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American Brittany Club Western Futurities

By Jan Kilpatrick (All-Age) and Arlette Hennessey (Shooting Dog) | Jun 08, 2018
All-Age Winners. From left: High Lonesome Bowden Hills, Jim Hammett, owner-handler; J T Copper Buckaroo, Jeff Minch, owner; Paul Doiron, handler; Spanish Corral’s Wild Bill, Claude and Jan Kilpatrick, owners. Standing: Judge Leslie Like, Jeff Minch and Peggy Doiron.

California City, Cal. — The California Brittany Club once again hosted the 2018 Western All-Age and Shooting Dog Futurities.

Temperatures were in the 30s in the morning, warming to the 70s during the afternoon.

Participants came from all of the Western States with the exception of Utah.

The Futurity Committee would like to thank all of the breeders, owners and handlers who came to our high desert to showcase this great group of Brittanys.

Thank you to our sponsors, Purina, Garmin and Mud River, for our participant and judges’ gifts; and to those who donated to support our event: Rick and Hillary Herrera, Leslee Masolotte, Camelot Brittanys, Debbie Inferrera and Jim and Mary Cullor.

Unfortunately, we lost Steve Ball (Idaho), our Shooting Dog judge, to the flu the day before the Futurity. Fortunately, Jim Hammett (Oregon) was on hand to step in. Thank you so much to all our field judges and reporters for the hours in the saddle.

Western All-Age Futurity

Judges  for the 2018 Western Futurity were  Leslie Like and Michael Vaz.

Though the stake only had five entries, the competition was first rate and all these youngsters were up to the task of showing their stuff over the challenging all-age course — sandy rock, sage and greasewood covered hills with rocky outcroppings — a demanding terrain for dogs, horses and riders.

Named winner was High Lonesome Bowden Hills (Bo), handled and owned by Jim Hammett. Second was J T Copper Buckaroo (Buck), handled by Paul Doiron and owned by Jeff Minch.

J T Copper Buckaroo (Buck/Doiron) was wearing his “go fast” running boots to protect his injured feet but they didn’t slow him down much as he exhibited an amazing all-age application handling beautifully to all points near and far. Buck had an unproductive in chukar alley at 20 and after a drink and dunk finished moving briskly through the flats then up the final ridge and down into camp. For his performance Buck received a much deserved second place. High Lonesome Bowden Hills (Bo/Jim Hammett) had his all-age running shoes on as he hunted high and low in search of the elusive chukar. An extreme all-age race from Bo’s first big cast into the bowl, then up and over the rocky outcrossing until his final monster move at 22 across the barren flats toward the greasewood covered ridge at the extreme edge of the course. Everyone was holding their breath until Judge Vaz pointed out Bo coming in at 26. Bo was rounded up, watered then taken up breakaway ridge and released to finish out his first place performance back into camp.

Other entries were: Breton’s Bear From Twister Mountain (Scott Azevedo);  Spanish Corral’s Wild Bill (Paul Doiron), and  Hoaloha (Shannon Renfree), as a bye.

California City, Cal., January 31

Judges: Leslie Like and Michael Vaz


5 Brittanys

1st—HIGH LONESOME BOWDEN HILLS, 1667438, male, by Crossed the Line—Sniksoh Tequila Caliente. Jim Hammett, owner and handler.

2d—J T COPPER BUCKAROO, 1671008, male, by Kiger Hills Louee—Lock and Load Daisy. Jeff Minch, owner; Paul Doiron, handler.

Western Shooting Dog Futurity

Judges were Jim House and Jim Hammett who named Kinwashkly Timberline Kestral (Kess), handled by Paul Doiron and owned by Teddi Montes and Kris Thompson, the winner.

Placed second was Lock and Load Ruger, handled by Dakota Zamudio and owned by Dakota and Brandon Zamudio. Ruger is out of Kiger Hills Louee ex Lock and Load Daisy.

Third was M B’s Make Mine A Double Tequila (Maki), handled by Paul Doiron and owned by Christine Landerholm-Miller. Fourth was Warbonnet and Campbell’s Skye’s The Limit, handled by Ben Campbell and owned by Ben and Jacqui Campbell.

Wolram’s and Camelot’s Comstock Cate (Janice Schmoldt), braced with the winner, went birdless. Kinwashkly Timberline Kestral was very busy right off the line, climbing the ridges and covering the ground in a snappy and flashy handling. Kess had finds at 11 and 18. Kess ran strong throughout her brace.

K Nine’s Wilhelmina (Willa/Steve Crabb) was down with the second place dog. At 7 she was found on point of a dead bird. More nice casts were made up the hills. Second placed Lock and Load Ruger moved out well in front, working well. At 20 he was found under a bird and at 22 made a big cast.

Third placed M B’s Make Mine A Double Tequila  made a nice big cast and found the water, cooling in the afternoon heat. At 12 Maki pointed; both dogs helped push the bird up. Maki made a nice long retrieve to hand — a very soft mouth with bird still alive. Nice ground speed.

Kinwashkly Stuck In Lodi (Hawley/Dan Gifford) was paired with fourth placed Warbonnet and Campbell’s Skye’s The Limit in the final brace.  Both dogs made some nice casts. Hawley spent most of her time busy working the bottom valley floor. Skye made a nice cast to the hill and ran the ridge. At 6 she had a nice point on a bird, and at 7 a stop to flush. At 13 a “psychic” bird, and at 17 she did a “California stop” on a find. At 21 she had a speed find and at 23 she made a lunch stop.

Other contenders were: Caliah’s Brisco Sailor (Scott Meckstroth)  and  River Run Shake A Tail Feather (Joel Dannewitz); Camelot’s and Wolram’s Rollin Poker Chip (Scott Azevedo)  and Caliah’s Sierra Oceans Of Grace (Mary Brown);  Simon’s Standing Stone (Gus/ Azevedo) and Kinwashkly RustyRidge Justified (Reylyn/Jan Kilpatrick); K Nine’s Mischievous Loki Junior (Steve Crabb) and Warbonnet Wynd Turning Firestarter (Todd Breitenfeldt); K Nine’s Fleury Of Mischief (Steve Crabb) and  Warbonnet Wynd Drinker (Breitenfeldt).

Judges: Jim Hammett and Jim House


1st—KINWASHKLY TIMBERLINE KESTRAL, unreg., female, by Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper—Kinwashkly Single White Female. Teddi Montes & Kris Thompson, owners; Paul Doiron, handler.

2d—LOCK AND LOAD RUGER, unreg., male, by Kiger Hills Louee—Lock and Load Daisy. Dakota & Brando Zamudio, owners; Dakota Zamudio, handler.

3d—M B’S MAKE MINE A DOUBLE TEQUILA, unreg., female, by M B’s Make Mine A Double—North Umpqua’s Lucy’s Golden Edition. Christine Landerholm-Miller, owner; Paul Doiron, handler.

4th—WARBONNET AND CAMPBELL’S SKYE’S THE LIMIT, unreg., female, by Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper—Warbonnet Summer Wynd. Ben & Jacqui Campbell, owners; Ben Campbell, handler.

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