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By Tessa Hughes | Jan 09, 2021
James R. Page Alabama Amateur All-Age Winners.From left to right: Ronald  Thrasher, Judge Joe Hughes, Ellen Clements with Mohawk Mill Image, Michael Shears, Mason Ashburn with Nosam’s Patchwork, Mike Small, Judge Scott Little, David Williams with Rebel Survivor, Greg Bain, Angie Williams, and Brad Kennedy.

Blue Mountain, Miss. — The Alabama Amateur Field Trial Club ran its 2020 amateur trial December 3-6 at Blue Mountain, Miss., on the beautiful Hell Creek Wildlife Management Area.

We want to express our thanks to Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks for the tremendous work they do on these beautiful grounds to make them so hospitable for our sport. We very much appreciate the time and effort the state of Mississippi puts into its natural resources so that its citizens can enjoy the outdoors at sporting events like field trials.

The Club would also like to thank its sponsor, Sportsman’s Pride dog food along with its representative and our valued club member, Brad Kennedy, for their generous and continued support of our sport.

The Club enjoyed delicious meals each day provided by Melissa Bain, Region 6 Secretary Lisa Little, Kathy Thrasher, Angie Williams, and this author, and appreciated all the help provided by various folks, including Marshals Kennedy, Joe Hughes, and our stake manager and secretary, Greg Bain.

We also appreciate those who drove the dog wagon, including Ronald Thrasher, Lisa Little, and this author.

We thank our very capable judges for their time and effort: Scott Little of Woodlawn, Tenn.,, and Hughes of Locust Fork, Ala., who judged the All-Age; Little and Michael Shears of Franklin, Tenn., who judged the Derby; and Matt Pendergest of Lexington, Ky., and Shears, who judged the Shooting Dog Stake. We cannot overstate how much the Club appreciates the time and careful attention each judge gave to the competing entries.


This year’s All-Age Stake was won by Mohawk Mill Image, pointer male owned by Virginian Gary Winall. Interestingly, this is Mohawk Mill Image’s second time to win this All-Age stake, having won it in 2016.

Image won it this year on the first brace Friday morning, beating a field of nineteen entries. Braced with Small’s White Charger, pointer male (Mike Small), the pair left from the clubhouse.

Conditions were cold and quite muddy after the previous day’s heavy rain. Image and Charger made some beautiful casts through the first fields, and both made it quite nicely through the pines behind the clubhouse to cross the rock road. Both handlers called point on a beautiful divided find beside Hell Creek, but Charger was up after a breach of manners. Image held fast and Winall took his dog on.

Image then had a very nice find paralleling Hell Creek in the Rock Hill field, very stylish on his birds, and then swept on to make a magnificent cast of that big field. He then went on, hunting hard and to the front, and had another handsome find in front of the plum trees after we turned left past the church near the end of his brace.

His bird work was flawless, and with that, we finished the hour.


Misty Morn Masked Man, pointer male (Joey McAlexander) and Whippoorwill Secret Agent, pointer female (Charles Phillips) started us off at 12:00 noon on a rainy and cold Thursday afternoon. Masked Man had a stylish find at 3 in the first big field, then another very nice find at 15 in the second field before the first road crossing, with Secret Agent up after a breach of manners. McAlexander took his dog on,  but was lost after coming through the pines, and McAlexander asked for his retrieval device.

In the next brace, Coldwater Paradise, pointer female (Gary McKibben) was moved up after Ransom Jack Flash was scratched as the bracemate to Superstition Jake, pointer male (Spencer). McKibben called point for Paradise in the second field after the breakaway at 3, then waved it off. Then, the dogs relocated and pointed with Jake in front. Paradise was then up after a breach of manners. Jake went on to have a find at 37 in a field above the beaver dam crossing. He scored again at 39, and another at 53 below the game warden’s house, then went on to finish the hour.

Unfortunately,  Whippoorwill’s Uptown Girl, pointer female (Phillips), and Mac Golva B, setter male (Dr. Marion Brown), were lost shortly after the breakaway.

The first brace of Friday morning was covered above.

The second brace Friday morning was away from the game warden’s house, beginning strongly with Mohawk Mill Good Advice, pointer male (Winall) and Matt Dillon, pointer male (Peterson). Unfortunately, Dillon ran well but was lost. Good Advice ran a very nice race, making several strategic and impressive casts during his hour but went birdless. When he turned toward the clubhouse in the long bottom and came down the chute, he was not seen again, and Winall was forced to ask for his retrieval unit.

Cocklebur King Tut, pointer male (Spencer) and Rebel Dreamer, pointer female (David Williams), comprised our last brace of the morning leaving from the clubhouse. Both dogs were making beautiful casts, but Dreamer caught the left side, ran the whole big field and took the strip through the pines and was lost, Williams asking for his device. Tut made some ambitious casts once across Hell Creek, but unfortunately he went birdless.

