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Lester’s Shockwave Named All-Age Champion; Knight Moon Wins Derby Title

All-America Championships

By Jim Atchison | May 19, 2020
Lester's Shockwave Winner of the All-America Championship

Cutler, Ill. — While the Hoosier Field Trial Club sponsored the 94th running of their All-America Championships, the Derby Championship drew twelve entries, the Quail Championship (All-Age) drew eighteen.

The Championships were run March 7-9 on the Captain Unit of Pyramid State Park near Cutler, Ill.

Purina again contributed generously and their sponsorship was acknowledged and greatly appreciated by the members of the Hoosier Club.

L. F. “Lou” Qualtiere of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Chris Weatherly of Grand Junction, Tenn., were the judges for both Championships. Qualtiere, accompanied to Illinois by his wife, Jeanette, is a retired university professor and researcher. Weatherly is in charge of restoration efforts and maintenance on Ames Plantation. The pair fulfilled their judicial duties most capably and their willingness to share their knowledge and skills was greatly appreciated.

Named Derby Champion was Knight Moon, white and orange pointer male  owned by Scott Griffin of Camden, S. C., and handled by Ike Todd. Lester’s Stem Winder, white and orange  pointer male, was the runner-up and was handled by Mark Haynes for Kentucky owners Tommy Loid and David Thompson, who have this and other dogs with Gary Lester.

Earning the title in the Quail Championship was Lester’s Shockwave, two-year-old white and orange ticked pointer male owned by Gary Lester of Gracey, Ky., and handled by Mark Haynes. Runner-up was Miller’s Justifiable, three-year-old white and liver pointer male handled by Randy Anderson for owner Jay McKenzie of Eureka, Kan., who was on hand to watch his dog’s performance.

Most of the Hoosier Club members worked in various ways to make the three-day production successful. But the most significant contributors were Jim and Kay Lawless, whose efforts started days before others arrived, and continued non-stop during and even after the stakes were run.

Kay prepared hearty breakfasts and lunches each day. Jim secured the birds, put them out and kept them fed with the assistance of Mike Jackson, oversaw the barn, marshalled every brace, and was always available to help everyone.

Jon Lam and Mike Jackson also marshalled. Max Wimmer and Doug Burgess manned the dog wagon while also fulfilling the duties of the offices of president and treasurer, held respectively by the pair. John Vanada took care of the secretarial duties, Keith Wright and Nathan Phillips entered dogs, and David and Nancy Fligor brought enjoyable companionship and fond memories to the Pyramid grounds each day.

The grounds at Pyramid State Park were in wonderful condition. Thanks to grant funding from the 20th Century Fund and the efforts of the park service several additional large areas had been cleared and numerous piles of autumn olive were piled for burning.

The weather was excellent, too; the only weather-related issue was wind which blew every day, violently at times. Temperatures ranged from the mid-20s to near 60°. The first two days were sunny, and rain forecasted for the third day held off until the Championships were over.


Knight Moon won the Derby Championship with finds at 28, 47 and 55. He also had an unproductive stand at 43.

During the hour the fine Derby was ahead  the entire hour and used the third hour course as well as it could be used. His ground race was excellent and he showed himself well whenever the opportunity was available.

Knight Moon was stylish throughout the hour and required almost no handling. Therefore, Ike Todd, in his trademark style, constantly rode in front of the judges and demonstrated complete trust that Scott Griffin’s Derby would do the job for which he was trained.

Runner-up Lester’s Stem Winder earned his laurels with his strong performance in the first brace.

Early morning temperature was in the 20s when Stem Winder produced an outstanding ground race for Mark Haynes while Gary Lester rode in the gallery. Birds were produced at 23 during a relocation when credited with a stop to flush. Stem Winder required little handling or scouting during his great race, ending the hour in an area where he could render an extremely strong finish.


Double Rebel was down with the runner-up in the first brace. He is owned by Bill Raymond and was handled by Stegan Smith with Randy Anderson scouting. Unfortunately, Double Rebel became lost and Smith asked for his retrieval unit before the half hour.

Superstition’s Jake, owned by Ric Peterson and handled by Bubba Spencer, was paired with Touch’s Breakaway Fred, owned by Eddie Sholar and Ted Dennard and handled by Ike Todd. Jake produced birds at 22, 31, and 34 during the hour. Fred backed Jake’s find at 31 and both dogs finished the hour easily.

Dixon’s Rolling Stone, owned by Kevin Dixon and handled by Randy Anderson, was braced with Lester’s High Dollar, owned by David Thompson and Tommy Loid and handled by Gary Lester. Thompson and Loid were in the gallery during this third brace. Rolling Stone was lost fairly early and Anderson asked for his retrieval unit at 16. High Dollar finished the hour and produced birds at 32 and 57 as the sun shone and the temperature warmed on the breezy morning.

After all enjoyed a great lunch prepared by Kay Lawless, Jim Pendergest loosed Redeemed and Randy Anderson loosed Miller’s Speeding Bullet, owned by Dan Hensley. The hour passed quickly as Redeemed produced birds at 5, 10, 22, and 40. Speeding Bullet had no finds and Anderson elected to pick him up before the end of the hour.

