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American Brittany Club Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Joanne Perry | Jul 07, 2017
The Winners. From left: Judge Ken Kohles, Joanne Perry, Jeff Currier (behind), John Perry with Marjo’s Leftover, Vince Anderson with Magnum High Velocity, Denise Anderson and Judge Dave McKay..

East Windsor, Conn. — Thank you to our judges for this year’s American Brittany Open Shooting Dog Championship: Ken Kohles from New York and Dave McKay from Pennsylvania.

Thank you to our sponsors, Purina and Garmin/Tri-Tronics, for their continued support. Purina fuels many of the competitors and provides financial support for the event. Garmin engineers collars that build a better dog. The winners received Purina Pro Plan dog food and Garmin provided an electronic training collar. With their continued support this allows us to host quality events such as this one.

Many thanks to the Anthracite Brittany Club and New England Field Trial Association for hosting this prestigious event.

Many thanks to the trial committee as well: Chairman John Perry; Claire Ricci, serving as the field trial secretary/marshal; Joe Sikorski, stakes manager; Joanne Perry, reporter/marshal; Lisa Pollock and Jeff Currier, coordinating the bird planting.

Robin Shadle, our wrangler,  provided horse power.

Leslie Hunt announced the braces and stored the prize dog food; and Sue Way served delicious breakfasts and lunches, along with awesome cookies.

Anthracite hosted Monday night’s dinner from Nonna’s Restaurant: salad, lasagna, Italian cacciatore, garlic bread and for dessert, Lisa’s famous carrot cake.

Thank you again to our sponsors, the competitors and to everyone who volunteered. We greatly appreciate all that you did to make the event successful and fun.

Twenty-seven dogs were entered; 26 ran. Gus was sick in brace No. 3 so Big White moved up from No. 13.

We completed seven braces Monday; four in the morning, three in the afternoon. On Tuesday, four braces were completed in the morning and we finished in the afternoon.

The Winners and Others

The champion came from brace No. 11, Marjo’s Leftover, owned by Danielle Perry of Claymont, Del., and handled by John Perry.

Dixie (Ben Lorenson) was braced with Marjo’s Leftover, callname Haley.

Both dogs broke away strong. At 12 Dixie was up due to an indiscretion. Haley was seen to the front going down tobacco road and through the culvert, then point was called as we crested the hill in the orchard. Haley was standing staunch. With impeccable manners, the shot was fired and she was moved on. When we came around the gun dog breakaway, point was called at 33 by the scout. As we rode down the hill Haley was seen pointing with intense style well off her birds, all manners in order. She continued her forward race hunting with good ground application. She went through Dearborn, continuing on to finish at the bottom side of tobacco road.

Runner-up came from brace No. 9, Magnum High Velocity, callname Gauge, owned and handled by Vincent Anderson of Erie, Pa. Rusty (Ben Lorenson) was braced with Magnum High Velocity. This was a short brace for Rusty when he was seen under a bird.

“Gauge” hit the ground running. As we came around the hairpin turn at 11, on the right in the woods, point was called for Gauge and he was looking good. He carded a woodcock find. Gauge had feathers at 17 and then scored at 25 in the orchard; shot was fired and he watched the bird fly. Behind the clubhouse at 35 Gauge had another stylish and mannerly find. He then headed out to where he was found standing at 47 on the left-hand side of the cut. Gauge was on a roll, finishing nicely on the backside of the all-age course.

Brace No. 12: Diamond Hill Dangerous Weapon (Stu/Lisa Pollock) and Finn McCool (Mac/Ben Lorenson). At 5  Mac suffered an unproductive; Stu backed. Mac scored at 10 at the ponds. At 14 they had a mannerly divided find at the island of trees and again on the other side of the woods.  Mac scored at 22, 28 and 37. Stu was moving well and going into Dearborn with a stylish find at 46. Mac was up at 55 with a jump and chase. Stu had a successful hunt with a find in the trees going through the chute. With all in order Stu finished with another find on the left as time was called.

In  No. 4 both Diamond Hill Work Hard Play Harder (Gin/Lisa Pollock) and Piney Run Lilly (Ben Lorenson) left the breakaway hunting to the front. Gin had a stop to flush at 10 at the hairpin turn. At 12 Lilly was pointing on the right in the woods with nice style. Lilly’s second find was at 20 on tobacco road. Point was called for Gin at 30 behind the clubhouse with all in order. At 40 point was called for Lilly, handled well. As we moved through chute toward the gun dog breakaway, Gin scored at 50, then at 53 with a relocation. Lilly was forward continuing to hunt. Both dogs finished the hour.


In the first brace, Jack (Kyle Merrill) was down with Rosie the Terror  (Mario Maiale). Jack had bird work first with a bump and was out of contention. Rosie completed the hour with no birds.

Gabe  (Lorenson) was under a bird at 10. At 13 Suemac’s Sky King (Mark Hughes) scored a find, then went missing for a lengthy time and the retrieval device was out.

Big White (Ben Lorenson) was on the ground for 20 minutes, then seen in pursuit of a bird. Louis the Sun King (Lisa Pollock) had a good ground race with mannerly finds at 9 and 15. Deer were seen at 25 and Louis went missing.

Nuggett (Merrill) and Stonecreek Jack’D Up GTO (Joe Sikorski). This was a short brace for Nuggett. “Zoom” ran strong and finished the hour with no birds.

Country Girl Shake It For Me (Merrill) was out of contention when she chased at 12. Hit’s All Jack’D Up (Cruise/Joe Sikorski) had a good go with few slow spots. Cruise scored at 18 on tobacco road with another solid find at 30 behind the clubhouse. At 52 he had a hawk kill then he continued on and finished the hour.

Kip  (Merrill)  and Kinwashkly JD’s Super Hero (Cooper/Jeff Currier)  began forward with nice hunting style. Kip decided to go with the bird at 23. At 25 point was called for Cooper behind the clubhouse. With good style and manners Cooper was moved on. At the power lines at 30 Cooper pointed but no bird was produced. Cooper scored at 38 in Dearborn.

Second Amendment (Remi/John Perry) scored at 11 on the right of the tree islands. At 13 Tucker  (Lorenson) was standing in the woods after the hairpin turn. Point was called for Remi at 20 on tobacco road with all in order. In the orchard Tucker was up for an indiscretion. Remi scored again in the orchard at 35 with a mark and was moved on and finished the hour.

A short brace for Green Mountain Lucy (Mike Blondin) for not honoring at 5 in the islands. Sunrise (Misty/Kyle Merrill) scored again in the woods at the hairpin turn looking very nice. Misty was on a roll with finds at 13, 18, an unproductive at 23. She continued to hunt with a nice pattern and scored again at 38. At 52 it proved to be a bit much as she chased in Dearborn.

Gunner (Lorenson) scored at 13 at the culvert leading to tobacco road. At 19 Rylee’s Rolling Thunder of Coos (Hughes) chased. Gunner continued to hunt. He had feathers at 38 then went missing, had a find at 57, and completed the hour.

East Windsor, Conn., May 1

Judges: Ken Kohles and Dave McKay


Winner—MARJO’S LEFTOVER, 1615029, female, by Marjo’s Red Rum—Elyssa’s Allie Baba. Danielle Perry, owner; John Perry, handler.

Runner-Up—MAGNUM HIGH VELOCITY, 1669433, male, by High Hopes Tiger Jo—High Hopes Dot’s Original Spice. Vincent Anderson, owner and handler.

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