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American Brittany Club Derby Invitational

By Jan Kilpatrick | Feb 10, 2020
The Winners. From left: Kathy Gulembo, Chad Holman with Gangster’s Secret Weapon, Judge Richard Beaver, Robbie Myers with Spanish Dancer, Kent Patterson, Bob Burchett with Sovereign’s Notjustabirddog, Dawn Droel, Hyatt Burchett and Judge Tom Milam.

Booneville, Ark. — The year 2018 was a good year for Brittany litters and 12 of these youngsters worked hard all year to earn a spot in this fourth running of the American Brittany Club Derby Invitational. The year 2019 saw some changes to the ABC Derby Invitational as both the Shooting Dog and All-Age Derbies were combined when the horseback ABC Shooting Dog Nationals moved from Ionia, Mich., to Booneville, Ark.

The judges for the ABC Derby Invitational were Tom Milam of Ross, Tex., and Richard Beaver of El Paso, Tex., both longtime Brittany enthusiasts who have judged and handled many promising young Brittanys.


From the fifth brace came the winner, Gangster’s Secret Weapon (Sniper),  owned by Ed and Donna Janulis  of Manhattan, Ill., and handled by Chad Holman.

Second place came from the sixth brace, Spanish Dancer (Sassy) owned and handled by Robbie Myers of Sargent, Neb.

The third place dog, Sovereign’s Notjustabirddog (Champ), is owned by Dawn and Joe Droel  of Marine, Minn., and handled by Bob Burchett.


Diamond Hill Dangerous Odds (Whitley/Lisa Pollock) and Tequila Triple Threat (Troy/Ed Tillson). After an initial fast breakaway both dogs began handling close by. At 8 point was called and Troy was found standing on an edge of deep cover on the right side of the course. Nothing but a bloody pile of feathers was discovered so Ed moved Troy forward. Whitley suffered two unproductives prior to his one nice find at 48 along the center treeline after the double gates. It took some time but after about two minutes up came two birds, shot was fired and off we went again. Both dogs finished lively but handy.

Rebel’s Fly Me To The Moon (Ed Tillson) and Sovereign’s Notjustabirddog (Champ/Bob Burchett). When in sight Moon was an exciting dog to watch run, making huge all-age casts all over course No. 2 and then some. However, he was never found on birds and his big race took a toll on his finish. Champ, named to third, had a smooth eye pleasing way of moving across the course at a classy moderate race and range. Champ handled kindly and never left an objective unsearched. At 19 he pointed with style and handled the birds with acceptable Derby manners. Champ finished his run to the front with the same ease with which he started.

H C K Decans Jericho (Jerry/Steve Chang) and Gangster’s Jezabelle (Jazz/ Chad Holman). Neither dog found any birds but they ran distinctively different races. Jerry covered a lot of objectives, ranging to the front at a moderate range and speed and always attentive to Steve’s directions. Jazz on the other hand was a girl on fire running at a fast pace in all directions and appeared mostly indifferent to Chad’s commands.

The morning braces concluded at 11:15 a.m. and we headed in for lunch.

B and T’s Sonndance Kid Rock (Trasa Shinpoch) and Red Granites Henry Will B A Star (Bob Bakas). After an initial road race Rocky and Henry separated early with Rocky surging forward and Henry diving into the left side tree strip where he successfully logged a small covey find at 19 which he handled with style and acceptable Derby manners. Dogs and handlers came back together at 37 and at 49 Henry locked up. Bob kicked around for a few minutes and at 52 a large covey took flight, shot was fired and Henry was rounded up and moved forward. As we approached the bridge both dogs pointed staunchly at 57, Henry on the left and Rocky on the right. After considerable kicking around birds were flushed for both dogs, shots fired and the dogs sent forward just as time was called.

M V P Game On (Joe/Paul Doiron) and Gangster’s Secret Weapon (Sniper/ Holman). Throat lozenges were handed out to both handlers after this brace concluded as much loud singing was required to get these two juvenile rockets around course No. 2. Joe stayed out of sight a lot but showed up just enough, mostly to the front, hunting hard but he never pointed birds that we saw.

Awarded first place for his outstanding all-age race, Sniper had two forward bird finds, one at 35 around the pond and again in the corner bend at 57. Sniper pointed with style and exhibited acceptable Derby manners on both finds. This was a very fast moving, action packed brace to watch with both dogs exhibiting all the right stuff to become real all- age contenders.

Spanish Ranch’s Full Blown (Gale/ Doiron) and Spanish Dancer (Sassy/ Robbie Myers). From the get-go these girls were in serious bird-finding mode. First find went to Sassy at 8. Sassy looked terrific on point and remained staunch through the flush and shot. At 10 Gale had a find which she handled superbly through the flush and fire. Gale’s next move took her to points unknown so the retrieval unit  was out at 27. Sassy continued her fast, forward, far- reaching race stopping at 15, 18 and 47 for impressive finds which she handled with style and manners. Sassy impressed the gallery with her consistently forward fast race and bird-finding ability all the while handling kindly at an extended range. Her finish was strong and forward, everything the judges needed to see to award Sassy second place.

Booneville, Ark., December 4

Judges: Richard Beaver and Tom Milam


[One-Hour Heats] — 12 Brittanys

1st—GANGSTER’S SECRET WEAPON, 1685644, male, by Gun Creek Gangster—Gun Creek Whizki. Ed & Donna Janulis, owners; Chad Holman, handler.

2d—SPANISH DANCER, 1687792, female, by  Spanish Corral’s Sonny Patch—Janee’s Dirty Dancer. Robbie Myers, owner and handler.

3d—SOVEREIGN’S NOTJUSTABIRDDOG, 1687874, male, by Sovereign’s Cut to the Chase—Sovereign’s Legendary Chocolate. Dawn & Joel Droel, owners; Bob Burchett, handler.

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