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American Brittany Club National Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Joanne Perry | Jan 12, 2018
The Winners. From left: Vince Anderson with  Magnum High Velocity, Denise Anderson, Cliff Mesnard, judge; Dr. Jim Carter, Lisa Pollock with Emma Tayshon and Dr. Roger McPherson, judge.

Ionia, Mich. — The ABC National Open Shooting Dog Championship drew a total of 37 dogs. There was one known scratch due to an injury.

With one weather delay, we started on a Wednesday and completed the competition Saturday morning.

Judges for the 2017 renewal were Dr. Roger McPherson from South Carolina and Cliff Mesnard from Ohio. The Invitation Derby was judged by Dr. Roger McPherson and Tommy Thomas from Illinois. Many thanks to our judges for their time in the saddle and helping to make the event successful.

Thank you to our sponsors Purina and Tri-Tronics. Purina fuels many of the competitors, providing financial support for the event and complimentary bags of dog food for each entry. The winners received Pro Plan dog food, an electronic training collar and a trooper saddle that was hand-tooled and crafted by Kevin Parish, The Saddle Guy. Trophies, plaques and saddle bags (by Kevin Parish) were awarded to the placing dogs.

Thank you to the field trial chairman Bob Burchett and Mike Poehler for serving as the field trial secretary.

Members of the committee were Valerie Burchett, Jim Carter, John Perry, Brian Hendrickson, Jeff Currier and Dan Campbell. Marshals were Ken Windom, Tommy Thomas and Bob Burchett.

Thank you to Deb Smeltz and Diana Kubitz for making sure donuts and coffee were on the dog wagon, taking care of the Calcutta and also the auction. Thank you to all who volunteered to marshal; Chuck Langstaff for the dog wagon; Jim Johnson for conducting the auction; Richard Lipski for planting birds; countless others who volunteered their time, knowledge and support.

The grounds committee groomed the grounds and had them in great shape for the dogs. Thanks to our wrangler Will Langley of Bottom Creek Farm in Attica, Mich., for providing the horses. Thank you to Julie Romence for taking pictures. Thank you to all who donated to the trophy fund.

Monday afternoon was rainy. The ride-around of the courses was held for all who were willing to get wet. That night was the welcome dinner catered by Alibi Bar and Grill, followed by the Calcutta. Lunches were catered by Eileen Gust, who did a great job preparing and cooking tasty meals for everyone.

Tuesday’s running was delayed due to the weather. Purina catered the dinner for the Magnum’s Masked Man Award; thanks to Bob Burchett for presenting the award and trophy. Congratulations to John Kipp with Kip’s Bay Dark’N Stormy Maddie on winning the Magnum’s Masked Man award!

Wednesday was the winner’s dinner for Legacy’s Pine Bandit. Everyone enjoyed the delicious barbecue and dessert compliments of Delmar McCallister and his wife. Thursday was the Tri-Tronics award dinner. The award was presented to Hope’s Chief of Crosscreek. Congratulations to Barbara and Wayne Pepin and Polly and Bob West!

Friday night was a town hall meeting to discuss the possibility of moving the stake from Ionia and any other questions.

To our sponsors, the competitors, the gallery that was shared by horses and personal assist devices, and to everyone who volunteered, we greatly appreciate all that you did to make the event successful and fun. The bird work was plentiful with numerous coveys for each brace. Thank you to all!


The champion came from brace No. 5, Magnum High Velocity, white and orange Brittany male owned and handled by Vincent Anderson of Erie, Pa. Starlight’s Mercury Out Ryder (Bob Burchett) was braced with the winner.

On day No. 1 “Gauge” held his own and set the bar for the competition. On course No. 2 at 5 Gauge was high and tight on the right treeline scoring his first covey find. Ryder was out to the front and on the move. Gauge swapped ends hard at 9 on forward treeline and was rewarded with another covey. Down from the big oak on the treeline at 23 point was called; birds lifted and Gauge was moved on.

Gauge was forward through the orchard and went wide right and rimmed the bottom field effortlessly, showing to the front as both dogs made the turn down to the dike. At 34 on the dike Gauge had an unproductive with Ryder backing. At 45 both dogs had separate finds. Ryder was rewarded and moved forward. Vince chose to relocate Gauge with a successful find. With Ryder to the front, Vince needed to catch up and he did just that. Both dogs finished together.

