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American Brittany Club All-Age Derby Invitational

By Mike Poehler | Jan 04, 2019
The Winners. From left: Steve Ralph, Hyatt Burchett, Bob Burchett, Tommy Thomas with Sniksoh Willy’s Warrior Princess, Dr. Robert Rankin, judge; Matt Kitchen, Matt Harris with Touch of Diamond and Tom Milam.

Booneville, Ark. — This year’s judges were Dr. Robert Rankin of Edmond, Okla., and Jack Alexander of Vienna, Ohio, both longtime Brittany owners and competitors. We greatly appreciate their time and efforts to attentively evaluate the performances of those who accepted the invitation to compete in the third renewal of this event.

Our weather was the first rain we had during our time in Booneville and the day remained overcast and cool for the most part — great for the dogs.

We thank Purina for their continued support of field trials and providing a supreme feed to fuel our dogs as they compete, and for Purina’s continual research into all things related to dog health, performance and nutrition. We truly appreciate your corporate sponsorship of the American Brittany Club.

Thank you to all the owners and handlers for coming to showcase your fine young dogs in this year’s ABC All-Age Derby Invitational; you have much to look forward to as your dogs grow and mature. Thanks to Terry Gowin for keeping the point standings for all eligible dogs up to date; it’s a monumental task keeping track of results from across the country!

Given the Tannerite Festival near headquarters the day before, in the area called Cannon Hollow, it’s a miracle that most dogs ran well and without any noticeable effect.

There were numerous loud explosions during Thanksgiving evening; several were severe enough to shake the walls inside the clubhouse scaring humans and animals alike.

This year’s winner and runner-up came from brace No. 6, which ran on course No. 3 and was characterized by constant action from both dogs; exhibiting great speed, style and application slightly superior to the rest of the field. Both of these dogs should have long and distinguished careers ahead of them.

Our winner was Sniksoh Willy’s Warrior Princess, handled by Bob Burchett and owned by Mitch Sims. “Zena” was fast and forward from start to finish and not afraid to dive into the cover and pop out the other side to the front. She made big, forward moves through the Pavilion Field, down Gas Well Hill and through the Plateau Field heading toward the narrow section  efore the Beaver Pond. In those tighter sections along the woods is where she had her only bird contact. Afterward, Zena dove into the thick cover and took it forward the hard way around the backside of the Beaver Pond appearing two fields after the levee crossing to the front and finished the hour as strong as she started.

Runner-up was Touch of Diamond, handled by Matt Kitchen and owned by Nick Blasi. “Bling” was fast and forward with just a touch of hesitancy in choosing what move to make next. Once she chose, she was off like a rocket to get there. Bling also made some big, forward moves through the Pavilion Field, down Gas Well Hill and through the Plateau Field heading toward the narrow section before the Beaver Pond. She also had her first find in the narrow fields with really nice style. Bling added a second find on a small covey after the levee crossing along the woods deep along the left edge and finished her hour running strong and forward.

Pushing the winners with an honorable mention was Whizki On Diamonds, handled and owned by Corey Stokes. “Tracy” came from brace No. 4 on course No. 1 in the first brace of the afternoon. Tracy worked the cover efficiently, exhibiting a flowing pattern with speed and intelligent use of the wind. Tracy had a beautiful find deep in the corner three fields before the narrow section that parallels 109 leading toward the double gates. The dog held point for a long time waiting for Corey to get there and produce the pointed covey. Tracy ran well throughout the hour making it almost back to the double gate field after running north along the river at the bridge crossing toward course No. 2.

The Running

W’s Miss Wendy Peffercorn (/Burton Wice) and Sniksoh Worthy Expense (Spence/Bob Burchett) broke away strong with Spence settling into a forward hunting pattern through the opening fields and across the Lick Creek crossings. As we crossed the road heading north Spence had a covey find far up the field edge, almost waiting for Bob to flush. Burton took out the retrieval unit to reclaim Wendy from the great unknown. Spence busted cover and continued to make nice moves until just before the double gates where he had his second find. Spence’s pattern improved as he continued to grow throughout his hour.

M K’s My Lil Classic (Nova/Kitchen) and Sniksoh Diamond Jack (Burchett) started strong on the left where Nova got hung up some running through the water at the first two crossings and regained the front after coming the hard way through the woods. Jack stayed forward and dug in along the Old 109 roadbed, crossed the front to swing the right woodsedge heading to the Parish Field then had a stylish broke find at the entrance to the back loop. Nova had a strong attraction to the timber and disappeared in the later portion of the back loop, reappearing to the front along the broken pavement section of Old 109 without a handler, staying mostly forward on her own. Both dogs’ patterns shortened and slowed as time expired.

Osage Fork Slick (Burchett) and T J’s Brightest Jewel (Ed Tillson) were  away strong. Jewel took a couple fields to get lined out, while Slick stayed mostly forward. Both dogs were out of pocket at times through the pavilion field section. Slick made a nice move in the large Plateau Field after Gas Well Hill with Jewel working the opposite edge nicely, though headstrong at times. Around the Beaver Pond sections both dogs kept  rying to dig into the woods. As time expired both dogs were still hunting hard without any luck finding birds.

Whizki On Diamonds (Corey Stokes) was covered earlier. Cross Creek Sovereign Pop a Top (Jackson/Burchett) got to work right away working the cover and tree islands. Jackson continued working independently and using the wind through the fields past the formerly Barking Dog House. With Jackson becoming shorter and somewhat erratic, Bob elected call it a day prior to the double gate section.

Sniksoh Slippery Slope (Slick/ Burchett) and M T B Calpatch Scipio Sole (Paul Doiron). At breakaway Slick started his mad foray of bulling through the thick cover at every opportunity, while Sole took a more cautious approach not appreciating the carpet of trip briars before her — nasty stuff for animal and human alike! Sole quickly figured out to avoid them and was rewarded with a really nice find along the right woodsedge where a covey hangs out on a slight bump-out into the field. When Slick wasn’t digging into the cover, he flew around the edges with an impressive pattern. Both dogs shared a find along the rivers edge about 100 yards prior to the Old 109 bridge. Slick had another find in a vine tangle off the right edge prior to the back loop section and another on a covey toward the end of the Parish Field in the corner along the broken pavement section of Old 109. Sole made some really nice moves through the second portion of the Parish Field and had a beautiful find along the Old 109 road bed; both dogs ended the hour with a find at time.

The final brace had the winners.

Booneville, Ark., November 23

Judges: Jack Alexander and Dr. Robert A. Rankin


[One-Hour Heats] — 12 Brittanys

Winner—SNIKSOH WILLY’S WARRIOR PRINCESS, 1682206, female, by Sniksoh Spank’s Hank—Sniksoh Boomer’s Babe. Mitch Sims, owner; Bob Burchett, handler.

Runner-Up—TOUCH OF DIAMOND, 1682105, female, by Touch of Bourbon Little Chug—Sniksoh Little Diamond. Nick Blasi, owner; Matt Kitchen, handler.

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