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Big Shoes To Fill

By Joe Varner, Pres., National Open Shooting Dog Championship | Mar 20, 2020

More years ago than I care to admit, Dwight Smith and I joined a distinguished group of field trialers on the board of the National Open Shooting Dog Championship.  Most of these men went on to become, deservingly so, Hall- of-Famers.

For the past thirty plus years, Dwight has served as not only a board member, but secretary-treasurer, vice-president, president, and reporter of the National Open Shooting Dog Championship.

Through these good times and trying times, Dwight has worked diligently to make this trial one of the best.

Leaving this trial in a sound position, Dwight has decided to step down. He certainly deserves to rest and enjoy what his dedication has helped develop, one of the top trials in the nation.

Thank you, Dwight, and God bless you and yours.

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