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Illinois Brittany Club

By Judy Graves | Nov 22, 2021
Photo by: Judy Graves Jim Holman Classic Winner. From left: Sam Thompson, judge; Joe Williams with J B W's Levi the Lionheart; Stan Williamson,  scout; and Jon Lam, Judge.

Pinkneyville, Ill. — Once again Pyramid State Park’s Captain Unit was the host of the 2021 fall Illinois Brittany Club trial.

Having the Vizslas across the street for their Quail Classic and National Championship brought us four more handlers beside our Brittany crew. We welcomed Sean Anderson, the Vicari family (Mike and Frank), Sean Van Kooten and Bill Padovano to join Chad Holman, Paul Kuipers, Burton Wice, Stan Williamson, Ray Trimble, Sam Thompson, Joe Williams and Tom Jagielski to make for a very busy and fun weekend.

The trial started Thursday with the Jim Holman Classic. Without Purina’s support, we would not be able to run this Brittany only hour stake. Beside providing their superior product, they also provided financial support.

We also want to thank Dave Capstick who made the trip from Jonesburg, Mo., just to deliver our birds. He along with our perennial bird planter Ed Graves, emptied all those boxes into our top notch quail house without loosing a single one!

Ray Trimble picked up the dog food, Mary Jo provided snacks and did road guarding duties, while Maurine Richter drove down from New Berlin to run the kitchen.

Without our regular dog wagon driver, Judy Graves jumped in and took care of being at the right place and the right time between braces.  Many thanks to all these people who donate their time to make our trial such a success.

As many of you know, it is getting harder and harder to find qualified judges for our event. This year we ended up with an outstanding panel. Sam Thompson made the trip down from Wisconsin to join Jon Lam for the Open Restricted All-Age. Then Kim Marlatt, Tom Jagielski, Paul Kuipers, Joe Williams, Kay Morrison and Jim Lawless, and Ray Trimble rounded out the judging panel. Could not do this without these fine trialers.

Pickneyville, Ill., October 28

Judges: Jon Lam and Sam Thompson


[One-Hour Heats] — 9 Brittanys

1st—J J’S LEVI THE LION HEART, 1666510, male, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Sam’s Sandbank Rose. Joe Williams, owner and handler.

2d—BLACK CREEK WHIZKI SKIP, unreg., male, breeding not given. John Hall, owner; Chad Holman, handler.

3d—JAC’S RAY OF SUNSHINE, 1657884, male, by Jac’s Over Aces—Rd Bud Zipper. Edward & Judy Graves, owners; Chad Holman, handler.

Judges: Tom Jagielski and Kim Marlatt

AMATEUR ALL-AGE — 10 Brittanys and 5 German Shorthairs

1st—W W’S GIN AND TONIC, 1676565, Brittany female, by Glade Run Irish—Driving Miss Daisy. Burton Wice, owner and handler.

2d—RIGHT STUFF’S WARRIOR PRINCESS, 1688790, German Shorthair female, by Hedge Rise Ignited—Salamone’s Mele Kalikimaka Boo. John Landolina & William Padovano, owners; William Padovano, handler.

Judges: Jon Lam and Kim Marlatt

OPEN DERBY — 10 Brittanys, 1 German Shorthair and 1 Vizsla

1st—MAPLEHILLS FRANKIE DANDY, unreg., Brittany female, by Maplehills Slingblade—Maplehills Sugar Foot. Charles Fench, owner; Chad Holman, handler.

2d—W W’S MISS CORONA, 1697506, Brittany female, by C V K’s Spartan King—W W’s Miss Wendy Peffercon. Burton & Sharon Wice, owners; Burton Wice, handler.

3d—WILDFIRE’S SNOWY MOUNTAIN, 1693164, German Shorthair female, by H’s Am Cruiser—Snowy Rivers Siippin on Fire. Mike Vicari, owner and handler.

Judges: Jim Lawless and Kay Morrison

OPEN ALL-AGE — 18 Entries

1st—RIGHT STUFF’S ROCK N ROLL, 1688786, German Shorthair male, by Right Stuff’s Slick Pick—Jim Kath’s Pandemonium. William Padovano, owner and handler.

2d—ACE’S ONE EYED JACK, 1661628, Brittany male, by Odyssey’s Ace of Hearts—Lee’s REscue Bell. Ed & Donna Janulis, owner; Chad Holman, handler.

3d—SAM HILL’S ONE WILD RYDE, 1668909, Brittany male, by Sam Hill’s Rev It Up Rowdy—Sam Hill’s Bell O’The Ball. Sam Thompson, owner and handler.

Judges: Paul Kuipers and Joe Williams

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 10 German Shorthairs and

1 Weimaraner

1st—ODYSSEY’S WHITEWATER RAPID, 1683573, German Shorthair female, by Odyssey’s Cool J Callen—Smooching On The Ridge. Caleb Bryson, owner; Sean VanKooten, handler.

2d—LIVERHEAD’S HEBREW EZEKIEL, 1680198, German Shorthair male, by B D K Chloe Jax of All Trades—Liverhead’s Jumpin Jackie. Rohrk Cutchlow, owner; Sean Van Kooten, handler.

3d—MAKE AMERICAN GRAY AGAIN, unreg., Weimaraner female, by Brymar Unser Graf v Braunfels—Brymar’s Six Pack Challenger v Ponder. David Reynolds & Penny Hoffman, owners; Sean  Van Kooten, handler.

Judges: Paul Kuipers and Ray Trimble

OPEN PUPPY — 4 Brittanys

1st—GUN CREEK KATE, unreg., female, by Black Creek Summit—Gun Creek Harmony. Charles Fenech, owner; Chad Holman, handler.

2d—SPARTAN KING, unreg., male, by C V K’s Spartan King—W W’s Miss Wendy Peffercorn. Stanley Williamson, owner and handler.

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