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By David A. Fletcher, Secretary | Jul 26, 2021
Award Winners. Front row, from left: Richard Hollister, Sr., with Dun Roven's Zip, Cover Dog Derby and Walking Dog Derby of the year runner-up; Leanne Parnell with Springpond Rockin Sydney, Walking Dog Derby of the year; Bill Branham with Huron Creek's Dough Boy, Horseback Puppy of the year; Richard Hollister, Jr., with Dun Rovens Drifter, Walking Shooting Dog runner-up; Dr. Harold Holmes with Travel Alert, Cover Dog shooting dog of the year. Back row, from left: Tom and Mark Fernandez, owners of Dun Roven's Zip; Sandy Maclean with Wicked Quick, Horseback Shooting Dog of the year; Kelsey Hajek with Wicked Hippie, Horseback Shooting Dog runner-up; Ron Sposita with Duke's Hold My Beer, Horseback Derby of the year, Association President Jim Cipponeri; Kathryn and Richard Lipski with Anchor's Lucky Number, Horseback Derby runner-up; Fran Holmes and Ron Williams.

Ionia, Mich. — The Ionia Field Trial Grounds clubhouse was the site July 11 for the 2021 Annual Meeting, steak fry, confirmation of member clubs' trial dates, and presentation of Dog of the Year Awards of the Association of Michigan Field Trial Clubs.

The COVID pandemic forced cancellation the meeting in 2020.

Association President Jim Cipponeri opened the meeting at 11 a.m. A roll call was taken of officers and directors and member clubs representatives present. A financial statement was read by Secretary Fletcher, and a list of the Association's summer and fall trials was presented for approval of all the dates and details before the ad could be posted. (See closing sentence below.)

Items on the agenda touching on old a new business were brought to the floor and discussed, and the election of officers and directors was completed.

Secretary Treasurer Fletcher expressed his desire to retire because of his advancing age and hearing difficulties, but he agreed to stay on one more year after fifteen years of service. Third-year director position was expiring and Director Charles Langstaff was renominated and re-elected to the Board as a first-year director.

Dog of the Year Awards were next. The accompanying photo and captions detail the award winners present. Absent winners were: Double Deuce Miles, Walking Puppy runner-up, owned and handled by Doug McMillen; North Bay's Tennessee Rye, Walking Puppy winner, owned by Brandon Short and handled by Brandon and Owen Short; A Distant Spec, Walking Shooting Dog winner, owned by Mike Husenits, handled by Mark Hughes and Eric Munden; Grouse Hill Smokey, Cover Dog Shooting Dog runner-up, owned by John Cappoci, handled by Marc Forman; Singleton's Sid the Kid, Cover Dog Derby runner-up, owned and handled by Mike Singleton; E J Jonesy, Cover Dog Puppy runner-up, owned by Taylor Kagley, handled by Tammy and Scott Chaffee.

The final award plaque, the Bill Rogers Memorial Award, was presented to Carl McRae of Holt, Mich., for his outstanding efforts "above and beyond the call of duty" at the Gladwin Cover Dog events.

One of the highlights of the Association's annual meeting and awards gathering is the annual "steak fry". This year it was one of the Association's best, wonderful tender and delicious steaks, brimming trays of mashed potatoes, a host of dishes to pass, and delicious, enticing treats. Highland Club President Ron Sposita was the engineer of the steak fry, purchasing  quality cuts and cooking them to perfection with an assist from Ron Williams. Ron Sposita even brought his huge gas grill to do justice to the well chosen steaks.

In short, a successful meeting presaging the season ahead.

For the 2021 Summer/Fall trial schedule, click here.


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