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A Valuable Service

Jul 30, 2020

CHICAGO, ILL. Something  that has proved invaluable to field trial participants  over the seasons are field trial associations’ “calendar” announcements, a listing of member clubs’ scheduled trials in a given season, by date.

The benefits are several, among them the orderly listing of coming trials so that prospective participants know the date, the sponsoring club and, in many cases, the location of the trial.

It provides a big “assist” to those looking ahead in the season to see what, when and where trials are scheduled, and also helps to prevent clubs scheduling trials on the same or overlapping dates.

There may be some reluctance on the part of associations to publish a “calendar” because of the current coronavirus.  Unless there are state mandates prohibiting field trial activity, field trial clubs should plan their trials, while at the same time employing safeguards to protect the wellbeing of participants. A list of practical suggestions has appeared here.

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