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American Brittany Club Chukar Championship

By Jim Hammett | Oct 14, 2020
The Winners. From left: Steve Ball, judge; Paul Doiron with K Nine’s Master of Illusion, Bryan Hogan judge;  and Peggy Doiron with Dybamitemakeit.

MARSING, IDA. — Usually run in the spring, when scenting conditions are better and the afternoons cooler, COVID-19 dictated a different schedule for the 2020 Chukar stake. It was rescheduled for the fall.

After weeks of field trialing in Oregon and Washington in excess heat and thick, choking smoke from California and Oregon wildfires, it was refreshing to finish the Brittany Northwest Circuit in clear air, cooler temperatures and the magnificent vistas and lighting of western Idaho’s Owyhee Mountains.

The out-and-back course runs parallel to, but distant from Milepost 9 and Milepost 7 of U.S. Highway 95 and is in the high terrain between Marsing, Ida., and Jordan Valley, Ore. Flatlanders often curse the rocks and steep ground, but this is chukar country!

An early morning pastel sky rewards the the course salter at dawn.

This year’s judges where Bryan Hogan from Portland, Ore., and Steve Ball from Kuna, Ida. Both gentlemen put in long days negotiating rough terrain, gave scouts and handlers an appropriate amount of freedom to show their dogs, and watched attentively.

Purina and Garmin generously supported this Championship with dog food product and electronic gear. Their support is both valued and needed.

Another valued partner is the U. S. Bureau of Land Management that manages our public land in much of the West and these trial grounds. They demonstrated their commitment to public use by extending the Idaho Brittany Club’s permit to enable us to run the stake.

Tom White and Margaret Horstmeyer led the trial's  Idaho Brittany Club support team with planning, transportation, bird salting and planting, and logistical support. The team put on an outstanding event.


This year’s winner, Son Yoti’s Master of Illusion,  five-year old Brittany male, was also the master of consistency. He started to the front and stayed there with long forward casts when visibility allowed, and shorter uphill runs in the tighter parts of the course. He quickly mastered the rock outcroppings and determined they held birds. He had two great finds well up the hill and in the rocks, and a massive finish to the front at time.

Illusion is owned. by Gerald Gresham of North Fork, Cal., and was handled by Paul Doiron.

The runner-up, Dynamitemakeit, owned by Peggy Doiron of Riverside, Cal.,  and handled by Paul Doiron, also had a strong, consistent forward race with two finds early on the lower part of the course.


Day 1: Temperature started out cool with blue skies, in the upper 40s with a weak southerly breeze. Afternoon temperatures were in the mid-70s.

High Lonesome Sage (Sage), owned and handled by Jim Hammett, and Dynamitemakeit (Dyna), owned by Peggy Doiron and handled by Paul Doiron broke to the front and had barely started their run when they were found standing at 5 in the middle of the gun dog flat,  Dyna pointing, and Sage forty yards back with a staunch honor. Paul flushed a wad of birds that had coveyed for the night and all was in order with both dogs. At 10 Dyna had another find in the flat and held firm. At 12 Sage was standing up the hill and well to the front. However, by the time his handler finally got to him, the bird left with Sage following, ending his run. Dyna continued her run finishing with 2 finds and a consistent forward run.

Spanish Corral’s Sonny Patch (Patch), owned and handled by Joe Gower, and SR’s Blew By Typhoon (Ty), owned by Dan Doiron and handled by Paul Doiron.  Both dogs ran well and powerfully to the front. Ty was picked up when underneath a bird at 30. Patch finished the hour but was birdless.

No. 3. MTB Zipnson Veni Vidi Vici (Vinny), owned by Patrick and Haley Rountree, and handled by Joe Gower, and MVP Game On (Joe), owned by Karen Nelsen, handled by Paul Doiron. At the breakaway, Joe went for the high ground to the south and stayed out of sight for an extended period, Vinny stayed lower but well out to the front. At 7 Joe finally appeared streaking down the hill to rejoin the brace. Again, Joe disappeared to the front and up, reappearing at 16 for water. Vinny stayed within eyesight most of the brace, running a mature race. Joe continued to run well forward, out of sight most of the brace. Both dogs finished birdless.

