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By John McIltrot | Aug 07, 2017
Open All-Age Winners. In foreground, from left: Wiggins Miss Fernie with Marcos Puiggari, Gin’N Tonic Live Wire with David Noell and Upland Elhew Dakota with Mike Robbins. They are joined by trial officials and well-wishers.

Winnett, Mont. — The Big Sky Field Trial Club would like to thank all who participated in this year’s spring trial at Winnett, Mont. The trial was run on seven continuous courses, with good numbers of sage grouse, sharptailed grouse, Hungarian partridge and pheasant.

Fifty-nine dogs competed in four stakes; competitors traveled from Utah, Colorado and Idaho. The trial was enjoyed by all.

All of those involved extend their appreciation to our judges, dog truck driver Jasper Poore, and especially our landowners, Chris and Geri King, whose sense of range habitat management exemplifies the standard that responsible grazing practices can support healthy numbers of native game birds.

A particular note of gratitude goes out to our sponsors for their support of our trial and for providing prizes; Tuffy’s and NutriSource dog foods, and SportDog training collars.

A special note of thanks, too, to Michelle Sutton who coordinated all the details of the trial.


Twenty-two dogs were drawn for the one-hour Open Shooting Dog. Placed first was Mike Robbins with Upland Elhew Wildrose whose performance consisted of a strong ground race punctuated by six pieces of clean bird work. Earning second was Tyler Stiens’ Chalk Creek’s Lil Cedarbug which maintained a consistent forward pattern and carded five contacts, two finds and three stops to flush. Third was Dave Noell’s Gin’N Tonic Hot Wire with an exciting race and a smooth stop to flush at 52.

Topping the six-dog one-hour Open All-Age Classic was Mike Robbins’

Upland Elhew Dakota. Awarded second was Dave Noell’s Gin’N Tonic Live Wire. Third was Marcos Puiggari and Wiggins Miss Fernie. All placements in the Open All-Age were awarded on race.

On Sunday morning the weather turned from the balmy 50s and 60s we enjoyed on Friday and Saturday. The day dawned under threatening skies and snow and freezing rain in a 25 knot wind. Not to be deterred, our stalwart competitors in the Derby Stakes suited up and rode into the teeth of a fierce westerly gale.

Winnett, Mont., April 7

Judges: John McIltrot and Michelle Sutton

OPEN SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] — 22 Entries

1st—UPLAND ELHEW WILDROSE, 1619239, pointer female, by Elhew Sinbad—Shotgun Kitty Hawk. Mike Robbins, owner and handler.

2d—CHALK CREEK’S LIL CEDARBUG, 1652411, pointer male, by White Powder Grip—Tucalota’s Rubee. Tyler Stiens, owner and handler.

3d—GIN’N TONIC HOT WIRE, 1652848, setter female, by Goodbye Earl—Against The Wind Sadie. David Noell, owner and handler.

Judges: Glenn Conover and Austin Turley

OPEN ALL-AGE CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 5 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—UPLAND ELHEW DAKOTA, 1619372, pointer male, by Elhew Fibber McGee—Unique’s Elhew Pepper. Mike Robbins, owner and handler.

2d—GIN’N TONIC LIVE WIRE, 1623502, setter female, by Goodbye Earl—Against The Wind Sadie. David Noell, owner and handler.

3d—WIGGINS MISS FERNIE, 1658682, pointer female, by Wiggins River Wild—Knots Prairie Kate. Marcos Puiggari, owner and handler.

Judges: Doug Favor and Lillian Favor

OPEN DERBY — 21 Entries

1st—REBELLITA, 1662907, female, by Busterado—Carbonado Triple Play. Austin Turley, owner and handler.

2d—PRAIRIE TANK, 1668298, male, by Touch’s Diamante—Northern Prairie Addition. Glenn Conover, owner and handler.

3d—SERANOA’S ON GUARD ANNIE, 1672200, pointer female, by Busterado—Seranoa’s Union Station. Michelle Sutton, owner and handler.

Judges: John McIltrot and Marcos Puiggari

OPEN DERBY — 10 Pointers

1st—I GOT THIS, 1662151, male, by Touch’s Diamante—Bodacious Becky. Lillian Favor, owner and handler.

2d—TRESUNO, 1662879, male, by Busterado—Carbonado Triple Play. Austin Turley, owner and handler.

3d—CONOVER’S FIRE, 1671288, male, by House’s Ring of Fire—Touch’s Blaylock Bess. Glenn Conover, owner and handler.

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