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As the Season Ends

May 17, 2018

The current field trial season — 2017-2018 — is winding down. All of the major circuit stakes, shooting dog and all-age, have been concluded, and over the next two weeks, the final trials of the season will be wrapped up.

It is timely, then, to take care of some housekeeping matters in advance of the new season.

• For club officials when submitting Essential Data forms showing the winners of specific stakes, the total drawn entry should be shown and that number be broken down by breed of dogs competing in the stake.

• Owners whose dogs have won a championship title or runner-up are reminded that those dogs are to have a DNA profile on record with the Field Dog Stud Book. Failure to have the DNA profile places that dog’s win record in jeopardy.

DNA kits (with instructions) are available at no cost from the FDSB and may be obtained by contacting the FDSB by phone or email with your request. Handlers may wish to have some DNA kits on hand to assist their owners with this imperative.

• Owners and handlers are reminded that when a dog changes hands — is acquired by another individual — that the registration certificate showing the new owner and date of transfer should be sent to the Field Dog Stud Book as soon as is practicable so the name of the new and correct owner can be properly reflected in the FDSB records. This is even more urgent in the event the dog wins an important placement.

• Effective July 1, 2018, the Field Dog Stud Book is implementing an additional requirement for sires and dams. A sire that produces five litters shall be required to have a DNA profile on record with the FDSB, and a dam responsible for four litters shall also be required to have a DNA profile.

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