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Tangled Sheets Wins Ozark Title; Supernatural Wins Arkansas Crown

Arkansas Shooting Dog Championships

By Steve Messick | Jul 17, 2017
Ozark Championship Winners. From left: Judge Tim Penn, Shawn Kinkelaar, Rita Ornsby with Tangled Sheets, Johnny Ornsby, Dr. Jeff Hale with Hale’s Southern Touch, Virgil Moore and Judge Tony King.

Conway, Ark. — After all the dust flying, birds flushing and ground running, a true champion was named. Tangled Sheets, four-year-old white and liver pointer female owned, bred and started by husband and wife team of Johnny and Rita Ornsby of Greenbrier, Ark., was named champion. She had the judges riding high in their saddles. Her race is what separated her from the pack. Her bird work was beyond, her second find was of the field trial type, found deep along the lake edge and only the keen eye of the scout found her.

Tangled Sheets gives her all every time and today a little extra. She was handled by the capable Shawn Kinkelaar; Eddy Taylor was at home urging her on.

As most know Tangled Sheets was in the string of Eddy Taylor until his horse breaking trip did not go so well. The decision was to let Shawn fill the bill and he did so well.

All involved with the development of Tangled Sheets should be proud; she truly is one to be reckoned with.

Nipping at the heels of the champion was another female owned by Dr. Jeff Hale of Russellville, Ark. Hale’s Southern Touch is also a group project. She started her career with Andy Daugherty for the Westfall team. Dr. Hale made the purchase and put her with big Andy’s brother John “Buz” Daugherty. Success came quickly, but bad luck raised its ugly head here too when Buzzy became seriously ill during the summer. Good friend Shawn Kinkelaar was summoned. As with the champion, Shawn filled in with a great job for the team.

Bess, as she is called, is consistent, always working for the handler no matter who it may be. A true mark of her intelligence, she’s always to the front and can point birds no matter the day. Her three finds were spaced out through her hour, her manners on each perfect. Her future with Dr. Hale is going to be a bright one; she holds a special place with Jeff’s great family.

This year’s judges were a great team,  Tim Penn and Tony King, both from Missouri. They were beyond fair in their attention to each entry. Both are driven to seek the best and they did just that! Thanks to them for adding a great ingredient to this year’s Championship.

A great deal of thanks goes to Johnny Taylor for manning the dog wagon duties; his help is greatly appreciated.

An “atta boy” goes to Akansas Game Fish team of Roger Martin and Josh Fortner. Their work during the summer made for sucess in the fall. You are like family. Thanks again.

The Arkansas Derby Classic was next on tap. It runs between the Ozark and Arkansas Championships.

The heats are 45 minutes and in the past has produced many a future champion. Judges were the great pair of Tim Penn and Tony King. Both love looking at young prospects.

Back in the winners’ circle was Shawn Kinkelaar with another pointer female, Be Sure Girl, owned by Ralph Sole of Lee’s Summit, Mo. This trio has done damage this year; big things are surely in the future.

Runner-up was Sanctified, white and orange ticked pointer male handled by sure-enough good guy Virgil Moore. This stout youngster is owned proudly by Chuck Forsyth of Fort Worth, Tex. This was a very good field of juveniles, and tough to separate.

Conway, Ark., November 30

Judges: Tony King and Tim Penn


Winner—TANGLED SHEETS, 1650848, female, by Miller’s Happy Jack—Tina’s Tear Drop. Johnny & Rita Ornsby, owners; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.

Runner-Up—HALE’S SOUTHERN TOUCH, 1644260, female, by Whippoorwill War Dance—Whippoorwill G M A. Dr. Jeffrey Hale, owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.


Winner—BE SURE GIRL, 1668309, female, by Perkins Happy Tobe Here—Stonecreek Margaux. Ralph Sole, owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.

Runner-Up—SANCTIFIED, 1661108, male, by Certified Sam—Greypointe Invierna. Chuck Forsyth, owner; Virgil Moore, handler.


The Arkansas Shooting Dog was next up and a pair of veterans were in the saddle — Gordon Hazlewood of Dardanelle, Ark., and Jerry Hailey of Springfield, Mo. These two have been there and done it. They are quiet men whose experience does their talking. Many thanks goes to them for their help.

Speaking of experience, this year’s champion handler has just a bit. Jack Herriage claimed another one for loyal owners Mike McClanahan and Charlie Jackson. These two are truly class individuals and come no better!

Supernatural is another pointer bitch that claimed her first championship title. She fits Jack to a T. He’s right in front of the judges and she’s ten and two in front of him. She hits the ground with ease, here bird work crisp and clean. Two was her magic number. “Both good ones,” as ole Jim Darnell would say!

Back in the  runner-up spot was Hale’s Southern Touch for Dr. Jeff Hale and Shawn Kinkelaar. She again ran the front to perfection and pointed birds. The separation came from an unproductive. Hindsight would have done this a little different. But a great bitch she is!

If anyone has not noticed, the females dominated the Ozark, Derby and Arkansas Championships. I guess there is something to say about girl power!

Thanks again to the Game and Fish and all that Roger Martin and Josh Fortner do for Camp Robinson. Both of their smiles go a long way.

Back at the dog wagon was Johnny Taylor, always at the right spot.

I do want to say that Charlie Beeler, well, you would just have to know him. I know Walmart was glad to see him come; he is one Tootsie Pops man. His stories of “Jim the Wonder Dog” are still in the fields of Camp!

Finally, a big thank you to all handlers who came. If you have never tested your good one with the grounds at Camp Robinson, well, you’re missing it. When you win a championship at Camp, well, you’ve done something!

Judges: Gordon Hazlewood and Jerry Hailey


[One-Hour Heats] — 52 Pointers

Winner—SUPERNATURAL, 1645681, female, by Covey Rise’s Offlee Amazin—Jodie’s Golden Ticket. Charles R. Jackson & Mike McClanahan, owners; Jack Herriage, handler.

Runner-Up—HALE’S SOUTHERN TOUCH, 1644260, female, by Whipoorwill War Dance—Whippoorwill G M A. Dr. Jeffrey Hale, owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.

Reporter’s Note

My apologies to the owners and handlers of these Championships. Good thoughts of having a woman transcribe the report from recorder to paper was the plan. Instead, the recording was erased; she did not intend to do so. But I’ll take the blame and responsibility, so if anyone was to complain just call.

See you next year. Jim Martin has  agreed to report! S. M.

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