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American Brittany Club National Championship

By As seen by Jan Kilpatrick | Jan 14, 2022
The Winners. L to r: Dr. Robert Rankin, Judge Chris Weatherly, Tom Tracy Jr. with CVK's Spartan King, Judge Jon Humphrey, Joe Williams with JJ's Levi The Lionheart, Stan Williamson, and Jan Kilpatrick.

Booneville, Ark. — The 2021 running of the American Brittany Club National Championship boasted an entry of 59 dogs with all 59 coming to the line starting Saturday, November 27, at the Blue Mountain Wildlife Demonstration Area near Booneville, Ark.

The weather was mostly clear skies with coolish mornings and mild to very warm afternoons. Light variable winds prevailed but the dry conditions and low humidity made for challenging scenting conditions. The grounds were pristine, making for excellent viewing of those dogs who stayed on task and wanted to be seen.

A smooth execution of this event would not be possible without the dedicated people who work tirelessly to ensure success. Kent Patterson managed the multiple tasks associated with his position as Field Trial Chairman in an organized and efficient manner. Members of the Field Trial Committee consisting of Joe Gower, Bret Lindback, Steve Ralph, Bob Rankin, Richard Beaver and Burton Wice, dedicated hours assisting Kent with the scheduling and coordination of all the national activities. Tom Milam served as Stakes Manager and Bob Rankin managed the judges marshal duties. Bret Lindback served as course marshal and he and his crew of volunteer marshals kept the gallery flowing in an orderly fashion.

Judi Tipton and crew worked hard to provide us with excellent food and beverages throughout the running. The grounds were in tip top shape due to the efforts of Red Bailey and Brad Wells. A special thanks to Red for the extra days he spent grooming after his retirement. We will certainly miss Red and wish him all the best.

Kudos to Tom White for coordinating the multiple tasks associated with the management of the dog wagon throughout both the Amateur and Open Championship. Thanks always to Road Guard Mary Jo Trimble for driving her vehicle down Hwy 109 during the running, keeping an eye out for dogs that wander off course and onto the highway.

Purina has been a consistent sponsor of the American Brittany Club National Championship events for many years. Purina again donated small bags of Pro Plan to each dog entered and full bags were distributed to the Winner and placers.  Performance Purina jackets were presented to the judges and reporter and were most appreciatively received. Huge thanks also go to Kevin Parrish, The Saddle Guy, and to Garmin for their donation. Thank you seems too little to say when all these guys do so much for not only our National events but all field trials.

This year public drawings were held for both National All-Age Championships on Saturday November 20, at 2 p.m. in the clubhouse on the Blue Mountain grounds.

Kent Patterson came prepared with all the right equipment and officiated these draws flawlessly with the technical support of National Field Trial Secretary Steve Ralph who ran the computer program being viewed on the large projection screen throughout the process.

Mary Karbiner and Bob Rankin manually wrote down the info in case of a device malfunction. Competitors were mesmerized as the spinning numbered balls were drawn for each dog to establish bracemates to complete the bracing sheet. Fascinating, with the few conflicts being resolved immediately and effortlessly. As each stake was completed a handwritten bracing sheet was placed upon the bulletin board for those who wanted to photo them before the hard copies were printed.

Events held during the week of the National Championship began with the National Championship Calcutta on Friday, the All-Age Purina Awards on Saturday and Lordy, Lordy, no one will forget the spectacular 2020 National Championship Winner ABC NFC Roustabout All In Banquet Sunday evening. The clubhouse resembled an exclusive Las Vegas casino with dancing following the five-star buffet feast. We all thank Al’s owners, Dr. William “Bo” and Renae Ackerman; Party Planner extraordinary Carla Tracy and Judi Tipton and crew for all their hard work preparing the fabulous food and lively presentations.