Friday afternoon found us with Game Rebel, pointer male (Dr. Fred Corder), and Superstition Final Touch, pointer male (Peterson), leaving from the clubhouse. Touch had a beautiful find by the pond on the right at 5, with Rebel backing. Touch then had a nice find at 15 after relocation. He then suffered an unproductive in the big bottom below the game warden’s house. Rebel had a nice find at 53 by the bend in road. He had an unproductive at pickup. Both dogs ran strong races.

Next were Rebel Survivor, pointer male (D. Williams), and Game Air, pointer male (Dr. Corder). Game Air had a nice find but after a breach of manners was up. Rebel Survivor had an absolutely beautiful ground race, almost flawless, hunting very aggressively for his handler. He showed every characteristic of a true all-age dog, always to the front, looking very stylish, hunting hard, and swooped in to take the third place trophy.

Nosam’s Patch Work, pointer male (Mason Ashburn), finished up the stake, running as a bye. Patch had a beautiful find when she came out of the pines on the third hour. She then crossed the creek far ahead and made the whole loop. He then went back across the creek and had a find on the right before we took the turn. She hunted hard and looked good on his game during his hour, and Ashburn was pleased to accept second place for his fine dog in this very competitive stake.

Blue Mountain, Miss., December 3

Judges: Joe Hughes and Scott Little


[One-Hour Heats] — 18 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—MOHAWK MILL IMAGE, 1657438,  pointer male, by Mohawk Mill Pirate—Bevy’s Mean Girl. Gary Winall, owner and handler.

2d—NOSAM’S PATCHWORK, 1687243, pointer female, by Miller’s Speed Dial—Grace’s Happy Feet. T. Mason Ashburn, owner and handler.

3d—REBEL SURVIVOR, 1680246, pointer male, by Rebel Pride—In Swami’s Shadow. David Williams, owner and handler.


The winner emerged in Como Thunder, pointer male (David Russell). He did an outstanding job in a field of sixteen entries to take his trophy and showed the potential we all look for in an all-age Derby.

Thunder and his bracemate, Small’s White Charger, pointer male (Mike Small), were away strong Saturday morning. These dogs had a very exciting brace across Hell Creek, and both made some beautiful casts in the big fields once we crossed the creek. Small’s White Charger also did a beautiful job, hunting hard and to the front, and both dogs finished their braces.

The running commenced on a cold foggy Saturday morning, temperatures hovering in the mid-30s. We commenced at 8:00 rather than 7:30 a.m. in the hopes of avoiding some of the fog, but it still lingered in places near creek beds.

Pioneer, setter male (Brown), and Nosam’s Highway, pointer male (Ashburn), started from the clubhouse. Both dogs ran strong races and finished their bids but neither dog had bird work.

Next were Cooper’s Rebel Buddy, pointer male (Bryce Cooper), and Gal Gadot, pointer female (Hughes). We were happy to have Bryce join us at his first field trial as a competitor at Hell Creek, as well as his father, Glenn, and have been glad to see them join us at trials since this year. Rebel Buddy and Gal both had strong forward races, with both dogs making many nice casts and staying online. Gal had a beautiful find on the right below the game warden’s house after we crossed the creek and stood well for her birds, which garnered her a third place. Both dogs finished well.

Nosam’s Lady Like, pointer female (Ashburn), and Shearjoy’s Smooth as Silk, setter female (Betty Shearouse), had good ground races and finished their braces.

Burch’s Set Em Up Joe, pointer male (Jonathan Burch), our winner, and Tex Bell B. setter female (Brown), were up next. Joe ran an impressive ground race, although he suffered an absence, turning a hard right across the road rather than crossing the dirt road near the game warden’s house, but he finished strong to take second place. Tex Bell also ran a competitive and exciting race.

The next brace was the winning brace covered above.

Blackhawk, pointer male (Kent Walker), and Shearjoy’s Legacy, setter male (Shearouse), hunted hard and ambitiously and made some excellent casts during their brace.

Coldwater Rain, pointer male (Blackwell), had a very nice race, as did and Storm’s End, pointer female (Pendergast), but Storm’s End went birdless. Rain ended her brace with an unproductive. Both dogs finished their 30-minute brace.

Shearjoy’s Land Kruezer, setter male (Shearouse), and River City Jet, pointer female (Walker), finished us up the Derby. Both dogs ran ambitious races but went birdless.

Judges: Scott Little and Michael Shears

AMATEUR DERBY — 11 Pointers and 5 Setters

1st—COMO THUNDER, 1687714, pointer male, by Skyfall—Catch Me Dot. B. K. & Rachel Blackwell, Doug Arthur & David Russell, owners; David Russell, handler.

2d—BURCH’S SET’EM UP JOE, 1689029, pointer male, by Skyfall—Burch’s Mississippi Belle. Jonathan Burch, owner and handler.

