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Field Trial Report

Beaver Valley Pointer and Setter Club

By Joe Cammisa | Jun 11, 2018
Open Shooting Dog Winners. From front left: Mark Hughes with Kendal Hills Dawson Creek, Dave Hughes with Double Deuce Molly and Chris Catanzarite and Reese Carroll with Backcountry Polly. Standing: Judges Lucas Poloff and Chris Rider.

Rochester, Pa. — The Beaver Valley Pointer and Setter Club has been an icon since 1949 and close to eighty dogs were welcomed back for this spring 2018 renewal.

The clubhouse was readied a few days earlier by Al and Pat Mckinney, and the grounds were prepped for the optimum in a shooting dog venue and field trial experience.

Weather for the weekend was warm and typical spring conditions.

Stake Manager Norm Meeder did a yeoman’s job by performing the said duties and preparing for the extravaganza. As noted, nearly eighty dogs were drawn, and the Saturday-Sunday program was off to a good start.

The judges for the Open stakes were Chris Rider and Lucas Poloff, with Dr. Tim Perschke and Thor Kain presiding over the Amateur stakes.

Bird planter for the weekend was Bob Smith and no one can say that they did not have plenty of opportunities.


The Open Puppy was won by Jar’s Way Leroy, fancy setter male owned by Greg Yutzey and Amy Snyder, handled by Mark Hughes. Second was a smooth moving Pineneedle’s Keystone Ice, pointer male owned by Jim Miller and handled by Jeff Angott. Third was Egalloc’s Ready to Taliho, a front running setter female owned and handled by Don Collage.

The Open Derby was chocked full of several good prospects. Duck Hook, pointer male owned by Dick Straub and handled by Dave Hughes, rallied a great day to win first. Running with style and showing off his bird handling abilities, he set a standard that was not to be beat. Backcountry Missy, pointer female owned and handled by Chris Catanzarite, and Mac’s Graceland, pointer female owned and handled by Tim McClurg, respectively, garnered second and third, topping the field of hopefuls.

The Open Shooting Dog attracted 33 attendees, all with their eyes on the prize. The standout was a classy moving Kendal Hills Dawson Creek, settling in early to a bird-finding spree, calm, cool and collected throughout. Dave Hughes started the next morning with Double Deuce Molly in the first brace and she did her thing without a single slip, securing second place. Molly, pointer female, is no stranger to the winners’ circle and is owned by Doug McMillen. Backcountry Polly, pointer female owned and handled by Chris Catanzarite, certainly ate her Wheaties that day, showing grace, running ability and pointing style to lock up the third and final slot in the program. The judges noted that as many as 12 dogs could have placed that day, given just slightly different circumstances. This was a high quality stake, and both judges we pleased to have judged it.

With a quick change of judges on the second day, Tim Perschke and Thor Kain took over for the Amateur stakes. First in the Amateur Derby was a fast-moving, wide ranging setter female owned and handled by Steve Tacey, Jr. Jumping For June started out forward, never looked back, pointing quail on her way to the top. Pointer female Double Deuce Sage was also wide, fancy and fast for owner-handler Doug McMillen and took the red ribbon. Double Deuce Zeke, also owned and handled by Doug McMillen, was more workmanlike and hunted hard to find his quarry.

The Beaver Valley Club would like to thank Bob Smith, Al and Pat McKinney, Tom Butts, Alex Meeder, Paula Guilitto and a host of others who helped make this such a successful trial.

Some big thanks go out to a nine-year-old Reese Carroll, Bob Smith’s grandson. Reese helped in the kitchen both days, helped plant birds, helped marshal braces, helped get dogs on the line, assisted horseback scouts and participants with horse related duties, etc. Thanks, Reese.

Additionally, we would like to give special thanks to Suzie Cammisa and Kathleen Smith for all the wonderful breakfasts, lunches and the Saturday night banquet they prepared. All who attended the trial enjoyed the fruits of the kitchen staff’s labor.