This year’s judging panel included Jon Humphrey of Claremore, Okla., and Chris Weatherly of Grand Junction, Tenn. Both adjudicated with integrity, knowledge and a deep understanding of field trials and field trial bird dogs. Both were looking for qualities such as speed, range, style, stamina, good manners and a consistently forward race. The dogs best exhibiting those qualities are detailed below.


Named champion from brace No. 12 was C V K’s Spartan King, “Leo”, handled by Tom Tracy and owneed by Jack Alexander and Dr. Bob Rankin. Leo is a seven-year-old white and orange male by Maxwell’s Outer Limits ex Cedar Valley Lilly.

Leo ran in the final brace on Sunday breaking away on course No, 1 through the Cotton Fields fast and forward. At 10 Leo was standing tall and tight at the start of the river strip with his bracemate Karl honoring. A large covey was put to flight with all in order and both dogs were sent on. Leo ran the river until he angled right at the first treeline and pointed sharply at 13. Just as handler Tracy arrived, Karl ran past the pointing Leo and was picked up for failure to honor. Judges and handler Tracy discussed this incident and judges determined as far as Leo was concerned the situation was a non-event. Leo covered the remaining area on course No. 1 in fine form and after crossing the horse bridge onto course 2 Leo was found standing at 25.  He stood staunchly through the flush and shot and sent on his way.

Glimpses of Leo were seen as he ran down the strips, then headed around the left turn at the old bridge and made an Olympic cast to the far treeline coming out hanging to the right side of the course. At 41 Leo put on the brakes pointing intensely into a circular tall grass area known to hold large but very stealthy coveys. After stomping around for a while handler relocated Leo but was still unable to locate any birds so he took the unproductive and moved Leo on down the road.

Leo had a great forward finish with his last cast blowing down a tree line just below the course road which put him arriving right at time in front of the handler, judges and gallery. A very fine performance deserving of the National Championship title.

Runner-up came from the third brace, J B W's Levi The Lionheart, “Levi,” owned and handled by Joe Williams. Levi is a eight-year-old white and orange male by Spanish Corral’s Sundance Kid and Sam's Sandbank Rose.

Levi ran over the third course where his incredible speed and power came in handy. He worked all the objectives offered by this sometimes-challenging course near and far. His first find came at 26 where he was found standing tall into a clump of tall grass. Handler dismounted and finally put a few birds to flight in a clump several feet away. Levi held tight and mannerly through the search and eventual flush and shot and was sent forward to continue his search for more birds.

Levi was all business as he worked his way over the course and was rewarded with a big covey find at 52 which was handled head and tail high. With only 5 minutes left to go, Levi broke through the brush going away to the front as strong as he had started.


First Day, Saturday morning, November 27, temperature range 35° to 56°, 31% humidity, light northeast winds

Brace No. 1: Gun Creek Gangster, "Doc", Chad Holman, and Godfather’s F N Rockstar, "Rocky," Steve Chang.  The first find of the Championship went to the stylish Rocky at 10. All was in order through the flush and shot. At 30 Rocky pointed a pile of feathers but he moved a short distance onto the high bank at the little pond and locked up again. Handler stomped all around and relocated the dog. The dog took one step and bam! He's not gonna move anymore. Handler took one step and up came two birds. The shot was fired, all in order. Both dogs ran the left treeline with Rocky taking the lead making a beautiful cast that ended near the double gates in the large cane field. Rocky proceeded cautiously through the area but didn't stop when a single bird took flight in front of him thus ending his time at 50. Doc moved efficiently and intelligently over course No. 1 but was not rewarded with any birds.

Both Jac’s Ray of Sunshine II (Chad Holman) and Supernova (Scott Johnson) were off in a foot race but soon separated started hunting for the elusive birds. Supernova scored with a nice covey find at 36 with all in order but had an erratic application throughout her hour. Ray stayed on task, hunting hard but went birdless in her hour.

