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Super Bowl Trial
By Don Wood | Jan 13, 2022
Open All-Age Winner. Jay Hallaron (judge) Beth Brown with Myakka Time Shifter and Jimmy Albright Trophy, and Justin Muzynski (judge).

Punta Gorda, Fla. — The fog had been heavy until near 10:00 a.m. All week long and we were concerned about getting the trial started at a reasonable hour; however, we were fortunate to only lose a few minute Saturday morning and no time at all on Sunday.

The temperature rose quickly into the mid-80s as the morning progressed. The luck of the draw had an influence on the results with first and second place both mornings coming from the first brace. The grounds had dried up a lot from the trial two weeks earlier and every saddle sported a bottle of water.

We were pleased to have Jay Halleron come down from Tennessee to judge for us. Jay has judged many times in the past but this was the first time since he moved to the land of blue grass.

Jay was joined by some of our locals to fill out the judicial slate. Justin Muzynski assisted in the all age stake, Paul Daniel did the shooting dog and Beth Brown judged the Derby. The dogs pretty much made it easy with all the decisions being well received.

At this trial we have impressive rotating trophies for the winners. The All-Age has the Jimmy Albright Trophy which was put into service by his wife Connie shortly after his death. The Shooting Dog has the George Russell punch bowl, which has been around since 1964. It is always an honor to win one of these trophies.

We have to thank our sponsors for this trial, Purina Pro plan. The winners are always pleased to receive their bag of Purina product. Purina also helps us pay for the ad that appears in the Field site. Thank you, Purina.

Each trial that the Associated  Field Trial Clubs of Florida run is chaired by a different person. This trial is always chaired by Jimmy Goza and Paul Daniel. Jimmy has had some medical issues this fall and Paul had to do double duty. Fortunately, several people filled in and assisted Paul with the many details that have to be covered when running a trial. Thank you, Paul, for your effort.

The grounds were considerably drier than for our first two trials. Most saddles sported water jugs and the trucks had several backups when they were needed. There was plenty of water in the ponds and shallow sloughs but they are not always around when you need one.


The Open All-Age got underway with just a 15-minute fog delay. Both Myakka Time Shifter, owned and handled by Beth Brown, and Funseeker Maggie by Tex, owned and handled by Vince Feltner, established strong ground races. Time Shifter scored twice on birds and added a back to Maggie’s find. First was awarded to Time Shifter and second went to Maggie. Third place was captured by Myakka Maxed Out, also owned and handled by Beth.

The Open Shooting Dog Stake suffered a short entry due to some late scratches. The winner was Funseeker’s Texas Preacher, owned and handled by Don Wood. Preacher put down a strong hour in the 80°+  heat.

The Open Derby was run Sunday morning. There was no fog but the temperature quickly rose into the low-80s.

First and second again came from the first brace with Holopaw’s Speed Shift, owned by Ken and Justin Muzynski taking first, and Funseeker’s Double Trouble, owned and handled by Don Wood grabbing second place. Third was awarded to another Muzynski youngster, Holopaw’s Rear Axel. Justin handled both of the Muzynski winners.

Punta Gorda, Fla., December 11

Judges: Jay Halleron and Justin Muzynski

OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] —6 Pointers

1st—MYAKKA TIME SHIFTER, 1670324, male, by Guard Rail—Myakka T Marie. Beth Brown, owner and handler.

2d—FUNSEEKER'S MAGGIE BY TEX, 1688712, female, by Funseeker's Rebel Tex—Nacho Myakka Miley. Vince Feltner, owner and handler.

3d—MYAKKA MAXED OUT, 1670323, male, by Elhew G Force—Myakka Hey Jude. Beth Brown, owner and handler.

Judges: Paul Daniel and Jay Halleron

OPEN SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] — 3 Pointers

1st—FUNSEEKER'S TEXAS PREACHER, 1667330, male, by Funseeker's Rebel Tex—Nacho Myakka Miley. Don Wood, owner and handler.

Judges: Beth Brown and Jay Halleron

OPEN DERBY —7 Pointers

1st—HOLOPAW'S SPEED SHIFT, 1690239, male, by Holopaw's Axel—Hot Digity Dot. Ken & Justin Muzynski, owners; Justin Muzynski, handler.

2d—FUNSEEKER'S DOUBLE TROUBLE, 1690076, male, by Nacho's Texas Rebel—Nacho's Drama Ma Ma. Don Wood, owner and handler.

3d—HOLOPAW'S REAR AXEL, 1690238, male, by Holopaw's Axel—Hot Digity Dot. Ken & Justin Muzynski, owners; Justin Muzynski, handler.

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