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Arizona Open Shooting Dog Championship

By John Beauchamp | Feb 20, 2021
The Winners. From left: Judge Bruce Hale, Bill Stapleton with Bangert's Red Baron, Brian Gingrich with C K Route Scout, and Judge Jim Kermott.

California City, Cal. — The Arizona Open Shooting Dog Championship followed the California Bird Dog Championship, kicking off Friday morning, January 22.

The course is plenty long for the sixty-minute braces and has enough topography to it you can lose a dog.  When you head out the first time you think we will be able to see the dogs a long way out.  But it has a way of swallowing them.

Friday we were only able to run four braces due to 30-40 mph winds that locked in for the afternoon. We got an early start Saturday and completed braces 5-10, a full day for that time of year.  Sunday, we finished the final four braces (11-14).

Birds were at a premium, but several dogs met the standard and the judges were happy to name a champion and runner-up.

Judges' notes. C K Post Route Scout (Scout), handled by Brian Gingrich, was named the winner.  As mentioned above, these are big grounds.  Scout ran to the limits of the shooting dog standard and looked good doing it.  His race was forward and biddable, happy, and directed.  He was found on point, forward, and all  was in order with his multiple find.  He had plenty of energy from start to finish; a very strong overall performance.

Vanguard’s Make Her Mark (Red), also handled by Brian Gingrich, earned runner-up. Her application was forward, thorough, and responsive. She has a nice way of working the objectives and did not require any scouting. There were no flat spots in her hour.  Her bird work solid with everything in order.

So many people to thank!  First, our sponsors – Purina and SportDog.  You make all this possible. Your generous support means the difference for us between being way in the red and hovering around break-even (this isn’t about the club making money).  The dog foos and hats from Purina and the collars from SportDog are very much appreciated by the winners and really do translate to entries for the trials, which we need in the West. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Since we lost the grounds in Kingman (now nut tree groves) two years ago, we have run the Arizona Open Shooting Dog Championship at California City, Cal., in partnership with the Antelope Valley Bird Dog Club and their trials.  The brunt of the work falls on Antelope Valley BDC. I can’t stress how supportive they have been.

Bruce Hale doesn’t get enough credit for what he does in planning and logistics, but if you have ever had to organize and execute a trial you would appreciate Bruce’s level of planning and attention to detail. Glen Johnson manned to dog truck this year for all the stakes and we never had a delay for dogs (weather yes). Glen made sure to take care of handlers after the brace and get the dogs rounded up and the next brace under way.

The Dixon family really helped us out. Longtime field trialer Ed Dixon was on hand and helped with bird planting. While his daughter Sharon handled breakfast and lunch for everyone out of the RV. When the wind blows cold,  a hot meal really tastes good!  And some how she was able to pull it off day after day. Thank you!

I can’t forget our judges who were in the saddle for three days and closely watched each of the braces. Bruce Hale and Jim Kermott, your experience and understanding were much appreciated.

The Arizona folks found ways to help out. Brian Smith made the long trip over through the snow to judge earlier in the week and helped on the dog truck, with the drawing, and everywhere he was needed. My wife Patti helped keep things moving and organized. It takes a team to get all these run – thank you all.

At some trials the weather is a bigger factor than you would like it to be. This was one of those trials.  Going into the trial the forecast was for one day of high winds BEFORE we were to got started.  And then sunny days, warming throughout the week. So we were focused on plans for water  on the course and making sure we had enough water to run camp on. And we did get wind as scheduled, but that is where the forecast went off the rails. We lost days in each of the three stakes (California Bird Dog Championship, Arizona Open Shooting Dog Championship, and Region 11 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship) to high winds.  I don’t think they made it to the gail force 80 mph wind predicted, but it was pretty close and challenging to say the least.

California City, Cal., January 22

Judges: Bruce Hale and Jim Kermott


[One-Hour Heats] — 2 German Shorthairs, 11 Pointers,  2 Setters and 12 Vizslas

Winner—C K POST ROUTE SCOUT, 1663076, Vizsla male, by C K Touchdown Guy—Vanguard’s Make Her Mark. Jim Gingrich, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

Runner-Up—BANGERT’S RED BARON, 1659495, Vizsla male, by C K Touchdown—Heidi Go Seek Jones. Patricia Bangert, owner; Brian Gingrich handler.

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