The winner, J J’s Levi the Lionheart, was down with Blazin E Z Mac (Ray Trimble) Ray rode at a steady pace across course No. 3 singing loudly for Mac which was seldom seen but when he did show it was always to the front. Mac made his last appearance at 52 near the end of course No. 3 but was missing at time and not returned to judgment.

Saturday afternoon, temperature ranged from 59° to 62°, 31% humidity with southwest winds 8-10 mph

Almaden’s Under Lock and Key, "Oudi" (Tillson) had an unproductive at 14 and was picked up at 30. JWB Arctic Cat, "Kimber" (Tracy) went missing early and retrieval device was requested at 40.

Tequila Scorcher, "Lincoln" (Ed Tillson), and Spanish Corral’s Big Iron, "Colt" (Joe Gower) had impressive first casts making strong forward moves to objectives near and far. At 43 Lincoln pushed a bird and was up. Colt ran a solid all-age race showing speed, stamina and intelligence but went birdless.

Action started early for S S Rig’s Colorado Gun Runner, "Rig's," (Tom Milam) and S K F Jr’s Straight Shooter (Steven Foster) with a divided find at 8 on a large covey. Shooter couldn't contain himself, and chased the birds on the flush. Rig's stayed clean through the ruckus. At 15 Rig's scored another find which he handled with style and manners. Rig's continued his impressive forward race through the rigors of course No. 3 with the expert guidance of his handler. Unfortunately, after his second find Rig's posted an unproductive at 24, a rabbit find at 43 and another unproductive at 56 which ended his effort.

Posted was:  Levi the Lionheart.

Day 2, Sunday morning, November 28,  temperature ranged from 42° to 59,° 37% humidity with 5 mph north wind.

No. 7: Just Call Me Lucky "Ned" Pepper (Frank Campbell) made some good moves but went birdless. WW’s Gin And Tonic, "Ginny" (Burton Wice) was fun to watch with an energetic, fast, and  forward race. She had a stop to flush at 5 but no other bird work during her spirited hour on the ground.

Both Scout Upland Trailblazer (Tillson) and MTB Louree’s V 0 2, "Max" (Paul Doiron) had worthy performances, big forward, casts and intelligent applications but neither had bird contact during the hour.

Knine Finale’s Way To Go, "Allie" (Doiron) and TMR’s Lucky Betts (Tracy). These two girls ran around like tiny tornadoes until both handlers grew weary of all their excess activity so both were picked up at 27.

Sunday afternoon, temperature  was in the low 60s, 41% humidity and 8 mph north wind

S K F Miss Cheap Bourbon Whiskey, "KD" (Steven Foster) and Snikson Hank’s Gypsy "Cruise" (Bob Burchett). Cruise pointed at 8 but self-relocated at 10 and was up. Just wasn't KD's day She was picked up by handler at 25.

Arrow’s Tequila Rustler, "Rusty" (Richard Beaver) and Sundance Kid’s Rule Breaker, "Bud" (Frank Campbell). Bud never got to show his stuff since his handler expressed his displeasure with his first 4 minutes. Rusty scored a big covey find at 7 displaying manners and style. At 18 Rusty bumped a bird and his time was ended.

No. 12: CVK’s Spartan King, "Leo" (Tracy) and Hoochie Coochie Man, "Karl" (Tillson). Leo's winning run  was noted earlier. Karl had an honor at 10 but failed to honor at 13 and was picked up.

Sunday, posted was CVK’s Spartan King.

Day No. 3, Monday morning, November 29, temperature ranged from 43° to 6°, 54% humidity, light variable winds

High Hopes Jac’s Original "Spice" (Holman) and Sniksoh Worthy Expense (Burchett). Spice scored a find on running birds at 15 with all in order. She continued but her race and application became erratic. Expense made a valiant effort in the bird search department but never connected with them during her hour.

Black Creek Uhaul, "Johnny" (Holman) was picked up at 12. and Godfather’s Red Feather Gunslinger, "Gunnar” (Chang) was pinging every which way but was missing at time and not returned to judgment.