From brace No. 8 came the runner-up Emma Tayshon, Brittany female owned by Jim and Drew Carter of Ambrose, Ga., and handled by Jim Carter.

Emma was down with Touch of Bourbon Little Chug (Carson/Scott Johnson) in the second brace on the second day. Emma handled the grounds with ease working the cover. At 21 Chug was standing with Emma backing. Scott relocated Chug while Emma moved on. Chug was rewarded with a covey, then had another find at 28 before both dogs had divided finds at 33 and 39. At 42 Chug was seen stealing point and was up. Emma stood nicely as Jim flushed and fired. Emma worked the orchard then went to the right and swung wide, making a smooth move in the field before scoring again at 58 on the edge of the woods to finish nicely. We all missed seeing Drew and the boys!

From brace No. 14 on course No. 2 was Hit’s Miss Bee Havin (Judy Kiracofe) down with Diamond Hill Dangerous Weapon (Stu/Lisa Pollock). Bee scored first at 43 seconds on the left treeline, a covey, all in order and stylish. On the right at 2 Stu also had a nicely handled covey find. This pair was finding birds on both sides of the fields. Bee scored again at 3 and 6. Stu countered at 4, 14, then at 18 with a relocation. At 22 Stu had an unproductive while Bee had a find on the left side of the field. Both dogs took the front and headed toward the dike, each on their own edge. After the dike Stu went right and continued on toward the treeline while Bee continued straight. At 35 Judy’s scout called point from the top of the hill from the big oak. Judy rode up and pointed out the covey huddled down in a drizzle; birds lifted and Bee handled it well. At 40 Stu was on point at the woodsedge. Lisa indicated feathers. As Bee came across the top treeline she hit point and scored again at 42. Both dogs hunted the orchard. At 47 Bee had her seventh find as dogs crossed the second dike and went left. On the right at 53 Bee was standing and Stu came up and backed. At 58 Bee had a covey find on the right with nice style; she was released and finished going down on the treeline. Stu scored once more at 59 to finish the hour.

From brace No. 10 Hope’s Chief of Crosscreek (Bob Burchett) was paired with St. Clair’s Prince Rocco Volcano Leo (Scott Johnson), away on course No. 1. Chief had good bird work at 6 and Rocco scored at 7, with Chief baking. At 10 Rocco was looking nice and hit point leaving Hires field on the treeline with a covey. Chief was hunting forward and then seen rimming the fields heading toward the Boy Scout bridge. Rocco hit point at 19 on the treeline then again at 23 and was up. Chief scored at 32 after the Boy Scout bridge, then at 40 and 48 he had covey finds and then finished going away.


Wednesday, October 25.

Rico’s Hi Proof Bootlegger (Mason/ Chuck Schaefer) and Coco Dot (Scott Johnson) were off at 8:45. At 5 Coco Dot had a find on the right side of the treeline. Mason had a find at 6 with a relocation. At 12 both dogs were up with a bump and chase.

Both Legacy’s Pine Bandit (Jim Johnson) and T N T’s Sirius Renegade Buddy Boy (Tommy Thomas) ran strong. Bandit had a find at 3 and crouched slightly. He was released and hit point again at 8 before moving on. Going down toward the Boy Scout bridge Tommy was working a bird and Buddy sat. Bandit hit point at 20 on the right just before the Boy Scout bridge. At 34 Bandit had another covey find but crouched a bit more. He went on with more bird work at 37, 39 and 42, with an unproductive at 45. Bandit scored at 51, 57 and 58.

Marjo’s Leftover (Haley/John Perry) and Hipoints Summer Time (Ron Gulembo) had nice runs. Haley scored at 10 seconds, then the rest of the hour for her was spent running. Summer had a nice ground application with stylish finds at 30, 35, 44 and 48.

Bark River Queen of Diamonds (Daisy/Jeff Stanton) and Nothin But Trouble (Jim Carter). At 6 Trouble had a nice find on the right treeline. A divided find was at 7. At 12 and 15 Daisy scored with Trouble backing. At 30 point was called for Daisy and Trouble decided not to back. Daisy continued on and was out of pocket for a bit. She showed up with bird work at 53, 56 and 59. The judges asked to see her finish.

