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By Kristi Anglen | Aug 01, 2017
All-Age Futurity Winners. Wichita Wild Woman, S K F Cheap Bourbon Whiskey, Rujem’s Grand Touch Bourbon and Oak Hill’s Red Moon Rising. Joined by handlers, owners and judges.

Thayer, Ia. — The 2017 edition of the ABC Central Futurity field portion was contested at the Union County Ranch in Thayer, Ia., on April 6. In total, 13 all-age and 11 shooting dog starters, from all parts of the Midwest and as far away as Georgia and New Jersey, competed for placement.

Judges for both the All-Age and Shooting Dog were two well-known and well-respected men, Bruce Heiter of Bondurant, Ia., and Stanley Truksa of Firth, Neb. Both gentlemen gave full attention to the dogs and were very complimentary of the caliber of the competitors, particularly in the All-Age Futurity.

They named Wichita Wild Woman (callname Nicki) as the winner of the All-Age Futurity, and Kruse’s Blaze’s Last Dance (Blaze) as the winner of the Shooting Dog Futurity. Nicki is owned by Chris and Laura Roberds of Atlanta, Ga., and handled by Scott Johnson. Blaze was handled by John Kruse for owner Lori Kruse, both of Oxford, Wis.

The grounds on which the field portion was held is owned by Linda Thomas of Somonauk, Ill. The host club expresses its deep appreciation to her for allowing us to utilize these grounds for field trials and for the tremendous improvements she has made to make this a first-class field trial venue.

We also want to thank our corporate sponsors Nestlé Purina, Garmin, and Mud River Dog Products for providing both financial and product support. Without contributions from these organizations, dog trials of this nature would not be possible. Their continued help in insuring this tradition continues well into the future is immensely appreciated.


By Lisa Pollock

Treasure States Toby Mac Daddy (Ed Tillson) and S K F Cheap Bourbon Whiskey (KD/Scott Johnson) raced toward the keyhole on breakaway. Point was called for KD at 5 on the backside of the keyhole. The liver roan stood with great style and intensity until the shot was fired. Toby was through the keyhole and scored at 8 on the terrace above the pond. After the find he took the left edge heading for the church corner. He was seen briefly after the pond but was never returned to judgment. Brought forward after her find, KD cast down the ditch heading toward the church corner. She hugged the south edge as she worked her way forward. She scored again at 23 and 25. She was pointed toward the keyhole where she had another find at the west end. Pointed toward home, she finished at a somewhat slower pace.

Diamond Hill Traveling Doc (Lisa Pollock) and Rujem’s Grand Touch Bourbon (Jerry McGee) broke toward the right. Touch circled back and cast out left. Doc was heading toward the keyhole. Doc turned west at the keyhole and circled back to meet up with Touch on the left side. After the keyhole both dogs took to the left edge. Doc crossed toward the pond and cast down the ditch toward the road on the south side. Touch met up with his bracemate on the south side and worked the edge toward the west. Doc took a line back up toward the pond and was not returned to judgment. Touch continued to hunt his edges forward, finally rewarded with a find at 26. He finished at a moderate pace.

Wayside’s Blue Belle (Johnson) and Oak Hill’s Red Moon Rising (Booker/ Jim John) were away well and went straight to work. Both dogs hunted a forward pattern, but with less range. Booker seemed to have a bigger gait. At 18 they had a divided find. They finished the brace, with Booker leading the way.

Wichita Wild Woman (Nicki/Johnson) broke to the right and Bark River Fresh Water Pearl (Jeff Stanton) to the left. Nicki headed toward the west end of the keyhole and took some time to make the cast to the front. As she did she had a find at 7. She joined her bracemate at 10 just below the pond and took off for the front. Pearl continued to work the left side and cast her way down to the south edge where she raced forward. Pearl hit point before the first crossing with great style and manners for a very young dog. Pearl began to dig in a little harder; her desire to find birds showed. She had finds at 15, 19, 23 and 25. Nicki had bird contact at 25 in the hedgerow below the keyhole. She finished going away on the hedgerow back to the breakaway.

Turning Points Shenanigans (Julie Nelson) had a consistent race with good handle. Oak Hill’s Red Moon Rock (J. John) had a bit of an inconsistent race with good range. Neither dog had bird contact.

Both Dr. Jac’s True Grits Missy O’Dee (Johnson) and Rooster Ridge Mile High (Clipper/Bill Cockrum) went strongly toward the keyhole. Missy headed for the west end and took some time to be returned to judgment. Clipper was not seen after the keyhole. Missy joined the field at 19. No birds were seen this brace.

