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Associated Field Trial Clubs of Florida

By Beth Brown | May 16, 2017

Sarasota, Fla. — Members of the Associated Field Trial Clubs of Florida — Beth Brown, Petie Brown, Paul and Jeannie May; Laura Dykstra, Matt Ford, Nigel Morris, Carl Checklick, Paul Daniel, Sharon and Don Wood; Dave and Diane Vernasco, Debbie Hollingsworth, Barbara and Dick Carlson, and Cason Pope of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission — met April 9 in Punta Gorda, Fla.

Beth Brown presented the treasurer’s report showing a current balance of $9,792. Our balance is holding fairly constant for the past few years.

Cason Pope reported of the recent activities on the Babcock-Webb grounds: Our bird count is about 14,000, down slightly from the year before (18,000). There were 130 quail killed during the hunt on the trial grounds.

The state has purchased sesbania seed and will start to plant as soon as we get some rain. All burning had been put on hold due to the very dry conditions. So far only one section in the southeast corner was burned. Summer burns will help to clear out some of the underbrush.

We are able to set trials to run next year in February. But if the weather is correct for a burn, they will burn and we will need to adapt our courses.

Cason asked for volunteers for the morning quail count. Participants are to be out before sunrise and listen for bird calls three times over a two-week period between archery and the gun hunt. Late September. Anyone interested can contact Beth or myself. Cason explained the water flow study and how it would affect areas to the west and south.

Dues and training fees will remain the same for the forthcoming year: $25 for membership and $200 for unlimited training, or $20/day.

Anyone (owner/handler) interested in getting amateur points or amateur recognition for their dogs’ wins must have an AFTCA membership number. If it is advertised as an open stake, anyone can run, but will not get points. AFTCA membership is $25 per year.

The club would like to receive Purina points for a trial or Invitational points for all of our stakes with heats of one-hour length. We already are able to get the Invitational points and Beth will contact (AFTCA secretary) Piper Huffman to ensure that our ad is worded correctly to get credit for those points. Our trials are short on entries for us to qualify for a Purina points trial, as the requirement calls for sixteen dogs. Our recent (five-year) entries shows a maximum of 14 dogs in a one-hour stake.

Beth presented two field trial schedules for us to consider. The membership voted to accept schedule No. 2. The following members volunteered to chair each trial. Members Memorial: Debra Hollingsworth; Char-Lee, Paul Daniel; Superbowl, Jim Goza; Everglades, Jim and Mary Ann Womack; Piney Woods, Don Wood; Puppy Derby, Beth Brown.

We are sending a thank-you note to Purina for the dog food and hats that they supplied last year.

Jim Goza said that Sportsman’s Pride would not only supply hats, dog food, but also may pay for our ads in The American Field. Jim wanted to send Sportsman’s Pride a letter asking for a written commitment for the above items as the commitment was a verbal OK from a representative when Jim was at the Dixie.

The new course was discussed. In wet times it may be hard for some vehicles to cross one section. Cason was asked if he could get some chopping or burning completed through the hourglass to open that area up for use. A reminder: Those wishing to cut out for camp before the end of brace must stay back and make sure they do not pull a dog off course as they cut into camp.

Rick Smith seminar brochures were distributed. Rick will be happy to conduct a weekend seminar on dog training, but a least eight participants minimum are required.

Dog of the Year Award winners and field trial calendar for the new season will appear in a later issue.

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