I’m Your Man (Gus/Bill Gorman) and Georgia Drive By (Burchett). Gus did not have his ears on today. At 21 Drive By had a find leaving Hires field and Gus failed to back. Drive By had bird work at 30 and at 55 it was too much.

Day No. 2 had a short fog delay.

Turning Points Landslide (Mack/S. Johnson) and Wild Wild Willie (Steve Cosgriff). Will scored at 3 with Mack backing. There was a divided find at 10; both handled it well. Mack had an unproductive at 20, then a nice covey find at 32 after a relocation. At 42 Mack was making a nice move on the treeline, then his brace was cut short as the judges said he bumped a covey.

Ricochet Gunsmokes Mr. Dillon (Thomas) and Gunn’s A Blaz’n (Annie/Carter). This brace was cut short. At 40 Jim picked up Annie as she was not getting it done for him. Dillon ran over a bird and was up. There was a sighting of the swans taking flight as we crossed the dike.

Diamond Hill Work Hard Play Harder (Gin/Lisa Pollock) and Green Mountain Lucy (Mike Blondin) was also a shorter brace. At 12 and 22 Gin had bird work. Lucy had bird work at 13 then was up at 22 for stealing point. Gin was not feeling herself. Lisa picked her up at 35.

Wild Mtn’s Midnight Rendezvous (Josie/Bob Burchett) and T J’s Black Diamond (Coal/John Perry). The afternoon ended early when Josey was short running with two finds and a chase. Coal held his edges nicely with two pieces of bird work and two unproductives.

Day No. 3 began with No. 13.

Copley Sheltany Echos of Angels (Zoie/S. Johnson) and Finn MacCuhal (Bill Gorman). A divided find at 4 started this brace. At 9 Zoie scored a covey and continued with bird work at 11 and 15, then she was gone. At 33 Scott pulled the retrieval device. Mac had a find at 15 leaving Hires field at the mott on the left. At 41 Mac had an unproductive after a pair of relocations, then finished the hour.

T N T’s Raise’N A Ruckus (Rae/ Thomas) and Springhill’s Red Hot Performance (John Bell) had plenty of birds. Rae carded finds at 5, 14 (with Red backing) and 19. Red had bird work at 5 and 16. They both handled nicely. Rae continued with more bird work at 30. At 36 Red was backing Rae which proved to be an unproductive. Rae moved on to birds at 42 and 51 (Red backing). Rae ended with one more find and was released. Both dogs finished.

T N T’s Blazing Shoshoni Shake N’ Bake (Bubba/Thomas) and Trasa’s Little Sky Dancer (S. Johnson). Sky had bird work at 12 with Bubba backing, then there was a divided find at 18. Bubba had bird work at 38, 51 and 55 (with Sky backing). Sky had good bird work at 40, 42, 48 and 56. Both dogs finished the brace.

Starlight’s Where There’s A Will (Rebecca Walters) had his running shoes on and was gone. The retrieval unit was out. Sovereign’s Chasing Legends (Hobey/Bob Burchett) had plenty of bird work with a good ground application and finds at 18, 25, 30 and 33.

Grade Eight Bolt (S. Johnson) and Sanbar’s Legendary Evening (Hershey/J. Johnson). Bob announced the brace and away we went . . . without the judges! In seconds, however, the judges were ahead. Bolt had a find at 7 with Hershey backing, then both dogs had separate finds at 15. Hershey went missing in action and the retrieval unit was pulled. Bolt had bird work at 22. With a relocation, the bird lifted out of the tall grass. Bolt had good bird work at 42 and 50 and finished well.

Final day, brace No. 19 — K J’s Darlin Darcy (Ken Windom) ran as a bye. With a sighting of deer, Darcy moved nicely on the treelines. She scored a find at 7 by the barn. At 11, on the next treeline, she marked then laid down and the day was done.

Ionia, Mich., October 24

Judges: Cliff Mesnard and Dr. Roger McPherson


Winner—MAGNUM HIGH VELOCITY, 1669433, male, by High Hopes Tiger Jac—Dot’s Original Spice. Vincent Anderson, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—EMMA TAYSHON, 1651784, female, by Just Call Me Roy—Ginger Snap. Jim & Drew Carter, owners; Jim Carter, handler.

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