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By Lisa Littell, Hunter McDuffie and Becke Blanton | Sep 11, 2020

Montgomery, Ala. — A preliminary schedule of Alabama Field Trial Association member clubs’ requested field trial dates and received as of August 7, 2020, is included here.

At this time, due to the ordinances pertaining to COVID-19, no date for an Alabama Association meeting was set. All member clubs have been made aware of this.

Any conflict or concern can be taken up on an individual basis with an AFTA board member.

Any conflicts or issues previously adjudicated under the current AFTA bylaws will not be revisited at this time.

The proposed calendar, as it currently stands, has been approved by all members of the AFTA governing board.

If a club needs to move/change its trial dates, for any reason, it is the responsibility of the club to contact the board to secure an alternate date(s).

Points will not be awarded to winners of clubs’ trials that unilaterally move their trial dates without approval of the AFTA board.

If any club is not a member of the Alabama Association and would like to hold a trial in Alabama, we ask that they respect the calendar to avoid loss of trials and lands due to lack of cohesion.

The AFTA gladly welcomes new clubs in the Association and recognize those trials. Please contact Hunter McDuffie or Lisa Littell to coordinate a date. Make a motion, obtain a second, and submit the regular membership dues of $100. It’s that easy.

If anyone has any questions regarding the proposed calendar dates, please contact Hunter McDuffie at (334) 207-3887.

The exact categories (stakes) each individual club decides to run will be left up to the club secretaries or presidents to determine.

Stakes will be confirmed in the AFTA member club’s American Field ad prior to the drawings.

Please be sure in your official ad posted on The American Field web site to specify whether the Derby stake is shooting dog or all-age standards.

If, for some reason, a club’s trial is not included on this calendar, please let Hunter McDuffie know.

It is the responsibility of each club to provide Essential Data forms showing winners to Becke Blanton (AFTA points secretary) and to The American Field in a timely manner in order for the winners to accurately receive credit for placements earned and the AFTA Awarded points. The AFTA cannot and will not be responsible for trials that do not abide!

The AFTA has no authority over any field trial sponsor awards (i.e. Purina Awards points). It is up to the member clubs to confirm with their sponsors and specify in their advertisements whether or not their trial is a Purina points trial.

The AFTA governing board encourages all private land clubs and members to assist as much as is possible any fellow clubs that rely on government (public) land that might be restricted or closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, if it is feasible to do so.

It is the responsibility of each member club and participants to ensure that they are in compliance with state and federal COVID-19 ordinances when running the trials.

The AFTA does not accept any liability for any trials held in contravenence to state and federal mandates regarding COVID-19. Any trials held illegally may not receive points.

In the event a trial is cancelled, or a participant must withdraw due to COVID-19 restrictions or official medical confirmation of a positive diagnosis, the board encourages the return of entry fees.

We ask that all trials continue to support the Youth Trial initiatives and include a Youth Stake whenever it is feasible to do so.

The AFTA governing board and member clubs would like to express their heartfelt sympathies to longstanding participant and supporter Dorothy Hyder and the entire Hyder Family over the loss of their beloved John Hyder in a tragic motor vehicle accident.

The Hyders have been an integral part of the Alabama Field Trial Association over many years, and Mr. John was an dear friend to us all.

We ask you to remember the Hyder Family in your thoughts and prayers.

Stay safe and be well.


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