No. 15: Piney Run Jake (Kent Patterso), a veteran to these grounds, broke away quickly, a dog on a mission, aiming for those remembered objectives. At 10 Jake was found buried up in tall cover, head and tail high. A small covey was flushed with all in order. Jake was watered then turned loose and began randomly hitting objectives near and far. Jake hit the jackpot at 50 pointing regally into a plot of tall dense cover. A large covey was put to flight with the mannerly Jake standing tall through the loud wing beats. Jake finished his hour with a strong forward cast. HVK's Kid, "Chance" (Doiron) broke away fast and forward and continued hunting hard and was rewarded with a single at 48. Chance did an excellent job pinning that single and showed immense intensity as he took in its glorious scent. Upon release Chance ran past Jake on point and was ordered up for failure to honor at 51.

Monday afternoon, temperature range was 65°-68°, 37% humidity.

B'n T’s Sonndance Kid "Rock” (Johnson) and Rusty Ridge Where U Been (Claude Kilpatrick) took off over course No. 1,  both on a bird-finding mission. Rocky got on the bird board with a huge covey find at 11 under the big cedar on the right side of the road. He was staunch through the flush and shot and moved forward to continue his quest. Where he moved to was the question and handler requested the tracker at 40. Meanwhile, Been was making big fluid moves showing to the front just enough to keep it interesting. At 32 a call of point came from Been's scout.We all went the distance in rapid order to find Been standing on the back side of a faraway treeline. After a quick caution handler moved in and put up a single. Been continued across the course at an eye-pleasing pace hitting objectives to the front then hit the water trough before taking off down the river run. Been was in sight at 59 but one minute later when the call to pickup resounded he was a dog gone and not returned to judgment.

MTB Louree’s Let's Have A Fee Esta (Doiron) and Alder Grand Hopes Penny Ante (Burchett) attacked course No. 2 on a mission to find some birds. Penny was a gone girl at 40 but Esta stayed in touch though her moves were at times somewhat unconventional.  She was rewarded with a nice covey find at 45 where she stood tall and tight while the birds were located and flushed. Esta finished her hour strongly moving forward.

Jagoub’s Spell Caster, "Tabu" (Tracy) and I’m Your Man, "Gus" (Ben Lorenson). It was almost like Tabu put some sort of spell on Gus as they cruised the course together but also went down together after a bird indiscretion at 13.

Posted dog: Piney Run Jake.

Day No. 4, Tuesday morning, November 30, temperature range 43°-6°, 89% humidity with light variable winds

No. 19: Both Piney Run Patch (Lorenson) and Black Creek Whizki Skip ( Holman) went missing early on with retrieval devices being distributed at 53.

S R’s Blew By Typhon, "Ty" (Doiron) and Sigbrit’s Not In Kansas Anymore, "Doti" (Johnson) broke away swiftly, hunting hard. Point was called at 18 for Ty in a grassy mound just off the left side of the road. At 20 Doti entered the area and slammed to an impressive honor. She stood staunchly as Ty was relocated. Paul decided to take the unproductive, so Doti was moved forward by an accommodating spectator to rejoin her handler and Ty was turned loose to look for birds elsewhere. Doti scored a clean find at 36 but lost her zest through the rest of her hour. Ty finished his hour strong but never connected with birds.

M'n M’s Grouse Gunning, "Gracie" (K. Merrill) decided to run another course; her retrieval unit was requested at 25. ANJ’s Ohio Hellion, "Hank" (Burchett) had birds with all in order at 30 but disappeared shortly thereafter and not returned to judgment.

Tuesday afternoon, 68° to 73°, 37% humidity with 8 mph westerly winds

No. 22 Sniksoh Hank's Hatch (Burchett) and Kashmir, "Kash" (Tracy). Kash lost no time finding birds, pointing staunchly at 8 with all in order through the flush and shot as a big covey took flight. Hatch ran in and gave merry chase to the fleeing birds thus ending his time at 10. After Hatch was rounded up Kash continued slowly down the course. At 20 handler decided Kash was just too tired to continue.

