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American Field Transitions from Print to Web

Jun 04, 2020

Chicago, Ill. — Nothing has affected daily life more significantly in recent months than COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus.

State and city mandates imposed a shutdown of the American Field Publishing Company that spanned some ten weeks.

At this writing there is no specific timetable when the “catchup” will be completed.

During the preceding ten weeks, something considered for more than three years was brought to the fore: the feasibility of continuing to publish a weekly news journal paper edition with the attendant expenses of paper, print and postage. Additionally, there is the recurring problem of issues delivered late, or not at all, or damaged in transit, all of which have to be replaced at additional cost.

There is also the work of paginating (combining text and photos) the weekly issues, a demanding effort time-wise.

This is not a new topic for the American Field Publishing Company, but its importance became front and center when no print editions could be published because no staff personnel could be assembled to prepare pages for print.

But news could still be prepared remotely and posted to The American Field website (

Our mission is to provide news and information to the bird dog and field trial community in a timely fashion. Not to boast, but the weekly masthead carried the telling phrase “The Recognized Authority”. It is the American Field/Field Dog Stud Book that this phrase refers to, the entity that recognizes the field trial competitions and permanently records the results (not Facebook or some other site).

During the coronavirus crisis, the internet has served almost all aspects of daily life — shopping (not only apparel and related items, but groceries, too), entertainment, education, virtual meetings and remote work.

Communicating with the field trial public can be done more efficiently through the internet (website). News received on a Monday, for example, can be made available to the field trial family that day or the next, not ten to twelve days later in print.

At this point (June 4) there are several unknowns as we enter a new phase for the American Field Publishing Company.

Communicating with subscribers is first and foremost. All news currently posted on the American Field website is available at no cost.


Comments (6)
Posted by: William Zeisset | Jun 05, 2020 11:22

Great News, I am on the computer several times a day for business and pleasure, and would most certainly welcome news and articles through the internet! Thanks, Bill Zeisset

Posted by: Larry Lowell | Jun 05, 2020 14:14

I myself Signed up for both the printed hard copy and the website and ecopy paying $94. I Signed up about a month ago. there was no notice on the sign up page that due to Covid 19 that printing was stopped. I personally what what I paid for, I sign up to receive the printed copy. Paying for the $94 price tag was an added bonus with the internet access but not what I was really personally after. I hope my membership and yearly subscription will be extended to start when the published copy starts back up.

Larry Lowell

Posted by: Jim Cipponeri | Jun 06, 2020 07:46

I also signed up for both print and website subscription.Keeping a copy available in my truck/horse trailer and of course kitchen table or near the commode is essential to me.(try rrading a tablet while soaking my bones in a bath tub after a trial).My wife, children and even grand children review issues but would be reluctant to do so by pulling up the site on there I Phones.I hope the hard copy will still be available.Jim Cipponer

Posted by: Dick Steele | Jun 06, 2020 15:18

I too paid for both hard copy and E- edition.  Clicking on e-edition, only shows March issues.  I can click on individual current stories to see them but I need to see upcoming trials.

Posted by: Chad Hanson | Jun 16, 2020 18:31

Have always been surprised that there was a weekly hard copy. Have always enjoyed the individual benefits of both and of course the special Xmas edition. Possibly a change to a monthly hard copy with the larger trials covered and E-editions with more content would lower the work load while keeping all satisfied. Need to listen to what members prefer.

Posted by: William Bruchey | Jun 18, 2020 08:37

I went through the same thing. Paid for eEdition but had trouble accessing the archives. After number of tries, I eventually called AF. They had already given me a full refund on my subscription back onto the original credit card so all was free going forward and it works. I just happened to renew in that transition period. If you are in the same situation, check your credit card account. You are getting it free. Just my experience.

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