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C K Touchdown Guy Wins 2019 Running; Rebellita is Runner-Up

Big Sky Open Shooting Dog Championship

By John Junnila | Jun 04, 2019
The Winners. In foreground, from left: Dave Noell with C K Touchdown Guy and Austin Turley with Rebellita. Standing: Doug Favor, Marilynn Lockhart, Lou Qualtiere, Brian Gingrich, Terry Walsh, judge; Pat Lockhart and John Junnila, judge.

Circle, Mont. — The 2019 Big Sky Open Shooting Dog Championship started Saturday, May 4, at Circle, Mont.  There are six one-hour courses run on all wild birds — sharptail, Huns, and pheasant.

Our thanks to the many landowners who allow us to run on these great expansive grounds.

The weather was pleasant on the starting day, but Mother Nature gave us winter snow and rain on the second day with freezing temperatures for most of the day. Conditions were challenging for both the dogs and the handlers.

Judges for the trial were Terry Walsh of Castor, Alberta, and your scribe, John Junnila of Billings, Mont. Believe me the conditions were also very challenging for the judges on the second day.

The Winners

Named champion was C K Touchdown Guy, eight-year-old Vizsla male owned by Ron Chenoweth of Port Byron, Ill., and handled by Brian Gingrich. Guy ran in the sixth brace of the stake on the first day. Guy ran a huge race with one stop to flush, one back, one unproductive, and three well-spaced finds on sharptail. After his run the bar was set high for the rest of the field.

Runner-up honors went to Rebellita, four-year-old white and liver pointer female owned and handled by Austin Turley of Molt, Mont. “Jane” was in the 13th brace and had two stops to flush, and a find on a pair of Huns. She ran a consistent and forward shooting dog race.

Congratulations to the winners, their owners and handlers. Both dogs showed great prairie shooting dog performances.


Canadian Jocko (PM/Clark Lundgren) ran a moderate race with no bird work.  Burr Oaks Bam Bam (VF/Gingrich) had one stop to flush and a big race. Both dogs finished the hour.

Touch’s Diamante (PM/Turley) bumped a bird and was up at 40.  R C’s Bobtail (PM/Mathews) was picked up at 30. Both dogs had their running shoes on and were gone from the initial start for quite a few minutes off the course.

Northern Prairie Addition (PF/G. Conover) had a miscue on a stop to flush and was picked up at 25. Perkins Trace of Snow (PF/Perkins) had two unproductives and was up at 40.

In No. 4, Rebel Stoke (PM/Marcos Puiggari) had a great pheasant find early and a classy race, but was up after two unproductives. Crazy Mountain Buck (SM/David Huffine) bumped and chased a pheasant at the two-minute mark and was picked up.

Wiggins Miss  Fernie (PF/Marcos Puiggari) was lost early, having fun chasing some birds. Perkins Renegade Jade (PF/Perkins) had two stops to flush before going out on two unproductives.

Brace No. 6 had the eventual champion, C K Touchdown Guy. Touch’s Katrina (PF/Turley) had one find, an  unproductive and finished to the front.

Prairie Tank (PM/Conover) was up at 30 due to failure to stay on a stop to flush. High Prairie Gypsy (SF/Chad Hanson) had a stop flush, one unproductive, and a moderate race. [Note: The snow was blowing. Conditions were miserable for this brace and the rest of the morning.]

Sunset Trails Reasonable Suspicion (VF/Gingrich ) was under a bird at 30.  Setter male Cap’n Sam (David   Huffine) was lost early.

Touch’s Hailstone (PM/McIltrot) was lost from the breakaway. Bangert’s Red Baron (VM/Gingrich) had a stop to flush, and was up at the half.

Emmalita (PF/Turley) had a back and was up at 55. Perkins Lakeside Wild Child (PF/Perkins) had trouble getting started due to the wet conditions, but went on to have two finds and finished strong at the end.

Blitz (PM/Favor) had one find on sharptail, and one unproductive.  He ran a great shooting dog race with style and purpose. Alpine’s Playing With Fire (VM/Gingrich) had two unproductives and was up at 30.

Red Rock Rebar (PM/Mathews) was lost at 20. Ten Oaks Anni (PF/J. Heise) ran a good shooting dog race and had one unproductive in the treerows.

C K Touchdown Sassy (VF/Gingrich) was under a bird at 26 which ended her bid. Rebellita, the runner-up, has been noted.

C K Post Route Scout (VM/Gingrich) was lost chasing an antelope. Rocky Knoll Annie (SF/Lockhart) had an unproductive early, and was lost at 26.

Bones (GSPM/Favor) had a back, one shared stop to flush, and a stop to flush. He was a bit lateral at times, but finished with a good race. Gin’N Tonic Live Wire (SF/D. Noell ) had one unproductive, a shared stop to flush, and was up at 45.

In addition to thanking all the owners and handlers for supporting our trial, a special thanks to Austin Turley and the cooks who provided outstanding lunches — Michelle Turley, Shawn Conover and David Huffine.

And last, we thank Nutri Source for their generous sponsorship and dog food donations. Forgive me if I have missed naming all the people who made the trial a success.

Circle, Mont., May 4

Judges: Terry Walsh and John Junnila

Big Sky Shooting Dog Championship [One-Hour Heats] — 17 Pointers,

6 Setters, 7 Vizslas and 1 German Shorthair

Winner—C K Touchdown Guy, 1628014, Vizsla male, by Touchdown Kid—Shiloh’s Happy Go Lucky. Ron Chenoweth, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

Runner-Up—REBELLITA, 1662907, pointer female, by Bustardo—Carbonado Triple Play. Austin Turley, owner and handler.

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