[Reporter’s note: the homemade old-fashioned potato salad made by Pat McKinney, like one that was made by most of our grandparents, was an especially delightful treat and part of the Beaver Valley menu tradition.] We enjoyed one of the largest groups for dinner that we’ve had in some time. You know what they say, “good food, good friends and good times.”

Importantly, we would like to give special recognition and thanks to Greg Blair and Nestlé Purina. We thank them for their continued support to Beaver Valley and the Pennsylvania Walking Shooting Dog Association circuit.

Purina has long been supportive of our cause and has never wavered in this support nor in their effort to help us maintain the high standards that we have set for our dogs to supply them with the proper high-performance nutrition.

Professional trainers Lance Bressler, Mark and Dave Hughes, along with Marc and Scott Forman, were on hand with their charges and were very much appreciated. Marc and Scott Forman have not made the trek to “The Beav” in eighteen years and they were welcomed back with open arms.

Beaver Valley is a place where new friends are always welcome and old friends are always welcomed back . . . .

Rochester, Pa., May 5 — One Course

Judges: Lucas Poloff and Chris Rider

OPEN PUPPY — 2 Pointers and 6 Setters

1st—JAR’S WAY LEROY, 1673871, setter male, by Full Blast—Jar’s Way Shirley. Amy L. Snyder & Gregory L. Yutzey, owners; Mark Hughes, handler.

2d—PINENEEDLE’S KEYSTONE ICE, 1676195, pointer male, by Autumn Echo—Grouse Trails Sharptail. Jim Miller, owner; Jeff Angott, handler.

3d—EGALLOC’S READY TO TALIHO, 1675535, setter female, by Dark Intentions—Merritt’s I’m Ready. Don Collage, owner and handler.


1st—DUCK HOOK, 1668288, pointer male, by Erin’s War Creek—Brave Heart Cassie. Richard Straub, owner; Dave Hughes, handler.

2d—BACKCOUNTRY MISSY, 1672663, pointer female, by Erin’s War Creek—Backcountry Tornado. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

3d—MAC’S GRACELAND, 1678170, pointer female, by Mac’s Silver Dollar—Miller’s Amazing Grace. Tim McClurg, owner and handler.

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 18 Pointers and 15 Setters

1st—KENDAL HILLS DAWSON CREEK, 1650421, pointer male, by Beaver Meadow Benjamin—Richfield Stella. Tim Tufts & Tim Perschke, owners; Mark Hughes, handler.

2d—DOUBLE DEUCE MOLLY, 1642562, pointer female, by Cover Charge—Double Deuce Casey. Douglas E. McMillen, Jr., owner; Dave Hughes, handler.

3d—BACKCOUNTRY POLLY, 1629923, pointer female, by Mac’s Silver Dollar—Backcountry Dolly. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

Judges: Thor Kain and Tim Perschke

AMATEUR DERBY — 6 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—JUMPING FOR JUNE, 1671974, pointer female, by Sugarknoll War Paint—Premier’s Parolee. Steve Tacey, Jr., owner and handler.

2d—DOUBLE DEUCE SAGE, 1673986, pointer female, by Double Deuce Peter—Funseeker’s Holiday. D. E. McMillen, Jr., owner and handler.

3d—DOUBLE DEUCE ZEKE, 1673940, pointer male, by Double Deuce Peter—Funseeker’s Holiday. D. E. McMillen, Jr., owner and handler.


1st—LESLIE’S GIRL, 1656191, setter female, by Hunter’s Pale Face—Hunter’s Clearwater. Leslie Bressler, owner and handler.

2d—WAYBETTER BUTCH, 1660432, pointer male, by Brown’s Tom Tom—Waybetter Reba. Dave Park, owner and handler.

3d—TEXAS BLACK PEPPER, 1621900, setter male, by Long Gone Buckwheat—Texas Red Hot. Kevin Klein, owner and handler.

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