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Hale’s Kickstarter Wins 2019 Running; Grand Prairie Thrill Awarded Runner-Up Laurels

All-America Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Debbie Ozner | Oct 04, 2019
Hale's Kickstarter Winner of the All-America Open Shooting Dog Championship

Carson, N. D. — The running of the 2019 All-America Open Shooting Dog Championship and Open Derby was held  September 2-5 in Carson, N. D.

Shawn Kinkelaar has conducted this Purina-sponsored points trial since 1997, with the last running taking place in September, 2016. The past two years (2017 and 2018) were cancelled due to low bird numbers and light cover.

Shawn has been a welcome part of the community for decades and has amazing support from the landowners who allow us to continue to run this trial and train on their land.

Sitting in the judges’ saddles for the Derby were Charles Morton of Camden, S. C., who has his summer training camp south of Flasher, N. D., and Mark Haynes of Brownsville, Tenn., who summers in Columbus, N. D.

These experienced judges rode the long, wet day and were focused on the dogs and attentive to their duties.

Shawn runs an efficient trial and credit has to be given to all the people who step up to help him run it smoothly.

Billy Stewart, Curtis Teare and Jason Williams acted as the official field marshals while Bryton Maynard and Steve Hutto stepped up to running the dog wagon which was graciously provided by John Roswech, navigating the course roads and making sure dogs were hydrated and everyone well fed.

The first morning began at 6:30 a. m. with handlers, judges and gallery saddled up and eager to watch this year’s Derby dogs run on the North Dakota prairies. The day started with a heavy cool mist which after lunch turned to a warm light drizzle with a hint of clearing.


Entry for the Open Derby was 23 dogs — 20 pointers and 3 setters.

Shawn Kinkelaar, Jason Williams, Tommy Rice III, Steve Hurdle, Virgil Moore, Eddy Taylor, Jim Smith, Jim Tande, Dave Moore, Justin Martin and Kate Heimerl all entered dogs in the Derby.

In the gallery either scouting or spectating were Jessie Williams, Bjorn Peterson, George Hickox, Bud Moore, Barry Stumbo, Kyle Heimerl and myself.

At the end of the day, the dog emerging as the winner was Fast Money, white and liver pointer female handled by Steve Hurdle and scouted by Jason Williams. Fast Money had an exciting forward race with a broke find at 6 with both birds and deer flushing.

She handled the cover nicely and showed why she was eventually named the winning dog. Mr. Bud Moore of Toronto, Kan., the proud owner, was riding in the gallery to support Steve and his nice dog.

Second place laurels went to Quicksilver R T R, white and liver ticked pointer male handled by Jim Smith, scouted by Steve Hurdle and owned by Rick Stallings of Mathews, Ala. “Will” had a broke limb find at 18 and was proudly standing on the side of a hill until we rode the distance to him. He finished the half hour heat out in front.

Placed third was Nella Belgian Brew, white and black pointer female owned by Vagas Mathieson of Omaha, Neb., handled by Tommy Rice III, scouted by Shawn Kinkelaar. “Stella” ran a flashy, forward race on a challenging, hilly and turning course. She made it through the half hour with the wind coming on hard from different directions, meanwhile staying to the front nicely.

Carson, N. D., September 2

Judges: Mark Haynes and Charles Morton

OPEN DERBY — 20 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—Fast Money, 1681232, pointer female, by Stash the Cash—Lester’s Speed Queen. C. W. & Patty Moore, owners; Steve Hurdle, handler.

2d—Quicksilver R T R, 1682872, pointer male, by Dunn’s Tried’n True—Tall Oaks Jill. Rick Stallings, owner; Jim Smith, handler.

3d—Nella BelgiAN Brew, 1678597, pointer female, by Covey Rise’s Rascal—Roseline’s Bewitched. Vagas Mathieson, owner; Tommy Rice III, handler.


September 3 was the start of the All-America Open Shooting Dog Championship. Thirty-one dogs were entered — 26 pointers and 5 setters. One dog was later scratched.

The weather was crisp and clear in the mornings with dry, hot, windy conditions in the afternoons. Temperatures ranged from 38° to 87°.

The All-America Open Shooting Dog Association and North Dakota Pointing Dog Club appreciate judges Mark Haynes and Justin Martin of Hutchinson, Minn., who were both professional in their assignment and gave their full attention to each dog.

The trial was well represented with handlers who summer in North and South Dakota. Shawn Kinkelaar, Jason Williams, Tommy Rice III, Tommy Rice, Jr., Jim Smith, Eddy Taylor and Virgil Moore all had entries.

In the gallery were many owners and spectators eager to watch the dogs. Jerry Moissen, Lance Schultz, Dr. Tom Jackson, George Hickox, Bjorn Peterson, Todd Scheuble, Robert Englert, Tom Kasinski and I were among the riders.

At the end of the trial, Hale’s Kickstarter, six-year-old white and black ticked pointer male owned by Dr. Jeffrey Hale of Russellville, Ark., and handled by Eddy Taylor, scouted by Virgil Moore, was deemed the champion.

Hale’s Southern Touch, a kennelmate to Kickstarter, won the Purina Top Shooting Dog Award for 2018-2019, also owned by Dr. Hale and handled by Shawn Kinkelaar to the honors.

Kickstarter is a multiple champion (three) and runner-up champion (five) that rendered a strong forward race. “Bud” was braced with pointer female

R J’s Deicer,  handled by Shawn Kinkelaar and owned by Jerry Moissen and his daughter Reagan of Milton, Wis. They were in the 4th brace, the first after lunch. Temperatures were climbing as the brace got underway.

