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By Petie Brown | Mar 20, 2017
Open Shooting Dog Winners. From front left: Lynn Heard with Heard Hill’s Miss Behavin, Matt Ford with Matthew’s Styling June Bug and Buck Heard with Heard Hill’s Ms. Q. Standing behind: Petie Brown, Roger Shelswell, Dr. Chris Wheat and Christina Wheat.

Punta Gorda, Fla. — The 2015-2016 water world season is but a memory as dogs, handlers and horses endured the heat of Southwest Florida, which was extreme for this time of year.

Riding every brace in the Everglades trial December 30 to January 1 was newlywed judge Chris Wheat, Ph.D., from Stockholm, Sweden (formerly Clearwater, Fla.), accompanied by his lovely Danish bride, Christina, who is thoroughly smitten with field trials.

Roger Shelswell from Canada graciously filled in for the All-Age and Derby when another judge needed to bow out. Petie Brown filled in to judge the Shooting Dog.

Many thanks to the judges, especially Roger, for putting such long hours in the saddle with back to back trials (Puppy/Derby Classic and the Everglades), in order to accommodate this year’s Region 16 All-Age.

Along with Jim Goza, who graciously drives and maintains the dog wagon for the AFTCF, the amenities at the Webb/Babcock are abundant. Plentiful kennels and stables, numerous places to set up camp or pull in for the day, showers, clubhouse filled with character(s), a full kitchen make putting on a trial over New Year’s a memorable experience.

“Bring your own meat to cook out,” with many side dishes after heavy hors d’oeuvres, as always was a success, both Friday and Saturday nights, and the lighter fire around the Browns’ camp once again proved to be a magical spot for those who stayed up to greet the New Year.

More than one person acknow-ledged that there was no place they would rather be than on the Webb to ring in the New Year. Needless to say, the healthy, often wily, wild bird population is the cherry on top. Typically, this time of year the grounds are open for training and we have been fortunate to have many field trialers celebrate the holidays on the Webb.

Many thanks to Purina and representative Greg Blair for supporting our trials with Purina Pro Plan to the winners and hats, and thanks to Debra Hollingsworth for organizing this for the club.


The one-hour All-Age Stake was nearly dominated by Bart Goodson who won second and third place. Goodson’s Barcode, callname Rock, a striking white and black pointer, placed third with a wide energized run, a back, and a good finish. Debit or Credit, callname Ozzie, placed second with a big flashy race and one unproductive.  It should be noted that both dogs performed in the heat of the day and finished well. We look forward to seeing these dogs perform with an early morning or late afternoon draw. Awarded first was Silver’s Rebellious Gator, owned by Jim Goza and handled by Paul Daniel. Gator, despite an earlier unproductive, was the only dog to finish with a nice piece of bird work along the slough heading toward the red mineral box, which looked even more intense as he was backed by Myakka Hey Jude which took a hop to mark when the birds flew.

Several dogs had two unproductives and while sad to see, it’s a fact at the Webb that the birds will hear the handlers coming and light out before being seen, or turn in to roadrunners and make tracks. An experienced handler will expect to make multiple relocations quickly paying close attention to the wind, which is what landed Myakka Freddie Freeloader in the box after only 7 minutes. Fred barely warmed up in what should have been an awesome brace along “bird alley,” checking in nicely, after a couple of “rolling out there” casts, slammed on point. Handler Beth Brown, failing to produce the birds, relocated Fred several times, whereupon the birds flew to his right as he was moving, leaving Beth with that sinking feeling of having failed her dog. Fortunately, both dog and handler are good sports.

Saturday morning’s one-hour Shooting Dog started out cool enough, but quickly gave way to the heat like the day prior, making frequent watering a high priority. Matt Ford’s Bob was handling well as a big shooting dog with a find at 45 that turned into a pickup as the birds flushed. The judges noted that his bracemate Dixie, which had suffered an earlier unproductive and was tighter in her run, was backing from afar with great interest until her handler Dave Jorgensen called her forward.

Third place went to handler Buck Heard’s Heard Hill’s Ms. Q, callname Queenie, which laid out a nice pattern, running a snappy forward race, checking in from the front after casts between ten and two. Second was owner-handler Matt Ford’s setter Matthew’s Styling June Bug, braced with Queenie and which had a clean find after an earlier unproductive despite multiple relocation attempts. Earning first was Lynn Heard’s Heard Hill’s Miss Behavin, last year’s Region 16 Champion, called Smut, which had a forward run in the heat with a classy find.

Sunday morning temperatures quickly reached the 80s, making it even tougher on the more inexperienced Derby dogs. Fortunately, their attentive handlers did not push them. Third place Silver Dixie Girl, owned by Jim Goza and handled by Paul Daniel, ran a nice big forward race. Earning second was Myakka Lucy Diamond, owned and handled by Petie Brown, which ran a large forward race, was attentive to her handler and took out a large covey of birds at 25 with her bracemate Rock, owned by Jim Goza and handled by Paul Daniel. Running in the first brace likely helped owner-

handler Lynn Heard’s pointer Heard Hill’s Rebel Polly win first place as she produced the first birds of the day in a feed plot just to the right of the track. Polly looked amazingly poised and sure of herself on point, which matched well with her run of smooth forward casts, showing a lot of promise as a classy shooting dog.

Punta Gorda, Fla., December 30

Judges: Roger Shelswell and Chris Wheat

OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 10 Pointers

1st—SILVER’S REBELLIOUS GATOR, 1625002, male, by Daniel’s Southern Cross—Silverline Serious. Jim Goza, owner; Paul Daniel, handler.

2d—DEBIT OR CREDIT, 1641045, male, by Kilsyth Willie Nelson—Spanish Angle. Bart Goodson, owner and handler.

3d—GOODSON’S BARCODE, 1653165, male, by Clovis Point Chism—Spanish Angle. Bart Goodson, owner and handler.

Judges: Petie Brown and Chris Wheat

OPEN SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] — 7 Pointers, 1 Setter

and 1 Brittany

1st—HEARD HILL’S MISS BEHAVIN, 1650435, pointer female, by In The Shadow—Heard Hill’s Queen Mary. Buck & Lynn Heard, owners; Lynn Heard, handler.

2d—MATTHEW’S STYLING JUNE BUG, 1624000, setter female, by Mike’s Little May—Palmetto Molly. Matt Ford, owner and handler.

3d—HEARD HILL’S MS. Q, 1650436, pointer female, by In The Shadow—Heard Hill Queen Mary. Buck & Lynn Heard, owners; Buck Heard, handler.

Judges: Roger Shelswell and Chris Wheat

OPEN DERBY — 10 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—HEARD HILL’S REBEL POLLY, 1670777, pointer female, by Funseeker’s Rebel Tex—Nacho Myakka Miley. Buck & Lynn Heard, owners; Lynn Heard, handler.

2d—MYAKKA LUCY DIAMOND, 1665013, pointer female, by Elhew G Force—Myakka Hey Jude. Petie Brown, owner and handler.

3d—SILVER DIXIE GIRL, 1663023, pointer female, by Funseeker’s Rebel Tex—Lindley’s Dixie Girl. Jim Goza, owner; Paul Daniel, handler.

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