Bonner’s Bulletproof and Touch’s Dancing Nancies went next. Bulletproof was handled by Mark Haynes for owner Derek Bonner and Ike Todd had Dancing Nancies with her owner, Keith Wright, scouting. Bulletproof had birds at 47 and 49. He demonstrated great self-control as he did not snatch a bird in his teeth that almost touched his head when flushed at 47. Dancing Nancies produced birds at 33 and had an unproductive in the last quarter hour. Both dogs finished this fifth hour.

Miller’s Direct Dial, owned by Matt Griffith and handled by Randy Anderson, was braced with the champion. Direct Dial had birds at 20 but Anderson discovered the dog was bleeding and picked him up because of a foot injury.

Cutler, Ill., March 7

Judges: L. F.  Qualtiere and Chris Weatherly


Winner—KNIGHT MOON, 1687204, male, by Mercer Mill Moon—Morton’s Carolina Rose. Scott Griffin, owner; Ike Todd, handler.

Runner-Up—LESTER’S STEM WINDER, 1686991, male, by Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo—Beane’s Line Dancer. Tommy Loid & David Thompson, owners; Mark Haynes, handler.


Lester’s Shockwave won the Quail Championship with five finds during the second hour on Sunday when the wind blew strongly all day and the morning temperature was in the 30s. He looked good both running and on his birds, his bird work coming at 12, 19, 35, 37, and 62. There was also an unproductive at 32. The last find was a great limb find which was a nice way to end an hour wherein the champion produced a solid hour of constantly running to the front and finding lots of birds.

With owner Jay McKenzie in the gallery Miller’s Justifiable produced a strong ground race, locating birds six times in the sixth brace to earn runner-up. The three-year-old male looked good in every way throughout the hour as birds were moved at 5 and 10 along a high ridge, followed by additional finds at 26, 44, 54, and 55. Justifiable used the course well and in places that advantageously showed his style and stamina.


Crouse’s Equalizer, owned and handled by Mike Crouse, and Valiant, owned by Jay McKenzie and handled by Randy Anderson, competed in the first brace. Equalizer had birds at 9 and an unproductive at 18. Both dogs finished the hour, although Valiant did not locate any birds during his quest.

Terry’s Third Choice, owned by Dr. Chris Cornman and handled by Randy Anderson, was braced with the champion. He backed his bracemate’s find at 12 but was picked up later in the hour.

Mary Sue Schalk handled Crouse’s White Dragon with Mike scouting. Randy Anderson handled Jazz Man, owned by Dan Hensley. The pair had a divided find at 9. Jazz Man had birds again at 19, with no other birds moved during the hour.

Stash the Cash, owned by David Thompson and Tommy Loid and handled by Gary Lester, was braced with Miller’s Hot Rod, owned by Raines Jordan and handled by Anderson, at the 1:15 p. m. afternoon breakaway. With the wind howling throughout the afternoon, Hot Rod pointed at 17 and Stash  backed. Hot Rod moved when the birds were flushed and Anderson picked him up. Lester finished the hour but his dog had no more action on birds.

Touch’s Blackout and Touch’s Grey Street were paired in No. 5. Blackout was handled by Anderson for Ric Peterson and Keith Wright handled Grey Street, his dog. They had a divided find at 28. Grey Street had birds again at 52, showing that he adapted well to the wind and looked really great. Both dogs finished the hour but found no more birds.

Crouse’s Samuri Warrior ran in the sixth brace handled by Mike Crouse. The other entry in the brace was the runner-up. Warrior had no birds and was picked up before the end of the hour.

The last three braces were run on Monday morning with the temperature in the 50s and rain in the forecast. Fortunately, the rain held off until afternoon and those wearing rain suits in the gallery did so for naught.

Lester’s Storm Surge, a littermate brother to the champion, was braced with Miller’s Select Call, owned by Don Stroble and handled by Anderson, at the 8:00 a. m. seventh brace breakaway. Both dogs stood pointing at 32 and both Anderson and Lester shot. During the remainder of the hour Storm Surge had an unproductive at 48.

Phillips Off Line, co-owned by Orrin Ingram and Nathan Phillips, was handled by the later, and braced with Touch’s Fire Away, owned by Dr. Greg Adams and handled by Anderson. Fire Away had the first find, at 21. Then both dogs shared a find at 27. Off Line had no more birds and did not finish the hour under judgment. During the remaining time Fire Away had another find at 39 and an unproductive at 47.

Miller’s Speed Dial and Touch’s Spaceman went last. Speed Dial, the 2020 National Champion, was handled by Gary Lester;  Randy Anderson handled Spaceman for owner Matt Griffith. Speed Dial had a find at 6 but was eliminated at 14 when he moved during a flushing attempt. Spaceman had no birds . The hour ended early,  and  the 94th running of the All-America Championships.


Winner—LESTER’S SHOCKWAVE, 1681623, male, by Ransom—Beane’s Line Dancer. Gary Lester, owner; Mark Haynes, handler.

Runner-Up—MILLER’S JUSTIFIABLE, 1680372, male, by Miller’s Dialing In—Old Road Lou. Jay McKenzie, owner; Randy Anderson, handler.

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