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American Brittany Club Shooting Dog Derby Invitational

By Mike Poehler | Nov 29, 2018
The Winners and Contender. Front, from left: Harleen Johnson with Whizki On Diamonds, Hyatt Burchett, Valerie Burchett with Osage Fork Slick and Bob Burchett with Sniksoh Diamond Jack. Behind: Scott Johnson, Mike Poehler, Al Cropek and Marc Rittner, the judges; Jill Schaefer, Chuck Schaefer, Gaylord Jowett and Tommy Thomas.

Ionia, Mich. — Judges for the 2018 American Brittany Derby Invitational were Marc Rittner from California and Al Cropek from Pennsylvania, both longtime Brittany breeders and competitors. We greatly appreciate their time and efforts to attentively evaluate the performances of those invited to compete in this third renewal.

We also thank Purina for their continued support of field trials and providing a supreme feed to fuel our dogs as they compete. And for Purina’s continual research into all things related to dog health, performance and nutrition. We truly appreciate your corporate sponsorship of the American Brittany Club.

Thank you to the owners and handlers for coming to showcase fine young dogs in this year’s ABC Shooting Dog Derby Invitational. You have much to look forward to as your dogs grow and mature.

Thanks to Dick Lipski for tirelessly planting all of the birds for us as well as each of the Gun Dog National Championships on each end of this event. Thanks to Chuck Langstaff for driving the dog and gallery wagon, and to Eileen Gust for keeping us fed.

Will Langley of Bottom Creek Farms provided mounts for judges, handlers and gallery members alike — thank you!


The winner and runner-up came from brace No. 4, characterized by lots of action from both dogs, both competitors exhibiting great speed, style and application superior to the rest of the field. Both of these dogs should have long and distinguished careers ahead of them.

Our winner, Whizki on Diamonds, white and orange Brittany female handled by Scott Johnson, grew in speed and application as the hour progressed with a slightly stronger finish than her bracemate. “Tracy” had eight finds with her last being a large covey near the shotgun range just before the western levy and the lone oak parking lot.

Owned by Cory Stokes of Arcadia, Kan., this was the first time Tracy had been handled by Scott Johnson.

Runner-up was Osage Fork Slick, handled by Bob Burchett. Slick was making huge moves early on and through most of the hour, using the wind and flying around the course having eight finds. Slick and “Tracy” slowed some at 40 with Slick having less in the tank at the end. Slick’s scout Tommy Thomas repeated his Superman imitation by flying off and under his horse in a familiar spot early in the hour; thankfully he wasn’t seriously injured and finished the hour as well.

Slick is owned by Chuck and Jill Schaefer of Indianapolis, Ind.


Sniksoh Diamond Jack (Burchett) disappeared to the front upon break-away, espied again on the interior line of Hires field heading speedily south to his first find at the pond edge as we took the weekend course backward in figure 8 fashion. He displayed great style and intensity. Jack had a total of three forward and reaching finds and a most consistent pattern, finishing just shy of the shotgun range. (Jack was rewarded with third for his effort.) Kala’s Thunder and Lightning of Shortbarrels (Boomer/Christnagel) was at closer range and working between the edges and his handler, taking and completing some lines toward the middle of the hour, at which point your reporter rode with the forward dog. Boomer finished with four nice finds for his efforts.

Sniksoh Slippery Slope (Slick/ Burchett) was away fast and forward, being found standing high and tight holding point for a long time on each of his three finds. After his first he became bullish at times, finally getting lined out again midway through the hour and made nice moves throughout the hour. Nixo De Cache D’or (Oakie/M. J. Haesche), a French Brittany, was fast, snappy and animated throughout his hour. He was shorter ranging and frenetic early, growing in his range and application, always using the wind and being rewarded with six finds for his efforts; a pleasure to watch!

Lapat’s Cody (McDonald) and Turning Points Lady of Victory (Nike/ Burchett) were slow getting started in their brace, showing a bit too much interest in each other. Once their handlers got them separated both of their patterns improved and they each did some really nice things. Each dog had five finds for their efforts. Cody was near broke on most of his finds and each dog looked stylish on their birds.

Osage Fork Slick and Whizki On Diamonds were detailed earlier.

Ionia, Mich., October 27

Judges: Al Cropek and Marc Rittner


Winner—WHIZKI ON DIAMONDS, 1677986, female, by A Trace Bourbon With Diamonds—Dottie Loa Whizki Nick Sugar. Cory Stokes, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

Runner-Up—OSAGE FORK SLICK, 1681924, male, by Kid’s Red Devil—Farm Girl Pearl. Chuck & Jill Schaefer, owners; Bob Burchett, handler.

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