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Trustees Vote to Allow Powerload Blanks for 2021-2022 Season
By Frank LaNasa, President | Jul 30, 2021

Isanti, Minn. — This is a follow-up in an earlier posted feature July 7 pertaining to blank ammunition.

Due to the current lack of retail availability of either .32 caliber blanks or 209 primers the AFTCA trustees have voted to allow the use of #2 or greater rated .22 caliber PowerLoad crimps (also referred to as Powder Loads) for the 2021-2022 field trial season. These blank crimps are power rated #1 thru #6. The second to the lowest #2 rated crimp (color coded BROWN) creates the required decibel sound level to match a .32 blank or 209 primer discharge.

Using loads numbered higher than the #2 (BROWN) rated crimp, while creating no additional required decibel levels, can create additional and unnecessary power and stress on your blank gun and ears and may not be suitable or even safe with certain blank handguns.

For blank handguns we continue to recommend the use of .32 blanks or 209 primers when available, but for those who chose to use .22 caliber PowerLoads crimps, they will be allowed this season. These loads should be readily available for purchase in building supply, hardware and online stores all season long.

Therefore, it is members' responsibility to only use blanks that your handgun can safely handle. The AFTCA assumes no responsibility for your choices.

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