shooting Dog Stake was run Sunday morning and as I mentioned none of the dogs could locate a bird. Many of the dogs put down a great effort and earned their placements. Myakka Rebel with Petie Brown and Funseeker's Maggie From Tex with Vince Feltner covered the country to earn first and second, respectively. Third was taken by Beth Brown and Myakka Freddy the Freeloader.

Punta Gorda, Fla., October 23

Judgese: Vince Feltner and Mike Tiberii

OPEN ALL-AGE — 8 Pointers

1st—FUNSEEKER’S TEX’S COPPERTOP, 1663419, male, by Funseeker’s Rebel Tex—Lindley’s Dixie Chick. Don Wood, owner and handler.

2d—MYAKKA MAXED OUT, 1670323, male, by Elhew G Force—Myakka Hay Jude. Beth Brown, owner and handler.

Judges: Petie Brown and Mike Tiberii

OPEN DERBY — 6 Pointers

1st—HOLOPAW’S SPEED SHIFT, 1690239, male, by Holopaw’s Axel—Hot Digity Dot. Justin & Ken Muzynski, owners; Justin Muzynski, handler.

2d—MANATEE SAM, 1690412, male, by Holopaw’s Axel—Hot Digity Dot. Paul May, owner and handler.

3d—FUNSEEKER’S DOUBLE TROUBLE, 1690076, male, by Nacho’s Texas Rebel—Nacho’s Drama Ma Ma. Don Wood, owner and handler.

Judges: Paul Daniel and Justin Muzynski

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 5 Pointers and 1 Brittany

1st—MYAKKA REBEL, 1669365, pointer female, by Elhew G Force—Myakka Hay Jude. Petie Brown, owner and handler.

2d—FUNSEEKER’S MAGIE FROM TEX, 1688712, female, by Funseeker’s Rebel Tex—Nacho Myakka Miley. Vince Feltner, owner and handler.

3d—MYAKKA FREDDIE FREELOADER, 1654682, male, by Funseeker’s Rebel Tex—Nacho Myakka Miley. Beth Brown, owner and handler.


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