Sniksoh Evolution (Jeff Hoskins), as a bye, raced around both edges of the field and then to the keyhole where she cast deeper to the west. She returned from the cast and immediately established a stylish point on the edge of the plowed field near the pond. She then relocated and pointed again on the cedar edge. No birds were found. “Eve” cast out toward the church corner and pointed as she neared the corner. All was in order here. She finished heading up the center ditch toward the terrace.

Thayer, Ia., April 6

Judges: Bruce Heiter and Stanley Truksa


13 Brittanys

1st—Wichita Wild Woman, 1664815, female, by Shady’s Count Kid—M K’s My Lil Ammo. Chris & Laura Roberds, owners; Scott Johnson, handler.

2d—S K F CHEAP BOURBON WHISKEY, 1665071, female, by Crossed The Line—S K F Little Miss Beretta. Steven & Kelly Foster & Herbert Rea, owners; Scott Johnson, handler.

3d—RUJEM’S GRAND TOUCH BOURBON, 1665951, male, by Touch of Bourbon Little Chug—Bark River Queen of Diamonds. Jerry McGee, owner and handler.

4th—OAK HILL’S RED MOON RISING, 1671009, male, by Oak Hill’s Moon Dog E—Oak Hill’s Moment of Madness. Andrew & Deborah Lewandowski, owners; Jim John, handler.


By Ken Windom

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere (Cooper/Rebecca Walters) and Windtuck Millette Dora Explorer (Maurya Ord) were off at 1:30. Cooper’s youthful exuberance was evident from the beginning as he wanted to play with his bracemate at first. He settled down eventually. Dora showed more maturity, especially in her pattern and application. Both dogs had finds at 17 and 19 in the finger west of the hedgerow. Both dogs picked up the pace and range in the second half, Dora being the more forward of the two.

Sovereign’s C U Later Copper (Doug Zieler) and Rib River Tough Enough Two (Roger King). At breakaway “Tuffy” took the left side of the course and hunted the treelined draws and old fencelines, responding well to his handler’s commands. Copper went straight ahead and indicated game several times before reaching the hedgerow, although no birds were produced. He later scored a find at 10, where the course turned west, and showed considerable exuberance at the flight of the bird. Tuffy continued to hunt the edges, with good application, and was rewarded with a find at 20 west of the hedgerow. Both handlers took their dogs along the far west edge of the course going back to the breakaway, with Tuffy being the wider of the two.

KB Nor’Easter Blo Wynne In (Kendall Brown) and Sovereign’s Legendary Speed (Turbo/Johnson) started out well, both dogs going forward. At 7 Turbo was standing some distance away along a mowed edge north of the hedgerow. He held point for a long time as handler walked up to the standing dog, but released as handler approached closer. Wynne came in and stuck a very stylish point, at which time Turbo re-established point. A bird was produced and the pair was credited with a divided find. Moments later, however, Wynne encountered something in the hedgerow that lacerated her leg, ending her bid early. Turbo continued on alone, scoring additional finds at 13 and 17. He shortened up in the last part of his race, going into a strong wind.

Over Under’s Kick It Out (Holly/ Johnson) and Autumn Glow That Old Black Magic (Frank/Ord). Holly headed for the front with Frank coming along behind her. Holly had a find at 9 along the terrace south of the hedgerow. Frank encountered a bird at 11 along the edge of the bean field. Holly continued to hunt at moderate range, with Frank hunting at closer range as we headed back to the breakaway.

Kruse’s Blaze’s Last Dance (John Kruse) went straight to the front. At 8 she was standing a couple hundred yards ahead. She held steady for the considerable time it took handler to walk to her and flush the bird. Oak Hill’s Red Moon Rover (Buzz/Tom Hagan) and Blaze shared a find at 14 along the finger north of the bean field. Blaze continued at good range, showing excellent application and handle. She was credited with finds at 12, 22 and 26, the latter in a location no other dog investigated. Buzz exhibited a somewhat more erratic pattern than his bracemate.

Autumn Glow XX’s and OO’s (Ord) scored finds at 16 and 20 and was very helpful during the flushing process. She certainly seemed to enjoy herself, although her range and pattern were not what the judges were looking for today.


1st—Kruse’s Blaze’s Last Dance, 1669435, female, by Make It A Jameson—Kruse’s K Nine Jazmine. Lori Kruse, owner; John Kruse, handler.

2d—Sovereign’s Legendary Speed, unreg., male, by Sovereign’s Chasing Legends—Tequila’s Red Corvette. Joe & Dawn Droel & Jessica Carlson, owners; Scott Johnson, handler.

3d—Over Under’s Kick It Out, unreg., by Legacy’s Pine Bandit—Over Under’s Killin Time. Eileen Gust, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

4th—Windtuck Millette Dora Explorer, unreg., by Millette’s On Target—Windtuck’s Full Of Grace. Leslee Jane Masolotte & Michelle Millette, owners; Maurya Ord, handler.

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