Both Tequila’s Tyler on Fire (Tyler), owned and handled by Vic Retherford, and JT Copper Buckaroo (Buck), owned by Jeff Minch and handled by Paul Doiron, had strong forward runs, with both dogs alternating between running high in the rocks and lower down towards the flat. At 18 Buck was found standing down low, but Paul could not produce a bird and Buck logged an unproductive. At 40 Buck was standing up the hill. A bird was produced, and all was in order. At 54 Tyler was found pointing stylishly in the flat. A bird was produced as Tyler stood motionless. Both dogs finished well to the front with powerful finishes.

Maxwell’s Heavy Hitter (Gabe), owned and handled by Kevin Rogers, and Spanish Ranch’s Full Blown Gale, owned by Dan Doiron and handled by Paul Doiron. Both dogs ran well to the front with Paul watering in the afternoon heat at 10 and Kevin at 15. Both handlers pushed forward at a fast clip, which caught up with them later in the hour. Gabe continued to stay well forward maintaining good ground speed. By 40, both dogs slowed a bit in the afternoon heat, but continued to hunt hard, often together and forward. At 45 Gabe slowed considerably, and Kevin spent the last minutes reworking the upper bowl. Gale and Paul hit the end of the course at 55 but elected to go back up-course in search of a bird. However, both dogs finished birdless.

No. 6. Spanish Corral’s Big Iron (Colt), owned and handled by Joe Gower, and K Nine Finale’s Way to Go (Allie), owned by Linda McDonald and handled by Paul Doiron. They took off running fast and forward until about 13, when both dogs were seen under and chasing the same bird.

Day 2: Temperatures were cool in the morning, but again warm in the afternoon. The wind was light and variable.

HVK’s Kid Chance (Chance) owned and handled by Joe Gower and Rusty Ridge Where U Been (Been) owned by Claude and Jan Kilpatrick and handled by Paul Doiron. Both dogs broke strongly to the front and up and over the hill, disappearing for the first 8 minutes. At 10 Chance was seen under a bird, ending his run. Been continued a very forward and up-the-hill run, but at 45 went around a rock and pushed out and chased a bird, ending his day.

K Nine’s Master of Illusion (Magic), owned by Gerry Gresham and handled by Paul Doiron, and MTB Louree’s Let’s Have a Fee Esta, owned and handled byTom White. Both dogs started well to the front and went up the hill east of the bowl. At 13 Magic was pointing at a large rock outcrop. Esta arrived later at the same rock but failed to honor and was picked up. Paul produced a bird and Magic stood well through the entire ordeal. Magic continued to run a controlled but big run. At 21, Magic was running with the wind and had a well-executed stop to flush on a bird before the dry pond. At 36 Magic went up the hill and had a classic chukar find of several birds atop a tall rock outcrop. He held well when Paul flushed several birds. With the dog’s owner in the gallery praying for no additional jumpy birds, Magic continued forward with great ground speed but was still well controlled by Paul. Obviously planning his finish, Paul watered Magic at 48 and let him breath for a minute. Magic responded to the water and his owner’s excitement, got a burst of energy, and streaked across the gun dog course, disappearing over the hill toward the camp as a white dot. Two minutes later, that white dot appeared, not as an illusion, but as a dog to the front. Time was called, ending a memorable run.

Blew Me Away (Bud), owned by Norman and Terry Ahl and handled by Paul Doiron ran as a bye dog. Bud took off running well and was soon found on a very stylish and intense point at 8. Right when Paul got to Bud, for some reason Bud broke and pushed the bird in the air, thus ending his run.

No. 10. Christians Phillie,  in season, owned and handled by Lance Ayers, ran as a bye, She an a nice, controlled forward race, but her range was limited. She handled well and stayed forward the entire race, but finished birdless

Marsing, Ida., September 29

Judges: Steve Ball and Bryan Hogan

[One-Hour Heats] — 18 Brittanys

Winner—K NINE’S MASTER OF ILLUSION, 1684022, male, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Knine’s Coyote Ugly. Gerald Gresham, owner; Paul Doiron, handler.

Runner-Up—DYNAMITEMAKEIT, 1676167, female, by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid—Blew By Yet. Jeanne Doiron, owner; Paul Doiron, handler.



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