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American Brittany Club All-Age Derby Invitational Classic

By Mike Poehler | Jan 09, 2018
The Winner. From left: Judge Dr. Robert Rankin, Carla Tracy, Raus Tracy, Jack Alexander, Crystal Alexander, Tom Tracy, Jr. with J W B Arctic Cat, Judge Kent Patterson and Tom Milam.

Booneville, Ark. — Judges Dr. Robert Rankin of Edmond, Okla., and Kent Patterson of Franklin, Tenn., had a beautiful day in Booneville to adjudicate the top twelve Brittany all-age Derbies from across the country. We awoke to a light frost, blue skies and sunshine; the temperature hit a high of 70° after mid-day.

The three one-hour courses at the Blue Mountain venue require a dog to make a lot of decisions to avoid and overcome traps and some punishing cover. Vines and trip briars can sap a dog’s energy and missed turns can take their toll on dog and handler alike.

Our winner, J W B Arctic Cat came from brace No. 1, Tom Tracy handling. “Kimmy” is owned by Jack and Crystal Alexander of Vienna, Ohio.

Kimmy broke away fast on course No. 1 making nice moves throughout the hour. She shortened up some about midway and then stretched again after her first find at 37. She continued on at speed adding her second find before the double gates at 42. From there she swung the outer edge along the river and stayed on the edges until pickup at the bridge.

Runner-up was Treasure States Tooney from brace No. 4 handled by Ed Tillson, owned by Ron and Pam Noe of Whitehall, Mont. Tooney broke away from course No. 1 strong with her application and pattern growing through the first 30 minutes. She carried the edges around both fields prior to the double gates and up to the pond to get a drink. Tooney went wide to the river edge past the double gates taking a diagonal to pick up the woods edge away from the river and carried it across the front to her only find at 50. From there she continued to take the left edges around through the gap of the bridge field continuing on the right edge to the river for a drink.The judges noted that she continued to grow throughout the hour.

Judges’ honorable mention was Wiyanna from brace No. 6, handled by Terry Gowin. “Annie” was fast and hunting from breakaway on course No. 3 and continued to grow through the first 30 minutes, having her only find at 28 on the right edge of the middle motte just past the pavilion field. After her find, entering the bowl field past the pavilion, Annie took the right edge, across the middle to the motte of trees and milo across the front and clockwise toward the beaver pond field. Her pattern was good but her speed had gradually slowed as time expired.


J W B Arctic Cat (Tracy) was covered earlier. High Lonesome Bowden Hill (Jim Hammett) had difficulty getting lined out early and was sticky in spots until his find at 37. He pointed beautifully on the treeline dividing the fields near the ponds prior to the double gates, up near 109. From there Bo’s pattern improved and he took the river edge from the double gates forward to the bridge leading to course No. 2.

Tejas One and Only (Vic Carrington) and She’s Outta Control (Scott Johnson) broke away fast on course No. 2. “Jessie” hung the right edge at breakaway and stayed forward on the outside for the first two fields. Her pattern was very consistent and pleasing. She had bird contact at 42 just prior to entering the Parish field after the fish hook section and had slowed some near the end of her hour. “Uno” broke away fast heading for the left edge and got hung up a few times on Vic before the old bridge. Past the old bridge Uno dug in deep and vanished. Vic called for his retrieval unit before the entry into the fish hook section of the Parish field.

S K F Willy’s Miss Mollie (Bob Burchett) and S K F Jr’s Straight Shooter (Matt Harris) broke away on course No. 3 taking awhile to get lined out. Mollie was at medium range at first and grew in speed and pattern as the hour continued. “Colt” was similar in his approach with bird contact at 8 and a period of indecision. Both dogs made a big move swinging the right edge deep and wide in the field leading around to the beaver pond. Both dogs were fluid and well patterned as time expired.

Treasure States Tooney (Tillson) was previously detailed. J T Copper Buckaroo (Paul Doiron) broke away with speed and strength yet had difficulty getting lined out. After the double gates Buck’s pattern really improved, digging left to the river edge and coming diagonally to take the woods edge across the front. He stayed on the left edges hunting around the tree islands leading to the bridge and turned east up the chute back along the river until time was called to finish his hour without bird contact.

Tejas Blazing Sun (Carrington) and Wingford Once In A Blue Moon (Burchett) broke away on course No. 2. Blue immediately took the right edge, growing in speed and application while swinging the entire edge of the second field in a fluid move to her first find at 10. She continued hanging the right edge with speed and fluidity across the front where she pointed again at 14 right by the old bridge. Blue continued making nice moves through the fish hook area and upon exit worked the outside edge of the Parish field to an unproductive along Old 109. Blue finished her hour hunting hard. Blaze broke away hunting fast to the left side of the course making his handler work some to keep him lined out. He had a find at 10 separate from his bracemate and continued to work the left edge from there forward to the old bridge where he had bird contact at 14. Blaze really stretched in the Parish field to the road and tree mottes on the left completing that move into the fish hook; he had slowed some as the hour came to an end.

Wiyanna’s (Gowin) effort was detailed earlier. Sniksoh Patty Ann (Burchett) ran with incredible speed and hunted hard having bird contact at 10. Working the available cover on a course that’s initially tight, she swung the left edge of the pavilion field where she had a beautiful near broke find on a large covey in the big mot on the left at 22. Making nice moves to and through the beaver pond area, she slowed as the hour came to its close. The judges noted this brace could have altered the placements with a stronger finish.

Booneville, Ark., November 24

Judges: Kent Patterson and Dr. Robert Rankin


Winner—J W B ARCTIC CAT, 1671900, female, by Maxwell’s Outer Limit—Chancey’s Frozen Asset. Jack & Crystal Alexander, owners; Tom Tracy, Jr., handler.

Runner-Up—TREASURE STATES TOONEY, 1670276, male, by Beaver’s Straight Arrow—S K F Little Miss Beretta. Ron & Pam Noe, owners; Ed Tillson, handler.

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