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ABHA Invitational Championship

By Jim Baker | Nov 22, 2011
The Winners. In foreground, from left: Keith Foreman with Hobbs Silver Belle and Terry Tuley with Poker Straight Jett Star. Behind: Danny Carpenter, Judge Jim Baker, Jimmy Haddad, Judge Conrad Plevnic and Adrian Jackson.

Crawford, Tex., was the site for the running of the American Bird Hunters Invitational Championship. The venue is West Texas mesquite and cactus, great quail country but hard on dogs.

The format for this trial was twelve dogs invited to compete for two consecutive days, one hour each day, and the dogs are redrawn for the second day. Judgment is based upon a dog’s total performance with the principle that a dog can redeem itself with a strong effort.

Judges for this event were Conrad Plevnic  of Terrell, Tex., and your scribe.

The Texas Walking Shooting Dog Association had things well in order and the trial ran smoothly, a credit to both the club and competitors. As is always the case with this club the food was outstanding.

Poker Straight Jett Star, setter male, was named the 2011 Invitational Champion. Star is owned and handled by Adrian Jackson of Boys Ranch, Tex. In two days of running Star treated us to a nearly perfect performance. Fifteen well handled finds, each with high style and excellent manners, four natural backs and one unproductive was the standard set by Star. In addition Star was well to the front but handled kindly, always hunting wide and fast but never out of pocket.

Runner-up was Hobbs Silver Belle,  pointer female owned and handled by Keith Foreman. In her first hour Belle treated us to a fine performance. Her wide fast race carded four finds, two backs and an unproductive but was marred by a short chase when her bracemate rooted out her birds. Belle came to the line for the second day with a very big hill to climb. In addition to her first day’s misstep, she was running in the heat of the day, no perceptible wind and her bracemate was scratched. Belle was up to the challenge and set about redeeming herself in fine fashion. Fast and wide describes her effort and this race led her to five very stylish finds, a perfect stop to flush and two unproductives.

The running went smoothly and will be briefly detailed below.

First day: Denise’s P I, pointer male,  carded two finds and a back before succumbing to the temptation to chase and was picked up by Mike Hewitt. Hobbs Silver Belle’s (Keith Foreman) performance was reported above.

Jan’s Little Emma (Hewitt), a German Shorthair female, had three finds and an unproductive before she began to enjoy the wonders of the chase. Poker Straight Jett Star’s (Jackson) performance was detailed above.

Setter male Whiterock Cordite (Keith Hickman) had three well handled and stylish finds in addition to two backs. Unfortunately his race was not up to the standard of the Championship. Jewell’s Mr. Bean (Earl Elkins), pointer male, had six excellent finds capped by an outstanding ground race. He was in contention at the end of the first day.

Brace No. 4: Setter male Barshoe Topgun Ace (Terry Tuley) had eight finds, some with excellent style and manners, some not so much. While wide and fast, he was at times erratic in his running. Pointer male Notorious Big had two nice finds before the wheels came off and Jackson elected to pick him up.

Richfield Turbo (Jackson) had a strong forward race that yielded two finds, a stop to flush, two backs and an unproductive. The pointer male finished the day well up on the leader board. Horizon’s Boy (Tuley), setter male, ran a good hunting race that carded two finds, a back and an unproductive. While not challenging the leaders Boy did position himself to run for the gold the second day.

German Shorthair female Doc’s Rollin Ruby (Danny Carpenter) impressed almost from her first step. She was wide when she needed to be, close when forced to be and almost without verbal contact from her handler. She added six very well handled finds and a stop to flush to position herself near the top of the first day’s running. Pointer female Carolina Rose (Foreman) is a very stylish dog. Her three well handled finds coupled with a fast forward ground race had Rose well in the hunt.

The braces were drawn for the second day’s running. Unfortunately three dogs were scratched and the braces were adjusted accordingly.

Poker Straight Jett Star’s (Jackson) performance has been reported. Doc’s Rollin Ruby (Carpenter) had everyone expecting wonderful things but unfortunately she could not stand success and each of her five finds led her further to the dark side.

Neither Barshoe Topgun Ace (Tuley) nor Carolina Rose (Foreman) pleased its handler and both were picked up.

Notorious Big started big and as he got bigger Jackson elected to pick him up. Jewell’s Mr. Bean (Elkins) had us all expecting great things and did produce five very well handled finds. Unfortunately, Bean was not in sync with his handler.

Richfield’s Turbo (Jackson) and Whiterock Cordite (Hickman)  did not please their handlers and both were picked up.

Hobbs Silver Belle’s performance has been reported.

Crawford, Tex., October 20 — One Course

Judges: Jim Baker and Conrad Plevnic

ABHA NATIONAL OPEN INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats on Two Consecutive Days] — 7 Pointers, 3 Setters and 2 German Shorthairs

Winner—POKER STRAIGHT JETT STAR, 1587751, setter male, by Barker’s Blue Jett—Carpenter’s Misty Star. Adrian Jackson, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—HOBBS SILVER BELLE, 1590126, pointer female, by Belfield Silver—Hobbs Fancy Nan. Keith Foreman, owner and handler.

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