MK’s My Lil Ammo, “BB” (Johnson) and Bamajama Willy’s Sassy Sadie (Burchett). Sassy was not pleasing her handler so was picked up early. BB exhibited all the traits these judges were looking for in an all-age performance but was not rewarded with any bird work. The judges gave BB a well-earned special recognition for her superior ground effort.

Georgia’s White Lightening (Tracy) and Shailorville’s "Gunner" (Lorenson). Scenting conditions were awful, and these two decided to look elsewhere for birds both going astray early. Lightening was up at 10, Gunner at 20.

Wednesday morning, temperature range 46°-65°, 72% humidity and 8 mph west wind

No. 25 WWW Miss "Wendy" Peffercorn (Tracy) and Piney Run Hilltop, "Blew" (Patterson) took off to the left and at 12 point was called for both. As the judges and gallery arrived, birds were observed in the air but both dogs were pointing into the deep treeline about 10 feet apart. Handlers dismounted and put more birds to flight with all in order, so both were credited with a divided find. At 53 Wendy was pointing along the river run but no birds could be produced. She was sent on to finish at a moderate range and speed. Blew went missing after the divided find and was not returned to judgment.

Maxwell’s Prickly Pete (Tracy) set out on his own private mission and was gone early. Sligo Sam (Ben Lorenson) hunted hard from the start and was rewarded with a big covey find at 46 with all in order.  He continued his quest at a moderate rate and range but encountered no more birds.

Blew Me Away, "Bud" (Doiron) and Ace’s One Eyed Jack, "Jackson"(Holman). Jackson scored at 14 when he pointed a single silly bird just sitting in front of the big cedar close to the road. Jack was clean on his bird but just couldn't quite get it all together as was the case with his brace mate Bud so both dogs were picked up at 25.

Wednesday afternoon, temperature range 68°-70°, 62% Humidity and light westerly winds

Roustabout All In, "Al" (Tracy) and Tequila Chica Bonita (Rchard Beaver). Quickly after the breakaway these two both got into trouble. Al was seen kinda stopping at 8 but when the birds took off Al was right behind them. At 10 Chica was seen running down an adjacent treeline, bumped a bird which ending her run.

Wild Wild Willie (Tillson)  had  unproductive at 14 and 25 so handler picked him up. McChesneys All Down the Line (Johnson) was lost from the breakaway and retrieval unit was requested at 20.

Brace No. 30: Dynamitemakeit, "Dyna" (Doiron), a bye, ran last as a solo girl-on-fire in the final brace.  Start to finish, Dyna traversed course No. 2 displaying a strong, forward race making eye catching moves to likely bird hideaways with grace and ease. Her single dramatic find came at 50. Doiron was looking intensely into a small stand of trees surrounded by short thick brush. This was the exact spot where a large covey had been moved the day before.  He dismounted and slowly raised his hat as he approached the objective. As he moved into the cover several birds took flight in rapid order. Dyna was buried up in the brush remained calm and composed through their flight and the shot. She was then watered up and turned loose to continue her intelligent eye-pleasing race finishing forward and as strong as she had started.

The running of the 2021 National Championship was done and we headed back to the clubhouse for announcements!

Booneville, Ark., November 27

Judges: Jon Humphrey and Chris Weatherly


[One-Hour Heats] — 59 Brittanys

Winner—C V K’S SPARTAN KING, 1665065, male, by Maxwell’s Outer Limits—Cedar Valley Lilly. Jack Alexander & Dr. Bob Rankin, owners; Tom Tracy, handler.

Runner-Up —J B W'S LEVI THE LIONHEART, 1666510, male, by Spanish Corral's Sundance Kid—Sam's Sandbank Rose. Joe Williams, owner and handler.


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