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American Brittany Club Eastern Futurities

By Lisa Pollock and Helen Riggle | Jul 17, 2017

Bloomingdale, Ohio — The American Brittany Eastern Futurites were held in late March in Bloomingdale, Ohio. The All-Age Futurity received a disappointing entry of only five dogs.

The judges were Kent Patterson of Franklin, Tenn., and Chris Rider of Smithfield, Pa.

The first place dog, Turning Points Shenanigans (Shandi), appeared in the first brace with Wild Mtn All Rise.

Both dogs broke away eagerly. While “Honor” maintained a forward race with moderate range, “Shandi” looped wide,  finding birds that were too far out of sight to be in actual judgment.  After her shenanigans in the thick of the cat tails, she was hacked back into handle and then  both dogs were credited with individual finds on the farther edge of the pond.  Both dogs finished their brace going away strong.

Second place Diamond Hill Traveling Doc and bracemate Wild Mtn Rough Cut broke strongly to the right. Halfway up the hill “Rocky” showed and crossed in front of the handlers. Doc was pointed out heading for the cat tail pond before the road. As we crossed the road both dogs dropped off the right edge and were making game. Both pointed but no birds were produced. Doc cut loose and headed up the hill toward the power towers. Rocky went left around the hill. Doc came down from the second tower and headed over the hill to the front. Rocky continued on course at a moderate range while Doc was out of pocket until we reached the pond. Doc was gathered as he tried to forge his own course to the west. Both dogs were turned back toward the east and ended with good stamina, but no birds.

Bloomingdale, Ohio, March 25

Judges: Kent Patterson and Chris Rider


5 Brittanys

1st—Turning Points Shenanigans, 1665954, female, by Masked Jack of

Diamonds—Copley Wincrest Grand Theft. Julie Nelson, owner and handler.

2d—Diamond Hill Traveling Doc, 1663708, male, by Sam Dee’s Traveler—Mikey’s Spice Girl. Lisa & Paul Pollock, owners.

Shooting Dog Futurity

It was about 60° and overcast as we gathered for the start of the Shooting Dog competition, unseasonably warm for Ohio in late March and, as the temperature rose close to 70°, it took its toll on some of the dogs. Fortunately there was cloud cover most of the day. It was great weather for those of us in the saddle but not so much for the walking handlers and dogs.

The course for the foot handled Shooting Dog Futurity was generally just slightly rolling and, although not an easy walk, it was comfortable for the average foot handler. The grounds were beautifully prepared with wide grassy strips, wood and brushy edges and plenty of likely places where birds could be found by dogs that hunted intelligently and reached forward and to the edges.

Judges were Justin Allen and Bill Monk. When I spoke with them about what they were looking for, they talked about a forward consistent pattern, style and kind handling.

The first place dog, Spring Hill’s Auld Lang Syne (Happy), exhibited all of the qualities mentioned by the judges. She was always forward during her bid, was handled quietly by Steve Tubach and had three stylish finds. Happy made a wide cast around the far edge as we made the turn and continued along that edge to her first find at 15. She again took the right edge, climbing the hill for another classy move. She slowed a little as time expired but was forward, continuing to hunt and was rewarded with finds at 25 and 28.

Second placed Spring Hill’s Fancy Wheels (Mags) ran in the very last brace of the day.  I think she first got the judges looking when she hit point ahead at the top of the hill at 7 and maintained her beautiful intense point until handler John Bell reached her and began to flush. Though John produced only feathers, Mags was now on a mission and began to hunt diligently. She pointed stylishly at 16 and was rewarded with a bird. At 18 her bracemate put up a bird and the chase was on with Mags retrieving the bird to hand. She showed well forward as time was called.

Third placed Ajax Hurricanes Bird Finding Machine (Radar), handled by owner Rich Jarosinski, demonstrated that his name is appropriate. Radar showed his maturity by honoring his bracemate’s point, then stylishly holding point on all of his finds. He was always forward but at generally moderate range and handled kindly and quietly.

Ayerie’s Paladin of Auten (Pike), fourth, was away quickly and both he and his handler set a blistering pace for the entire 30 minutes. Pike was always forward and hunting and rewarded with finds at 8, 10, 17 and 22 but was a little indecisive around a couple of his birds.

Judges: Justin Allen and Bill Monk


24 Brittanys

1st—Spring Hill’s Auld Lang Syne, unreg., female, by Sgt’s Smoky Mtn Moonshine—Spring Hill’s Paws O Glee. Suzan & Edward Lehosky, owners; Steve Tubach, handler.

2d—Spring Hill’s Fancy Wheels, unreg., female, by Spring Hill’s Hot Wheels—High Hopes Fly’n Fancy Free. Suzan & Edward Lehosky & John & JoAnne Bell, owners; John Bell, handler.

3d—Ajax Hurricanes Bird Finding Machine, unreg., male, by Ajax Jaros Josey Wales —Kelly Woerfel. Richard & Jane Jarosinski, owners; Richard Jarosinski, handler.

4th—Ayerie’s Paladin Of Auten, 1662499, male, by High Hopes Dark Nite—Auten’s Mya of Grousehaven. Raymond & Kimberlee McVeigh, owners; Raymond McVeigh, handler.

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