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Bill Trabue Remembered

By David Grubb | Jul 11, 2017

Lake Orion, Mich. — I read of the passing of Bill Trabue and thought I would be remiss if I didn’t write something about him.

I first met Bill Trabue at the Illinois Open Shooting Dog Championship in 1982. Bill was in his later years and somewhat distant; however, something happened to make us life-long friends.

It was the day before the Championship started, and we were allowed to work our dogs on the grounds. I was on the back part of the grounds working Ch. Red Water Jupiter. All of a sudden this “space like dog” came running by me. It had an e-collar on it, its regular collar, a tracking collar, a bell, and a balloon tied to its collar, some six feet in the air. A few minutes later, here comes a horse wide open. It was Bill who asked me if I’d seen a dog.

I answered, “Yes I did,” and told him where the dog had gone. I said, “You know, Bill, we need to breed these dogs with a longer neck!”

Bill rode off a fly’n. Later in the day he came up to me and laughed, saying, “I didn’t realize what you meant until later.”

That year and the year following Ch. Red Water Jupiter won the qualifying at the Illinois Championship with ninety dogs entered, and came back the next year with 92 dogs entered and won the qualifying again!

I noticed in one of the Hall of Fame ads this year someone stated that a certain dog was the only dog to win in all-age and shooting dog championships. Not true. I have won both with several dogs; the aforementioned Ch. Red Water Jupiter won both Shooting Dog Championships and also won the top all-age in the country, the National Free-for-All Championship.

God bless you, Bill. You were a good friend.

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