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2019 National Bird Dog Championship Video

By Pleasant Hill Productions, [Review by Tom Word] | Nov 27, 2019

Despite a near-fatal injury, Brad Harter has once again produced a beautiful, well-photographed and edited video of the National Bird Dog Championship held last February on the Ames Plantation at Grand Junction, Tenn. Substitute cameramen Rick Carlisle, Chris Weatherly, Ryan Braddock and Ken Blackman with the roadside camera on a tripod, did a superb job capturing the action in every brace.

The film also highlights the beauty of Ames Plantation remarkably, its tree-surrounded winter crop fields dotted with long feed patches, sedge strips and soy bean edge strips left as feed and cover for quail, a bird hunting paradise.

Bright, clear and sharp, even on rainy days, of which there were many, there is no hint of camera shake, testament to the superb technology of the cameras.

The film captures the character of each dog, its gait and posture and conformation, its intensity and determination. Captures too the beauty and grace-in-motion of the handling and scouting horses, so seemingly effortless in their movements, their riders erect but at ease in their saddles.

The judges, by tradition, set a measured pace, and handlers for the most part took their lead and allowed their dogs opportunity to thoroughly hunt out their course.

Dunn’s Tried’n True, handled by Luke Eisenhart and owned by Will and Rita Dunn of Lebanon, Ky., left no doubt he was the dog to beat with a seven-find performance to the Amesian Standard and a strong forward finish. His ground work and bird work were perfection, and he finished strongly. He emerged the clear winner.

Every trialer will want this video for his or her library and as gifts for trialing or bird hunting friends.

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