After the whistle initiating the start, an early find at 5, Bud was found pointing in thick cover with a flush of young pheasant. Bud and Deicer had a nice forward race throughout the shelter belts and into the alfalfa and up through native prairie grasses. At 36 Deicer was found on point in a freshly cut alfalfa field, was relocated but Kinkelaar was unable to get the birds up. At 46, after making it across the gravel road and past the fence, both dogs were found on point with chickens seen flying, the pair all the while standing staunchly waiting for their handlers to release them. Both finished the hour in fine fashion.

First-time runner-up champion was Grand Prairie Thrill, three-year-old white and liver pointer female owned by Mac Stidham of Columbia, S. C., and handled by Tommy Rice III, scouted by Billy Stewart.

“Sadie” was braced with Silver W Jill Z, first year pointer female that won the Purina Top Derby laurels last season,  handled by Shawn Kinkelaar and owned by Debbie Ozner. This brace, No. 11,  was run on the third day of the trial with mid-afternoon temperature in the high 80s, in moderately windy, dry conditions.

At 1 Thrill came on point amongst the freshly cut alfalfa wind rows in a small area which had been left uncut. Jill came in and failed to back. Birds were flushed which Thrill handled well and continued on, handling nicely throughout the hour, covering the varied terrain in a strong forward race.

Other notable work included Bombs Away (Rice) and Upfront’s Southern Star (Kinkelaar). Upfront’s Southern Star recently won the National Amateur Pheasant Championship with her owner Lance Schulz. They were in the second brace. Bombs Away had a nice find on a group of birds on the hillside at 12. At 35 both dogs had separate finds a good distance with Rice able to flush multiple birds. After a relocation Kinkelaar was unable to flush the birds for Southern Star. At 42, however, she was seen on point and a chicken was flushed. Just northwest of this find, Bombs Away was on his way to the front with the handler and gallery and unfortunately ran over the top of flushing chickens from an upwind run. At 59 Southern Star pointed on a hill into a heavy cover draw and after a hard effort to flush the birds with a relocation down into the draw, Kinkelaar picked up his dog.

Irresistible Thrill (Rice) and Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt (Kinkelaar) started the 6th brace with a fast, exciting, forward race. At 7 Thrill was on point with an unproductive. At 27 she had a stop to flush with multiple birds. At 40 Bolt was at the top of a steep, rocky ledge on point. Kinkelaar attempted to flush and relocate but it was unproductive. At the end of the hour both handlers called point on the side of a steep hill leading down to a draw. Handler and judges were off their horses in hopes of pinning down the bird for a flush. Kinkelaar worked hard with a relocation down into the thick cover; however, he could not get the running bird he called to fly. Irresistible Thrill and Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt were both picked up.

Tug of War (Kinkelaar) and Tall Oaks Son (Smith) had a nice divided find at 18. Dogs, handlers and the gallery were rewarded with a nice flush at the top of a rocky ledge; both dogs handled the birds and finished the hour  ahead.

American Pharoah (Williams) had a strong race. He was braced with Princess Di (Kinkelaar), a first year dog. Princess Di was electively picked up at 27 prior to running a section of hills with light cover. At 47 Pharoah had an unproductive; however, minutes later at 53, as we crested the hill, he was found standing in the native prairie grasses. Point was called and Jason attempted to flush. Billy Stewart, the field marshal, was able to call out the birds that flushed and all was in order. American Pharoah finished the morning braces out front as we crested the hills just north of camp.

Dekle’s Sinbad (Tommy Rice, Jr.) and Big Hurt (Taylor) started out running big on the open prairie in the 14th brace. At 5 Taylor elected to pick up his first year dog. In his first trip to the prairies, with his son Tommy scouting, Rice and his dog had a nice forward run. Rice called point at 26, the nine-year-old pointer male out a good distance in the prairie grass. Unfortunately Rice, Jr. could not make the flush and after a relocation moved on. At 53, just as we were riding though a section gate, Sinbad had a find on the side of a hill. After multiple relocations, the bird was pinned down and flushed. He finished the hour.

At the end of the trial, everyone pitched in to clean up the grounds prior to shaking hands and preparing for the close of summer training and field trials on the prairies for most, continuing a tradition that cherishes the history of dogs, horses and people and welcoming new friends and acquaintances.

Judges: Mark Haynes and Justin Martin


[One-Hour Heats] — 26 Pointers  and 5 Setters

Winner—HALE’S KICKSTARTER, 1654074, pointer male, by Westfall’s Jumpstarter—Button’s War Dance Ki. Dr. Jeffrey Hale, owner; Eddy Taylor, handler.

Runner-Up—GRAND PRAIRIE THRILL, 1676501, pointer female, by Seekin A Thrill—York’s Hollywood. Mac Stidham, owner and handler.

A Special Presentation

ON Wednesday evening, landowners and trial participants gathered at the Rock Ridge Bar in Carson. Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie of  the dinner festivities, allowing participants to personally thank the landowners.

Gary and Kathy Hertz and their granddaughter from Bismarck, N. D., were presented with the official Hall of Fame scroll for 13x champion and 8x runner-up champion Covey Rise’s Offlee Amazin by handler Shawn Kinkelaar. Severe winter weather prevented Gary and Kathy from being on hand for the formal presentation at the Field Trial Hall of Fame in February.

It was a true celebration of a talented dog and his dedicated owners.

D. O.

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