3d—GAL GADOT, 1689663, pointer female, by Misty Morn Masked Man—J Maple’s Wild Holly. Joe & Tessa Hughes, owners; Joe Hughes, handler.


Amateur Shooting Dog winner was Cocklebur Drama Queen, pointer female, with her handler, Amy Spencer, sweeping a field of sixteen to take the laurels.

Drama Queen and her bracemate, Whippoorwill’s Secret Agent, pointer female (Phillips), were in the first brace of the stake, leaving from the game warden’s house. Queen had a beautiful find at 5, made some lovely casts, and had another stellar find at 8. She then swept on to have a very nice find toward the end of her brace in the far corner before we crossed the rock road. She finished her hour flawlessly, demonstrating for everyone why she is leading Region 6 in points, handling well and hunting hard and to the front.

We ended Saturday with the second brace of shooting dogs, Shearjoy’s Rebellion, setter female (Shearouse), and J Maple Lucy, pointer female (Hughes), leaving from the clubhouse. They started off well, Hughes calling point for his small pointer in the first field. However, the brace was over after a breach of manners by the setter, after which Lucy went on when birds flew rather than holding, and the judges ordered both dogs up.

Sunday morning, another cold but much brighter day, started us off with Game On, pointer male (Walker), and Thor Touch B, setter male (Brown). Both dogs made it through the pines behind the clubhouse, but Game On had a brief absence as he took a hard right down the rock road. He returned to continue on the course. For awhile, Walker and the gallery continued without him, but the writer, his scout, found him on point at the end of the piney woods before we crossed the long bottom. Walker returned to flush for his dog. Game On looked very nice on his birds and held flawlessly for the flush, although he had stood for some time holding them. He continued on to have a beautiful finish and garnered a third place. Thor also had a very ambitious race but went birdless.

Next were Warrioto’s Baby Ruth, pointer female (Little) and Shearjoy’s Unforsaken, setter male (Shearouse). Both dogs left strong from the game warden’s house, both running a good, forward race. Ruth suffered an unproductive on the Rock Hill at 7 but garnered a find coming through the lines of pines at 30. Unforsaken then had a nice find at 37 with Ruth backing. Both dogs finished the hour.

Nickajack Pathfinder, pointer male (Ross Leonard), and River City Dancer, pointer female (Walker), showed well leaving from the clubhouse and made some ambitious casts but went birdless.

The first brace of shooting dogs after lunch was comprised of Seeking a Thrill, pointer male (Leonard), and Glitz and Glamour, pointer female (Taylor). Both dogs made nice casts through the first big field after we came through the pine thicket before we crossed the rock road, and then Thrill surprised us with a find on the left in the pines behind the clubhouse in a location where no dog had had bird work during the trial. He handled his bird work beautifully, looking very stylish. Glamour had a find at 45 below the game warden’s house after we crossed the creek, and handled the flush well. Unfortunately, Thrill suffered an unproductive, but went on to share another divided find with Glamour at 48. Both dogs finished the hour.

Wibaux Sun B, setter male (Marion Brown), and J. Maple Jester, pointer female (Hughes), were in the second brace of the afternoon, leaving from the game warden’s house. Both dogs were away strong, but Jester suffered an immediate absence, leaving across the creek. Eventually, Little, her scout, returned with her. Both dogs shared a divided find at 21, both dogs holding well on their game. Then, Jester had another find at 56. Both dogs completed the hour, finishing strong below the game warden’s house.

Lolita, setter female (Little), and Taylor’s Simply Southern, pointer male (Taylor), finished up the shooting dog braces. Southern rendered a strong forward effort to garner second. Both dogs left the clubhouse well, and made impressive casts in the bear trap field. Taylor called point for his dog on the right in the big field at 9, and Southern stood well for the flush, looking beautiful on her game. Little called point for his dog on the left in the pines at 10, but Lolita was up after a breach of manners. Southern had a brief absence before crossing Hell Creek, but her scout, Kennedy, returned her to Taylor, and they cleared the creek and went on to make some very impressive casts in those back fields. She handled well and did a masterful job to finish her hour.

Judges: Matt Pendergest and Michael Shears


11 Pointers and 5 Setters

1st—COCKLEBUR DRAMA QUEEN, 1658664, pointer female, by Indian Creek Perfect Storm—Reedy For Katie. Bubba, Amy & Colt Spencer, owners; Amy Spencer, handler.

2d—TAYLOR’S SIMPLY SOUTHERN, 1657191, pointer female, by Miller’s Happy Jack—Blue Collar Lady. Jeremy & Tammy Taylor, owners; Jeremy Taylor, handler.

3d—GAME ON, 1652764, pointer male, by River City Gambler—Memphis Southern Belle. Joe & Kent Walker, owners; Kent Walker, handler.







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